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A description of the underlying ideas beneath the surface of ChangeCamp, a community of people re-imagining government and citizenship in the age of participation. This also offers a possible vision of the future for what this community could do in the future.

Transcript of Change Camp: Next

  • 1 ChangeCamp: Next Mark Kuznicki A Point of Departure @remarkk 1
  • 2 A World in Crisis... 2
  • 3 How to make sense of it Complexity... How to make meaning 3
  • 4 Whos Your Tribe? 4
  • 5 The Change We Seek 5
  • 6 Talking About Values - Eaves Dear conservatives on the Left and Right and those beholden to them. We would like to break up with you. - - A Neo-Progressive Manifesto 6
  • 7 Do These Resonate With Us? There's a tectonic shift rocking the social, political, and economic landscape We want a sustainable, humanized life. We want renewable, transparent, responsive, and people-oriented organizations. We want a society built around sustainable communities. We want open, engaged and deep democracy everywhere. We want open institutions, t for survival, designed to grow and share wealth, that seek to create markets, not own them. We believe in emergent and bottom-up. We want citizens to be hackers, creators and... citizens. We want an eco-system that rewards talent, ideas, productivity and collaboration we want a meritocracy. 7
  • 8 ChangeCamp is... A post-partisan community of citizens A third space commons outside institutions A platform for collaboration A set of emerging ideas A set of methods and tools A conversation Both local and national/global 8
  • 9 ChangeCamp is not... An ideology A political party or interest group An advocacy organization A replacement for representative democracy 9
  • 10 City Repair Project, Portland Text Restoring the village square 10
  • 11 The Web didnt invent community. The question is how do we restore community. 11
  • 12 The essential challenge is to transform the isolation and self-interest within our communities into connectedness and caring for the whole. - Peter Block 12
  • 13 Principles - Peter Block The work is to build social fabric, for its own sake and to enable accountability among citizens. Strong associational life is central Citizens convening other citizens create an alternative future The small group is the unit of transformation All transformation is linguistic, community is a conversation 13
  • 14 Building social fabric Free association Citizens convening other citizens Small group as the unit of transformation Community is a conversation 14
  • 15 We are living in the middle of the largest increase in expressive capability in the history of the human race. - Clay Shirky 15
  • 16 From Industrial Society to a Networked Society 16
  • 17 The Question 17
  • 18 The Methods Open Space + Social Media + Open Innovation Open Space - and other large group methods - the social web of face-to-face, same-time/same place Social Media - community-generated content creation, capture and dissemination Open Innovation - open data, open source, open access, participation and content is free, open, creative commons licensed 18
  • 19 19
  • 20 The Communities 20
  • 21 The Long-Tail of Public Policy Credit: David Eaves, 21
  • 22 The Tools 22
  • 23 Future Possibilities? 23
  • 24 Purpose ChangeCamp spreads the emerging ideas, tools and methods of a networked society and builds social capital to accelerate community transformation. ChangeCamp is both a platform and a community. 24
  • 25 Big Bold Actionable Goal September 2010: 100 ChangeCamps in communities across Canada Event Co-creators 10,000 Online Participation 90,000 Viewers 900,000 1,000.000 people aware and involved in local change-making 1/30 of the population of Canada 25
  • 26 How do we apply open space + social media + open innovation to accelerate community transformation at scale? 26
  • 27 How do we enable hundreds of community organizers? 27
  • 28 How do we facilitate, capture and share the content of their conversations? 28
  • 29 How do we make sense of hundreds of overlapping conversations? How do we gather actionable insight? 29
  • 30 How do we increase the possibility for individuals and communities to take action? 30
  • 31 Activities to Achieve this Goal Identify and provide tools, support and training for local organizers Develop and publish design patterns for events, both large-scale and small Design and develop an integrated online organization and collaboration platform at Build partnerships with organizations with shared interests: citizen engagement, public sector renewal and social innovation Social media analytics tools to translate unstructured content into useful information and to measure community engagement and action 31
  • 32 Join the Conversation 32
  • 33 Mark Kuznicki Twitter: remarkk 33