Charge Coupled Device(CCD)

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Charge Coupled Device(CCD). P rofessor : Kuen-Hsien Wu Reporter : Ching-Hua Chen. Outline. Introduction CCD Instrument Theoretical iHR 320 Instrument Theoretical and Description Steps of Experiments Practical Data discussion . CCD Introduction. 影像感測器. 可記錄光線變化的半導體所組成. 主要材質為矽晶半導體. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Charge Coupled Device(CCD)


Charge Coupled Device(CCD) Professor Kuen-Hsien Wu ReporterChing-Hua Chen

1IntroductionCCD Instrument TheoreticaliHR 320 Instrument Theoretical and Description Steps of ExperimentsPractical Data discussion Outline2Charge Coupled Device called Image sensor.CCD ( Charge Coupled Device ) due to Can be full record of semiconductor light changes.CCD Main material for silicon semiconductor.Basic principles is similar solar cells.Through the photoelectric effect. To analyze the measured luminous intensity image profile and select the desired area measuring luminous energy density distribution.CCD Introduction3CCD(Ep)(Charge)

analysissoftwareBeam-starCCD CCD ( CCD ) Beam-star3iHR Series spectrometers are automated, triple grating spectrometers available with a 320mm focal length or a 550 nm focal length. Designed for multi-channel CCD spectroscopy, these spectrometers are ideal for a variety of research applications, including: Fluorescence Raman Spectroscopy Photoluminescence (near-infrared,NIR)Spectroscopy MicroscopyiHR 320 Introduction 4

:: Fully Imaging Spectrometer: iHR320iHR320 focal length of 0.32m, is designed for an ultra-clear image quality and spectral measurements and design, while the instrument can add up to 20 fibers to realize multi-channel measurement.

Since iHR320 using an asymmetric (Czerny-Turner) Design and The JY company's patented coaxial grating drive system.Thus, making the stray light and the second diffraction is almost reduced to zero.

iHR320 Dual Exit and Entrance Port Operation(forexampleCCD,slit,photomultiplier)

iHR 320 Introduction 5iHR3200.32m,iHR320Czerny-Turner)JY,, iHR320,CCD,,20,, iHR320,CCD,,,5Description6

iHR 320 Description7

7iHR 320 Description


Steps of Experiments9

Steps of Experiments


Steps of Experiments

11Practical Data discussion 12

Practical Data discussion 13

Practical Data discussion 14

The parasitic emission at longer wavelength can be explained by a carrier recombination in the p-type AlGaN/AlGaN short-period superlattice due to electron leakage.14Thanks for your attention !15