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  • 1. CH INA Chengdu M Rongwei a L Yanting i

2. About us Name : Li YantingChengduField of study : Construction Architecture and Building Management (VIA UC - Denmark) Construction Engineer (HAMK UAS - Finland) Nationality : China City: Chengdu 3. Name : Ma RongweiChengduField of study : Mechanical Engineering (VIA UC - Denmark) Automation Engineer (HAMK UAS - Finland) Nationality : China City: Beijing 4. Agenda General informations ChengduCulture Economic Chengdu - Horsens 5. DENMARKChengduBeijingCHINA ChengduDistance from Copenhagen to Chengdu: About 10,000km Flying route: Copenhagen Beijing, Beijing Chengdu Flying hours: 15hours Tickets price: 4000-8000kr 6. ChengduChengduThe capital of Sichuan provinceA major city in Western China 7. The "Country of Heaven" Population:14,047,625 Chengdu(Denmark:5,627,235)Area:12,132 km21.00 CNY 1.00 CNY = 0.89 DKK = 0.89 DKK(Denmark:42,915.7km2) GDP: 555.13 billion 8. Chengdu 9. The kingdom of bikes 10. Chinese culture 1. Make business: ChengduRelationship is very important Live respect for others Better drink similar amount of alcohol with others. Help each others Keep balance 11. 2.Table manure:Chengdu Round table easy to communicate Seat position important people Chopsticks cant intercalate in the rice, and should use the other hand hold the bow when eating. Dont mix the dish by using your own chopsticks We should wait for all the people to eat together in important meeting. Prepare more food when invite guest for dine. If someone put food on your plate means they are showing the respect and welcome to you. 12. Chengdu 13. Economic 14. Business There are plenty international and local company factories located in Chengdu. Chengdu produced 20% amount of computers in the world.Chengdu 15. Chengdu 16. Horsens Sister cityChengdu