Chapter 5- Pune Municipal Corporation-A PUNE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION : A PROFILE 5.1 Introduction...

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Transcript of Chapter 5- Pune Municipal Corporation-A PUNE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION : A PROFILE 5.1 Introduction...

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    5.1 Introduction

    Establishment of Pune Municipal Corporation is a result of growth of

    Pune and its periphery. Initially PMC was known as Pune Wadi and is known

    in the book of history since 1847 A.D. One of the famous Maratha Chatrapati

    Shri Shivaji Maharaja gave a shape to this city and made it capital of his

    province. The Pune city played a vital role to form socio, political, economic

    and cultural development of the state Maharashtra. It gave birth to many great

    personality like Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Lokmanya Tilak, Gopalkrishna

    Gokhale, Gopal Ganesh Agarkar, Dhondo Keshav Karve and so on. Even

    today Pune is considered as Cultural Capital of the Country.

    The term development of the city started in the early 60s when the

    mahanagarpalika was formed. Formulation of mahanagarpalika gave a boost

    to the city in many ways, like –

    i. It has enhanced its status.

    ii. It has increased its economic and industrial centre.

    iii. Boosted its role in development of state.

    iv. Pune become a prime centre for western Maharashtra.

    v. The city is known for establishing a large number of socio-cultural

    and education institutions.

    vi. Contribution of city – Pune in advancement of Maharashtra is

    second to none.

    5.2 Purpose of writing this chapter

    Following are the main purpose for writing this chapter:

    1. To understand the historical development of city of Pune.

    2. To examine the reason for formulation of PMC in Pune.

    3. To identify the factors responsible for development of PMC.

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    5.3 Order of writing this chapter

    This chapter is written in following orders:

    i. To understand the brief history of Pune city.

    ii. To understand the background of PMC.

    iii. Profile and growth of PMC.

    iv. Coverage and scope of PMC.

    v. Budgeting system of PMC.

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    5.4 Growth of Population of Pune City

    A careful analysis of growth of population of Pune Corporation indicates

    that the city has high rate of population growth. It has increase by 25% to 30%

    for almost all decades except decade of 1951 which was the breakthrough of

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    Pune city. It expanded at the rate of 83.78. This is mainly due to the expansion

    and development of PMC and rapid expansion and progression of


    5.5 Current status of the Municipal Corporation of Pune

    Table No. 5.2 : Population of Pune

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    The current status of PMC clearly indicates that there is a continuous

    increase in the territorial area of PMC. The city has added many villages in its

    periphery to the corporation’s limit; because of which the corporation is

    expanding their units which resultant in division of corporation into two

    corporations i.e. Pimpri Chinchward Corporation and Pune Municipal

    Corporation. At present there are 144 wards and the administration is set up in

    very professional manner.

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    Graph No. 5.1 : Income and Expendicture of PMC

    The information present in Income and expenditures statement indicates

    that the city of Pune has always has a surplus. However, this surplus is

    changing in an uneven manner. The increase in income has tremendous. It was

    400.56 crores in 2000-01 and increase to 1504.50 in the year 2008-09.

    5.6 Income of Pune Municipal Corporation

    The Main source of Income for PMC are detailed as under :











    Income and Expenditure of the Pune Municipal Corporation ("A" Budget) (Rs. Crores)

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    ��� �����

    2000-1 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09

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    A careful analysis of Income chart indicates the income from Octroi and

    property tax is a major source of earning. The increase in income is very high.

    It has increase by 20 times from 2003 – 04 to 2010-11 i.e. there is a

    continuous increase in the entire decade. The income from every possible

    source is rise and making PMC as one of the richest in Pune city.

    5.7 Expenditure of Pune Municipal Corporation

    Following are the prominent heads of expenses for PMC

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    The analysis of expenditures indicated that the overall expenditures has

    increased by 4 folds i.e. almost in tune with increase in revenue. However, the

    increase in revenue is marginally higher than increase in expenditures. Giving

    opportunities to PMC to have a surplus balance the most important component

    of expenditures is incurred on developmental activities i.e. primary education,

    2.5 times increased expenditure on water and electric supply increased on 2

    times, health care increase only by 3 times. In other word, it clearly indicates

    that there is a high increase in non-plan expenditures than plan expenditures.

    5.8 Deliberative Wing

    The deliberative wings is having standing committee as its apex body

    which has 2 constituent – Mayor and Ward Committee. The Mayor is

    expected to look after the General body and the Ward Committee look after

    the development of a particular ward. The general body is representative for

    supervising the functions of city improvement committee, Women and

    Children Welfare Committee and Sport Committee.

    The facet of corporation is divided into 2 parts:

    i. Function of executive body

    ii. Functions of administrative body.

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    5.9 Organizations of Administrative Wing

    The administrative body look after day-to-day functions, routine

    operation, etc. It look after the condition of law and order, basic amenities and

    proper coordination among different department. As such the administrative

    body is controlled by Municipal Commissioner who is assisted by additional

    and Deputy Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioner is assisted by Zonal

    officer, executive engineer and health officer, Thus there is a clear distinction

    system of work adopted by Municipal Corporation.

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    5.10 Organization of Office of Municipal Commissioner of


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    The organization of Municipal Corporation Administrative wing indicate that

    Municipal Commissioner is the chief of the entire executive body. He look

    after the various activities of corporation for which he is assisted by 3

    additional commissioners who take care of land and estate of special

    functions. There are 4 deputy Commissioners and 16 Zonal officers to look

    after administration of different wards and Zones.

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