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Using Instagram, Pinterest and Video for Small Business 4/23/2013

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April 2013 Chester County Marketing Group Presentation: Douglas P. Scott spoke about the business use of Instagram and why it is important to engage with your followers. Jeff Tincher spoke about Pinterest for Business and Carla Wilson gave a presentation about using Video in your business marketing.

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  • Using Instagram, Pinterest andVideo for Small Businesswww.ChescoMarketing.com4/23/2013
  • 2 Connect with Us Presos Instagram Douglas Scott Pinterest Jeff Tincher Video/YouTube CarlaWilson General Discussion (if time) Wrap Up2Welcome#ChescoMG
  • 3Instagram forBusinessPresented By:Douglas P. ScottMarketing Manger, Scott Honda#ChescoMG 3
  • 4Hello my name is #DouglasPScott#ChescoMG 4
  • 5Instagram Intro Mobile PhotoSharing App Started Oct. 2011 Over 100 MillionUsers Owned byFacebook (4/12)#ChescoMG 5
  • 6Instagram for Business Branding Fun CustomerInteractions Sales Social Connectivity Tips & Tricks#ChescoMG 6
  • 7Branding Hashtags Charity Giveaways Contests#ChescoMG 7
  • 8hashtags Using #hashtags is agreat way to connectimages and thusconnect customers toyour product There is no limit to theway you can use a#hashtag products, people, events,holidays, weather... #scondaPen#scottlicenseplate#ChescoMG 8
  • 9Charity Most businessescontribute tomany amazingcauses that noone knowsabout. IG is an easy wayto let folks knowthe good thatyou do.#ChescoMG 9
  • 10giveaways I like to reward folkswho are goodparticipants withsome SWAG So I snap a picbefore I mail it out toremind others thatthey too could haveall of these fabulousprizes ;)#ChescoMG 10
  • 11contests Silly example of acontest Had the highestresponse ofanything onFacebook thatwasnt promoted You can do PhotoContests as well#ChescoMG 11
  • 12Customer Interactions#ChescoMG 12
  • 13Fun Even Carla playedalong with my#ScondaPen fun!#ChescoMG 13
  • 14InstaSale InstaSale Great ROI Shows trust They spreadthe word forfree#ChescoMG 14
  • 15 If you have an IGaccount it shouldget maximumvisibility Facebook Twitter Tumblr Flickr FoursquareSocial Sharing#ChescoMG 15
  • 16Social Sharing: Foursquare#ChescoMG 16
  • 17Social Sharing: Facebook & Twitter#ChescoMG 17
  • 18 Track yourAccount Hashtags = Likes Instacanvas Instaport Photo EditorsStatigramTips & Tricks#ChescoMG 18
  • 19Instasnob Use apps to tracklikes, followers,unfollowers, ghostfollowers My Followers GramPro Followers+ Statigram Instagram Alternatives- EyeEm- Streamzoo#ChescoMG 19
  • 20hashtags = Likes 30 hashtags allowed perpost Leave tags up 20minutes, delete, addnew batch Save tags in NOTESand copy & paste Guaranteed 50+ morelikes Use app TagsForLikes#ChescoMG 20
  • 21Instacanvas Instacanvas sell your art (more likebuy your own art) Hang them in yourbusiness Reasonable Prices#ChescoMG 21
  • 22 Back up all yourphotos thatreside onInstagram Fast, Free, 22
  • 23 Take a minute &make your photospop with a photoeditor Level, Center Focus,amp Color, addLighting FX Add text, Groupimages, have fun!Make your photos Pop#ChescoMG 23
  • For your Business24#ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.comPresented By:Jeff TincherOwner, & Founder ofChester County Marketing Group
  • 25 Pinterest is a tool for collecting andorganizing things you love. People create boards such as a wishlist,food, fashion, trips, etc. Businesses can create boards for events,products, employees, etc.Overview of Pinterest25#ChescoMG
  • 26 Pinterest is quickly catching up toTwitter, with 15% of adult U.S. Internetusers (16% on Twitter). Pinterest has almost 25 million monthlyunique visitors. Pins (posts) have a longer shelf life --Pinterest pins have a half life over oneweek, compared to Twitters 5-13minutes and Facebooks 1-2 hours.Pinterest is (still) Hot!Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project (
  • 27 Account verification the check box on your bio. Access to special Pin It button and otherwidgets Pinterest Insights (new!) Go to: Page Benefits27#ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.comverified
  • 28 Original content works best! Videos Infographics Checklists Marketing Campaigns/Contests Do these things for Pinterest ROI: Link back to your website or blog Link to your opt-in page Link to a contest page Link to your product page Link to your YouTube channel(videos work AND are effective!)28#ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.comWhat to Pin?
  • 29 29#ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.comPin IdeasUse Videos Customers using your product& testimonials How-to videos Fun videos Behind-the-scenes videos Training videos
  • 30Infographics Taking valuable informationand making it visual! Provide value and build yourcompany as an expert whoshares great resources & info30#ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.comPin Ideas
  • 31Checklists People LOVE checklists Make the info useful for yourcustomers and community Link to full checklist on website31#ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.comPin Ideas
  • 32 Use images with text overlay to get your messageseen! Vary your messaging and always link back to yourwebsite or blog Example of campaign by Veria Living32#ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.comRun a Campaign
  • 33 Have clever/witty captions. Use keywords and links (they gethyperlinked). Pins with prices get 36% MORE likes! Board Descriptions helps viewers know what board is about AND search. Up to 160characters. Pin Descriptions text is used to help people understand the image and for search.#hashtags used to be used to help with search, no longer the case33#ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.comPinterest Tips
  • 34 Only for Verified Accounts & on the NEWlook Limited Data (currently, more comingsoon) Use data to tailor your website andBoards Reports on: Site Metrics Pins and Pinners by day Repins and Repinners by day Impressions and Reach by day Clicks and Visitors by day Most Recent Most Repinned Most Clicked34#ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.comPinterest Analytics
  • Using Video toPromote Your Business35#ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.comPresented By:Carla WilsonOwner, Wilson Media Services
  • 3672hours of videoare uploaded toYouTube everym i n u t e* hours of video are uploaded per minutevia mobile devicesYouTube Statistics#ChescoMG 36
  • 37YouTube Statistics#ChescoMG 37
  • 38YouTube Statistics#ChescoMG 38
  • 39YouTube Statistics#ChescoMG 39
  • 40worldwide searchesper month on Google*100,000,000,000*According to Search Engine Land Good Google juice Websites with video andother digital content getranked higherWhy Use Video?#ChescoMG 40
  • 41*According to HubSpotthan traditionaloutbound marketingInbound marketingcosts61%L E S SWhy?#ChescoMG @ChescoMarketingwww.ChescoMarketing.com41
  • 42 Live motion video Promo or product demo Video podcast A webinar recording Screen-capture Livestream an eventTypes of Video#ChescoMG 42
  • 43 Web camera Smartphone Video camera PowerPoint 2010 Save As .WMV Animoto or ProShow Google+ Hangouts on Air JingCapturing Video#ChescoMG 43
  • 44Benefits of YouTube 61% B2B marketers that use YouTube 800 million unique users Benefits and Uses Provides 360 degree product view & support. Entertains and teaches. Spotlight your brand. Helps search optimization. Entertains viewers. Engages users. Extends events.44#ChescoMG
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