Chapter 17 Direct and Online Marketing: Building Direct Customer Relationships

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Transcript of Chapter 17 Direct and Online Marketing: Building Direct Customer Relationships

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Chapter 17

Direct and Online Marketing: Building Direct Customer Relationships

Topics to CoverThe New Direct-Marketing ModelGrowth and Benefits of Direct MarketingCustomer Databases and Direct MarketingForms of Direct Marketing

The New Direct Marketing ModelDirect Marketing consists of connecting directly with carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships 3The New Direct Marketing ModelDirect marketing is:A marketing channel without intermediariesAn element of the promotion mixFastest-growing form of marketing4Growth & Benefits of Direct MarketingConvenienceReady access to many productsAccess to comparative information about companies, products, and competitorsInteractive and immediateBenefits to Buyers

5Growth & Benefits of Direct MarketingTool to build customer relationshipsLow-cost, efficient, fast alternative to reach marketsFlexibleAccess to buyers not reachable through other channelsBenefits to Sellers

6Customer Databases & Direct MarketingCustomer database is an organized collection of comprehensive data about individual customers or prospects, including geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral dataCustomer Database7Customer Databases & Direct MarketingThe database gives companies a 360-degree view of its customers and how they behave. A good customer-database can be a powerful relationship-building tool. A company is no better than what it knows about its customers Customer Database8Customer Databases & Direct MarketingIn consumer marketing, customer database might contain Customer demographics (age, income, family members, birthdays)Psychographics (activities, interests and opinions)And buying behavior (buying preferences, frequency and monetary value of past purchases)Customer Database9Customer Databases & Direct MarketingIn business-to-business marketing, customer profile might contain The products and services customer has bought, past volumes and prices, key contacts (and their ages, birthdays, hobbies and favorite foods)Competing suppliers, status of current contracts, customer spending for the next few years, And assessments of competitive strengths and weaknesses in selling and servicing the accountCustomer Database10Customer Databases & Direct MarketingCustomers databases are used in many ways e.g. Locate good potential customers To generate sales leads

A well managed database should lead to sales and customer-relationship gains that will more than covers its costs. Customer Database11Customer Databases & Direct MarketingLike many other tools, database marketing requires a special investment. Companies must invest in computer hardware, database software, analytical programs, communication links, and skilled personnel. The database must be user friendly and available to various marketing peopleCustomer Database12Forms of Direct Marketing13Forms of Direct MarketingDirect-mail marketing involves an offer, announcement, reminder, or other item to a person at a particular addressPersonalizedEasy-to-measure resultsCosts more than mass media Provides better results than mass media

14Forms of Direct MarketingCatalog direct marketing involves printed and Web-based catalogs

15Forms of Direct MarketingTelephone direct marketing involves using the telephone to sell directly to consumers and business customersOutbound telephone marketing sells directly to consumers and businessesInbound telephone marketing uses toll-free numbers to receive orders from television and print ads, direct mail, and catalogs16Forms of Direct MarketingDirect-response television (DRTV) marketing involves 60- to 20-second advertisements that describe products or give customers a toll-free number or Web site to purchase and 30-minute infomercials such as home shopping channelsLess expensive than other forms of promotion and easier to track results17Forms of Direct MarketingKiosk marketing is placing information and ordering machines (in contrast to vending machines, which dispense the actual product)Popping up everywhere these days Business marketers also use kiosks 18Forms of Direct MarketingNew Digital direct marketing technologiesMobile phone marketingPodcastsVodcastsInteractive TV19Forms of Direct MarketingMobile phone marketing includes:Ring-tone giveawaysMobile gamesAd-supported contentContests and sweepstakes20Forms of Direct MarketingPodcasts and vodcast involve the downloading of audio and video files via the Internet to a handheld device such as a PDA or iPod and listening to them at the consumers convenience21Forms of Direct MarketingInteractive TV (ITV) lets viewers interact with television programming and advertising using their remote controls and provides marketers with an interactive and involving means to reach targeted audiences