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Cheating Death: Japan. With Mac McCreary B.A. A guide to receiving healthcare in Japan. Basic Tools Against Death. Always have two things on you! Residence Card ( 在留カード ) Kenko Hokensho (Japanese Health Insurance Card) Given to you by base school - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Cheating Death: Japan

Cheating Death: Japan Edition

Cheating Death: JapanWith Mac McCreary B.A.

A guide to receiving healthcare in JapanBasic Tools Against DeathAlways have two things on you!Residence Card ()Kenko Hokensho (Japanese Health Insurance Card) Given to you by base schoolProves you have National InsuranceNeed it anytime you visit a doctor

Japanese National Health InsuranceAutomatically enrolled in National Health InsuranceCost split between CO and youPayment to the system automatically deducted from paycheckInsurance covers 70% of costs; you must pay remaining 30%Not covered: Dental, preventative health careOther Basic Tools Learn Japanese; will improve every aspect of lifeMake good relations with your supervisor or co-workersMake Japanese FriendsPAs and SenpaiDeaths First ChallengeSome kind of medical condition comes upMystery ConstipationDont know what to doDecide to go to doctor!

Finding a Doctor Be independent; Look online!http://www.qq.pref.ibaraki.jpCan find specialists and know English levelAsk a coworker for recommendationsAsk a friend (ALT or Japanese)Ask a PAWhen to Go?No appointments; first come first serveBe prepared to waitMay take as long as half a dayPro-tip: Go before openingCheck opening hours and vacation days before going

Sick LeaveALTs special in having Sick DaysMost JTEs use nenkyu if sickWake up feeling horrible and cant teach:Call your supervisor; Im sick and going to see the doctorGo to the doctorKeep proof you went to doctor to take sick leaveMay need Doctors certificate (shindansho)Sick LeaveCultural differences: The Gaman SpiritSick leave can be a big source of tensionDiscuss sick leave with your supervisor nowMake use of daikyu and weekends if possibleGoing to the DoctorWhat you need:Kenko Hokensho (health card)Japanese ability, a person to help, dictionarySome moneyRegistering at the clinicReceive a Patients Card (shinsatsuken) Registration can be done in advance to make things easier

Going to the DoctorAfter registration; describe problem on formTemperature and blood pressureWaitwait....wait some moreDoctor examines and gives consultationBe patient with communicationDont be afraid to ask questionsReturn to waiting roomNurse will call, you will receive the bill and pay

Filling Prescriptions Small pharmacy next to clinic or hospital dispensary Give person at front desk both Hokensho and prescriptionReceive medication and directionsMay have 3 or 4 different medicinesMix of western and eastern medicineDifferent forms of medicine; pills, powders, pellets Pay your 30% (a few 1000)

Deaths First ChallengeTake medicine, after a few days everything better againIf needed return to clinic; remember to take Hokensho and Patients Card

Score: You 1 Death 0

Deaths Second ChallengeEat a cookie with macadamia nutsSevere nut allergy!!Emergency medical care!!Emergency CareHospitals have more rigid hoursAbsolutely need medical attentionCall your supervisor or friend or co-workerCall 119 for ambulance (see what they did there)Kyukyusha-onegaishimasu, say your addressTriage and then to hospital if neededScore: You 2 Death 0Deaths Third ChallengeRunning down stairsTrip and fallBroken bone? Other large accident or injury?What to do with a serious accident or when a more complicated medical procedure is required?

Surgery and HospitalizationNeed another person to sign forms with youKyoto-sensei or SupervisorBe prepared to pay a reasonable sum upfrontSave all receipts and formsJET Accident InsuranceJET Accident InsuranceTokio Marine & Nichido Fire InsuranceCovers the additional 30% Call and inform them you had an accidentGet doctors certificate or have him complete formsRescuer coverage; up to three peopleHospitalized for 3 days or moreLife ContinuesSurgery is successfulGet Recovery leave 20 consecutive days from when you startReturn to work; after a month can walk againBetter luck next time Death!Go celebrate with friends; drink a little too muchVery questionable hookup Is Death trying to get you again?Getting TestedFree anonymous testing at public health centers (hokenjo)Questionable English levelsAbundance of clinics used to foreigners in TokyoMight not be free (5000 -8000) HIV Center Rapid test less common than standard test (results after a week20Taigan no KajiGet test results; All clean You 4 Death 0Problems exist other places but not hereMake Japanese significant otherMember of strange cult!!Deep depression!

Mental HealthProfessional not as available AJET Peer Support Group (PSG)050 5534 5566CLAIR JETline03 5213 1729Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)03 5774 0992PAs trained in counseling as wellCounseling Hotline Hours

Death Fails

Annual Medical CheckMandatoryAround Summer VacationEyes, Ears, Weight, HeightUrine and Blood TestsChest X-ray and stomach pokingResults confidential for the most partQuestions?