Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut (055) MEERUT ... (055) MEERUT COLLEGE, MEERUT List of...

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Transcript of Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut (055) MEERUT ... (055) MEERUT COLLEGE, MEERUT List of...

  • Sr Type RegNo CandidateName Vert. Horiz.

    1 Unreserved 20G0125763 PRIYA NAIN O.B.C. Girls

    2 Unreserved 20G0114427 RIYA YADAV O.B.C. Girls

    3 Unreserved 20G0148823 HARSH DHAMA O.B.C. Not Applicable

    4 Unreserved 20G0081065 ARYA GIRI O.B.C. Not Applicable

    5 Unreserved 20G0089168 AMAN VERMA O.B.C. Not Applicable

    6 Unreserved 20G0088522 ISHA O.B.C. Girls

    7 Unreserved 20G0123667 SAKSHAM SHARMA Unreserved Not Applicable

    8 Unreserved 20G0087008 MOHINI S.C. Girls

    9 Unreserved 20G0131081 VISHAKHA UPPAL O.B.C. Girls

    10 Unreserved 20G0164504 MOHAMMED FAAIZ Unreserved Not Applicable

    11 Unreserved 20G0098707 AKHIL GIRI O.B.C. Not Applicable

    12 Unreserved 20G0077114 KARTIK SHARMA Unreserved Not Applicable

    13 Unreserved 20G0080482 KRITIKA SHARMA Unreserved Girls

    14 Unreserved 20G0166343 TANYA MITTAL Unreserved Girls

    15 Unreserved 20G0115653 SHRISTI SINGH S.C. Girls

    16 Unreserved 20G0161240 UJJAWAL TOMAR O.B.C. Not Applicable

    17 Unreserved 20G0105658 NIKETA Unreserved Girls

    18 Unreserved 20G0080492 KARAN MALIK O.B.C. Not Applicable

    19 Unreserved 20G0085606 VIKAS CHAUDHARY Unreserved Not Applicable

    20 Unreserved 20G0108674 ADITI NEHRA Unreserved Girls

    21 Unreserved 20G0109157 HARSHIT JOHREE Unreserved Not Applicable

    22 Unreserved 20G0113942 LAXIT TYAGI Unreserved Not Applicable

    23 Unreserved 20G0154214 NIRBHAY O.B.C. Not Applicable

    Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut (055) MEERUT COLLEGE, MEERUT

    List of Applicants in order of Category and Merit as on: Mon 12-Oct-2020 10:00:51 AM Merit List No.: UG-1 | Admission Start Date: 12-Oct-2020 | Admission End Date: 16-Oct-2020

  • 24 Unreserved 20G0076032 PRADEEP NANDI Unreserved Not Applicable

    25 Unreserved 20G0096782 TANYA KANT S.C. Girls

    26 Unreserved 20G0074846 YASH KUMAR Unreserved Not Applicable

    27 Unreserved 20G0088260 MOHD BILAL Unreserved Not Applicable

    28 Unreserved 20G0107492 PARIDHI CHOUDHARY O.B.C. Girls

    29 Unreserved 20G0085214 PRIYANKA SINGH S.C. Girls

    30 Unreserved 20G0078810 VISHVETA MALIK O.B.C. Girls

    31 Unreserved 20G0138923 RAJAT TYAGI Unreserved Not Applicable

    32 Unreserved 20G0113356 AISHA CHOUDHARY O.B.C. Girls

    33 Unreserved 20G0029047 SIDDHANT SHARMA Unreserved Not Applicable

    34 Unreserved 20G0057333 ANKUR SINGH O.B.C. Not Applicable

    35 Unreserved 20G0077919 ADITI TRIVEDI Unreserved Girls

    36 Unreserved 20G0173643 ISHITA SRIVASTAVA Unreserved Girls

    37 Unreserved 20G0083809 SHUBHAM BHARDWAJ Unreserved Not Applicable

    38 Unreserved 20G0082240 MOHD TARIQUE Unreserved Not Applicable

    39 Unreserved 20G0028253 ROHAN ALLEN ABRAHAM Unreserved Not Applicable

    40 Unreserved 20G0095145 LOVELY CHAUHAN O.B.C. Girls

    41 Unreserved 20G0079469 AAKASH S.C. Not Applicable

    42 Unreserved 20G0077004 RIYA MEENA S.T. Girls

    43 Unreserved 20G0075425 SHRADDHA SHARMA Unreserved Girls

    44 Unreserved 20G0175728 MEGHA KAKRAN S.C. Girls

    45 Unreserved 20G0083902 SONAL SHAH Unreserved Girls

    46 Unreserved 20G0083102 AAYUSH YADAV O.B.C. Not Applicable

    47 Unreserved 20G0090187 RITIK SHARMA Unreserved Not Applicable

    48 Unreserved 20G0142450 VARSHA O.B.C. Girls

    49 Unreserved 20G0127140 ANSHUL PAL O.B.C. Not Applicable

    50 Unreserved 20G0152963 AJAY CHAUDHARY O.B.C. Not Applicable

  • 51 Unreserved 20G0084536 UJJWAL SHARMA Unreserved Not Applicable

    52 Unreserved 20G0082835 HIMANSHU MOURYA O.B.C. Ex-Army

    53 Unreserved 20G0090065 KAJAL PUNDER Unreserved Girls

    54 Unreserved 20G0119885 VANSHIKA CHAUDHARY O.B.C. Girls

    55 Unreserved 20G0133308 NAVNEET SINGH O.B.C. Not Applicable

    56 Unreserved 20G0046108 AMARJEET SINGH Unreserved Not Applicable

    57 Unreserved 20G0148749 AYUSH KUMAR O.B.C. Not Applicable

    58 Unreserved 20G0113579 HARSH KUMAR O.B.C. Not Applicable

    59 Unreserved 20G0050625 MUGDHA KASHYAP Unreserved Girls

    60 Unreserved 20G0025707 LAVI KUMARI Unreserved Girls

    61 Unreserved 20G0091718 ANJALI SHARMA Unreserved Girls

    62 Unreserved 20G0075863 SHRAYANSH GUPTA Unreserved Not Applicable

    63 Unreserved 20G0109202 SHUBHAMVEER S.C. Not Applicable

    64 Unreserved 20G0098406 VARUN PRATAP SINGH O.B.C. Not Applicable

    65 Unreserved 20G0081959 VINAY KUMAR O.B.C. Not Applicable

    66 Unreserved 20G0106890 RISHABH GUPTA Unreserved Not Applicable

    67 Unreserved 20G0103437 SHIVAM SHARMA Unreserved Not Applicable

    68 Unreserved 20G0027976 NITIN SHARMA Unreserved Not Applicable

    69 Unreserved 20G0075823 VISHANKI S.C. Girls

    70 Unreserved 20G0077758 PRAGYA Unreserved Girls

    71 Unreserved 20G0154125 KUNAL BAGAULI Unreserved Not Applicable

    72 Unreserved 20G0150532 PRIYANSHU O.B.C. Not Applicable

    73 Unreserved 20G0160101 ADITI O.B.C. Girls

    74 Unreserved 20G0065944 SAJAN BIHAL Unreserved Not Applicable

    75 Unreserved 20G0077959 HIMANSHU KUMAR O.B.C. Not Applicable

    76 Unreserved 20G0120701 BADAL GREWAL O.B.C. Not Applicable

    77 Unreserved 20G0108823 DHRUV RAJORA O.B.C. Not Applicable

    78 Unreserved 20G0005803 DUSHYANT BALIYAN O.B.C. Not Applicable

  • 79 Unreserved 20G0082882 SPARSH CHAUHAN Unreserved Not Applicable

    80 Unreserved 20G0072764 VANSH PAURIYA O.B.C. Not Applicable

    81 Unreserved 20G0086619 NIKITA GODARA O.B.C. Girls

    82 Unreserved 20G0123975 VAIBHAV VAISHNAV O.B.C. Not Applicable

    83 Unreserved 20G0079828 HIMANSHI PAL O.B.C. Girls

    84 Unreserved 20G0088320 SAHIL SINGH S.C. Not Applicable

    85 Unreserved 20G0088399 DEEPANSHI DHAMA O.B.C. Girls

    86 Unreserved 20G0154407 HARSH MALIK Unreserved Not Applicable

    87 Unreserved 20G0089538 UMANG BIST Unreserved Not Applicable

    88 Unreserved 20G0114101 SARTHAK CHAUHAN Unreserved Not Applicable

    89 Unreserved 20G0078528 PRERNA GUPTA Unreserved Girls

    90 Unreserved 20G0084728 KITTU O.B.C. Girls

    91 Unreserved 20G0086445 AAYUSHI O.B.C. Girls

    92 Unreserved 20G0076600 MUKUL GUPTA Unreserved Not Applicable

    93 Unreserved 20G0084181 VANSHIKA TOMAR O.B.C. Girls

    94 Unreserved 20G0075806 SACHIN BARTHWAL Unreserved Not Applicable

    95 Unreserved 20G0164696 MOHD UMAR O.B.C. Not Applicable

    96 Unreserved 20G0006618 DEEKSHA S.C. Girls

    97 Unreserved 20G0108171 PRANJLI CHOUDHRY Unreserved Girls

    98 Unreserved 20G0077104 MUSKAN SOAM Unreserved Girls

    99 Unreserved 20G0080887 ABHINAV TYAGI Unreserved Not Applicable

    100 Unreserved 20G0090402 ABHISHEK SAINI O.B.C. Not Applicable

    101 Unreserved 20G0083329 INZMAM O.B.C. Not Applicable

    102 Unreserved 20G0080304 DEV VERMA Unreserved Not Applicable

    103 Unreserved 20G0095482 DUSHYANT RAJ CHAUDHARY Unreserved Not Applicable

    104 Unreserved 20G0104066 ARJUN VAIDWAN O.B.C. Not Applicable

    105 Unreserved 20G0117096 YASH RANA O.B.C. Not Applicable

    106 Unreserved 20G0128140 AMIT CHAUDHARY O.B.C. Not Applicable

  • 107 Unreserved 20G0108500 PREETI O.B.C. Girls

    108 Unreserved 20G0096646 LAXMI Unreserved Girls

    109 Unreserved 20G0094568 VIDUSHI SINGH O.B.C. Girls

    110 Unreserved 20G0091461 AKSHITA GREWAL O.B.C. Girls

    111 Unreserved 20G0083467 RUCHI SHARMA Unreserved Girls

    112 Unreserved 20G0074990 AYUSH TYAGI Unreserved Not Applicable

    113 Unreserved 20G0001512 SIMRAN Unreserved Girls

    114 Unreserved 20G0168399 KARTIK S.C. Not Applicable

    115 Unreserved 20G0077417 BHRAGU GOUR Unreserved Not Applicable

    116 Unreserved 20G0004736 PRIYANSHU SHARMA Unreserved Not Applicable

    117 Unreserved 20G0050368 SHUBHANJALI SHARMA Unreserved Girls

    118 Unreserved 20G0075879 RUDRAKSH SHARMA Unreserved Not Applicable

    119 Unreserved 20G0035067 AKASH GUPTA Unreserved Not Applicable

    120 Unreserved 20G0154656 ANJALI Unreserved Girls

    121 Unreserved 20G0034059 SHIVAM MALIK O.B.C. Not Applicable

    122 Unreserved 20G0084032 KULDEEP JOSHI Unreserved Not Applicable

    123 Unreserved 20G0132878 PANKAJ GAUTAM S.C. Not Applicable

    124 Unreserved 20G0152351 DEEPANSHU KUMAR Unreserved Not Applicable

    125 Unreserved 20G0114732 NEERAJ KASHYAP O.B.C. Not Applicable

    126 Unreserved 20G0075518 SHIVA GOSWAMI O.B.C. Not Applicable

    127 Unreserved 20G0028650 SEJAL SINGH Unreserved Girls 128 Unreserved 20G0023861 NIDHI S.C. Girls

    129 Unreserved 20G0086980 AAKANSHA Unreserved Girls

    130 Unreserved 20G0056999 SHUBHAM KUMAR O.B.C. Not Applicable

    131 Unreserved 20G0041325 PRAVEEN KUMAR O.B.C. Not Applicable

    132 Unreserved 20G0018516 ANJALI SHARMA Unreserved Girls

    133 Unreserved 20G0033509 AKSHAY GIRI O.B.C. Not Applicable

    134 Unreserved 20G0049887 DEVRAJ TYAGI Unreserved Not Applicable

    135 Unreserved 20G0043751 SHIVAM KUMAR O.B.C. Not Applicable

    136 Unreserved 20G0027467 HARSHVI Unreserved Girls 137 Unreserved 20G0019445 AKSHIKA SHARMA Unreserved Girls

  • 138 Unreserved 20G0025199 RITIKA O.B.C. Girls 139 Unreserved 20G0046167 AVANTIKA Unreserved Girls

    140 Unreserved 20G0092074 AAYUSH S.C. Not Applicable

    141 Unreserved 20G0002438 VAIBHAV SHARMA Unreserved Not Applicable

    142 Unreserved 20G0144695 MOHD. ZEESHAN Unreserved Not Applicable