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Transcript of Chapter Chatter - Anthem H.O.G ... 2016/10/06  · Chapter Chatter October 2016 Anthem...

  • Chapter Chatter

    Anthem H.O.G 2376 October 2016

    Anthem Az. H.O.G Chapter

    Three days, Four friends and Five wheels

    Janet and I along with our friends Adrienne and

    Steve Coro went on a whirlwind tour of northern Ar-

    izona, southern Utah and northern New Mexico. We

    started with breakfast and pie at Rock springs café,

    who says you cannot have pie for breakfast. We then

    proceeded north and took a drive thru the Sunset

    Crater national park and visited the lava flows and In-

    dian Ruins, afterward we rode to Cameron Trading

    Post and motel which was where we stopped for the

    night. Have you ever had French dip made with Indian fry bread? It is fantastic.


    we woke up

    to a great


    and hit the

    road to


    valley to

    cross another destination off our bucket list and we were not disappointed. What a beautiful area

    and memories of many John Wayne movies filled your senses as we talked about several of his

    movies made in the area. Back on the bikes we rode thru Utah making a large loop and ending

    up at Four Corners national park where Janet said she had been as a little girl and only remem-

    bered a marker placed in the dirt to show the four corners but now a large visitor type center

    with Indian jewelry being sold completely around it had been constructed.

  • We took pictures of ourselves touching all four cor-

    ners and then back to the bikes for our drive into Farm-

    ington New Mexico. We arrived in Farmington and pro-

    ceeded to the

    Four Corners

    Harley deal-

    ership where

    we purchased

    t shirts and a

    shot glass it was strange to see they still had new 2015

    bikes for sale there. We headed for our hotel for the

    night and cleaned up to go find a place for dinner. We ended up at the Texas Roadhouse for dinner

    and had a great meal and celebrated Adrienne’s 29th Birthday. After dinner we returned to the ho-

    tel for a swim in the heated pool and then hit the sack.

    Sunday morning after a continental breakfast at the hotel we started heading home having to

    wear Jackets because of the weather being in the sixties but found it refreshing after several

    months of Arizona heat. We stopped at Yellow Horses Trading Post to look at jewelry before cross-

    ing into Arizona where I purchased a Harley Davidson pig of all things and the girls were mesmer-

    ized having discovered two litters of puppies they

    were trying to figure how to get home. Back on the

    bikes and the next stop was the Petrified Forrest

    for another bucket list item to cross off. We toured

    the area and took many pictures of the giant trees

    turned to rock and were amazed how a living tree

    could turn to stone. Our last stop was Winslow Ar-

    izona for lunch and to buy some Standin’ on the

    corner patches that we did not buy the last time we

    were there. The ride was fantastic with many great

    sites and our good friends at our sides which made the trip even better and we are already talking

    about future rides.

    Rodney “Bulldog” Benner

  • Get ready for the rumble.

    We aren’t promoting a boxing match, we’re talking about the deep-throated rumble of a Harley- Davidson motorcycle rolling into Sierra Vista.

    Next month the community will host hundreds of Harleys for a weekend of fun that will attract a na- tional eye to a beautiful place. Arizona is already famous for its year-round motorcycle season and when the 25th Anniversary of the state’s Harley Owners Group arrives in town, Sierra Vista will be on the map.

    Growing up in Wisconsin the son of a father born in Milwaukee, this author has a tremendous appre- ciation for the Harley culture. These motorcycles saved manufacturing in a Midwest city when the rest of the industry moved to Asia and other counties. Harley-Davidson paid good union wages by promoting a brand that captured the importance of “Made in America.” The company and its leader- ship established a culture that has focused on quality production by trade craftsmen who love motor- cycles.

    Harley owners are tough. They wear leather, their bikes rumble and as a group they can appear im- posing. We can expect hundreds of these motorcycles and their owners to arrive in Sierra Vista on Oct. 13 to 15.

    They’re also doctors, business executives, stock brokers, lawyers and professionals you wouldn’t think would be wearing black leather on the back of a roaring motorcycle. Of course there are excep- tions, but that’s what makes the Harley Owners Group so much fun. Despite how they may appear, there is lots of diversity among owners and they all are gathered to appreciate one thing: a good time with a motorcycle.

    That weekend Veterans’ Memorial Park will be closed to the public and members of the Arizona HOG will be staging events and enjoying the sights and sounds of Sierra Vista. They’ll get a chance to see our “Extraordinary Skies and Uncommon Ground.”

    Local businesses are throwing out the welcome mat for the event with sponsorships and other attrac- tions to capture some of the more than $1 million impact this rally is expected to generate for the Si- erra Vista economy.

    Jim “Pitt” Pittenger outlined plans for the weekend at the Good Morning meeting Thursday, which was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce at the Windemere.

    Pittenger is the State Rally Marketing Coordinator who gets more than 100 emails everyday from people needing his direction for the upcoming weekend. You can add to his misery by contacting him at the Facebook page: Arizona State Hog Rally.

    “I’m from here, so I really wanted to see this rally come to Sierra Vista,” Pittenger told Chamber members at Thursday’s breakfast.

    Eric Petermann Managing Editor

    Sierra Vista Herald

  • Volunteers are needed to help at the October Hogs and Dogs

    because many of

    the members are going to the 2016 H.O.G Rally in Sierra

    Vista. If you can help on

    October 15th please contact Janet at or Rory at

    Thanks !!!!!!!!!

  • From the Secretary

    September General Meeting Minutes - 2016: Jeff Feldstein – Secretary

    Minutes General Meeting: Anthem HOG Chapter #2376, September 17, 2016

    Location: Anthem Buddy Stubbs HOG Meeting Room

    Attendance: Members and Guests Present: 28

    Officers Present: Rory Kraft (Director), Janet Benner (Activities Officer), Rodney Ben-

    ner (Editor), Jeff Feldstein (Secretary), Doug Heintze (Safety Officer),

    Adrienne Coro (Photographer & LOH), Jim Swan (Membership Of-


    Officers Absent: Jim Osborn (Assistant Director), Jean Miller (Treasurer), Todd Carter


    General Meeting Minutes:

    Rory Kraft called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM.

    Rory Kraft – Director: Pledge of Allegiance stated by all.

    Rory Kraft – Director: Welcome everybody, we don’t have a large crowd today, not sure why,

    perhaps due to the Thunder Mountain Rally. Perhaps not. Our treasurer and our Assistant Director

    are not here today, they are both on the west trip.

    Rory Kraft for Jean Miller-Treasurer: We have in the treasury as of the end of August,


    Jim Swan – Membership Officer: One of my favorite topics is new members. And since we are

    approaching the fourth quarter we have a special program for new members. Rather than try to

    explain all the particulars, if you find someone that is interested in becoming a new member, please

    refer them to me and I will take great care of them. This program is very good for new members,

    and bolsters the next year’s membership. Speaking of next year’s membership, you all will begin

    receiving from me the annual renewal forms, perhaps as soon as this weekend. Your next year’s

  • dues are due no later than December 31st. The memberships all expire on that date, so please be

    prompt with your renewal. I will make sure your national membership is current, and I will punch

    your existing card at the following meeting. Dues are the same, $24.00, cash or check. Last but

    not least I have the reward scanner to scan your loyalty card.

    Rory Kraft – Director: I would like to inform you that starting this weekend our email server

    will be down. You may call me if you have something important to get to one of the officers and I

    will pass it along. We are changing server services and it will take us about a week to get it all

    done. The Web site will still look and feel much the same as it always has.

    The pictures on the TV are from the Ride we took to Grand-Junction, CO. to see big “D”. We had a

    great time, the scenery was fantastic, the weather was nice and cool for most of the trip. We tried

    to stay of the freeway as best as we could. There was some very small towns along the way; I don’t

    know how people can live in these towns, for most of their lives.

    Janet Benner- Activities Officer: Rory has a ride tomorrow, to Ajo, south of Gila Bend. A

    small town, with what appears to be