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East Southeast Asai

Transcript of Chapter 14[1] 2[1] pdf

  • 1. Buddhism is practiced in China,Japan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodiaand many other Asian countries.

2. Chinas official language isMandarin. 3. Merchants traveled on the SilkRoad from China to as far as theMediterranean region. 4. Marco Polo wrote a book about histravels in China to help Europeans learn about their civilization. 5. A Chinese thinker named Confuciustaught the people virtue, and tobehave properly. 6. Shoguns were powerful people who governed Japan until the 1800s 7. Yamato was a Japanese dynasty that ruled in the 1400s. 8. Mathew C. Perry pressured Japanto end isolation. 9. By the 1890s, large areas of Chinawere claimed as spheres ofinfluence by European governments and Japan. 10. Japan is the worlds second largest economy. 11. Chinas population passed 1.3billion in 2005 12. Islam is the major religion in Malaysia and Indonesia. 13. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. 14. A megalopolis is a super-sized city. 15. Singapore is located at the tip ofthe Malay Peninsula 16. Arranged marriages were one aspect of daily life that haschanged in East Asia. 17. Southeast Asia is more ethnically diverse than East Asia 18. Some of the worlds largest cities are in East and Southeast Asia. 19. Wealthier countries like Japan andSouth Korea have declining birthrates 20. About one third of the worlds population lives in East and Southeast Asia. 21. Mao Zedong was the communistleader who gained control of Chinain 1949.