Challenges in creating interactive content for mobile devices

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A presentation that briefs us about the challenges in creating interactive content for mobile devices in Government departments. This presentation speaks about what is the present mLearning scenario in Government, what are the challenges and concerns and what could be the solution. Interactivity in mLearning is the biggest challenge everywhere. Raptivity - a rapid interactivity builder tool helps in resolving this issue. Check the samples created by Raptivity.

Transcript of Challenges in creating interactive content for mobile devices

  • 1.Challenges in creating interactive content for mobile devices

2. Presented byJanhavi PadtureJamaica [email protected] [email protected] 3. If you cannot hear the audio: Click the arrow icon at the upper right, in the webinar panel Expand the Audio section Click the Audio setup If necessary, choose the Use Telephone option to see a phonenumber you can use 4. mLearning in Government 5. PollHave you implemented mLearning? One or more projects deployed Pilot project is in the works Definite plan to roll out in 6-12 months Evaluating timeframe undefined Definitely NO plans for mLearning 6. U.S. Governments focus on MobileAccording to a survey of 200 federal IT workers in 2011:45% use mobile devices for their jobs on a daily basis 93% use e-mail apps 68% use FaceBook The U.S. Federal Chief Information Officer Steve VanRoekelproposed a Federal Mobility Strategy in order to providedirection on mobile technologies adoption by agencies Making Gov Mobile Project by US GSA (General ServicesAdministration) President Obama on the mobile revolution 7. Mobile in Government SIRI personal voice assistant was a result of a DARPA (part ofDoD) funded projectDefense services of many nations considering equippingforces with mobile phones and tablets for performancesupport - Australias elite combat forces will soon be giveniPhones and iPads, UK Air force, US ArmyGovernment Mobile app listWhite House recommended Top 10 must-havegovernment apps 8. mLearning in Government Government Elearning! Magazine (July 2012) survey indicates38% public sector organizations intend to invest in mobilelearning technologies in 2012Dept of Commerce Assessment & career developmentcoaching tool for Senior Executive Service (SES) Foreign Services Institute (FSI) Pashto and Dari languagelearning apps. Content includes video and audioDepartment of Education now on mobile,so people can lookup important US Education informationState Department Smart Traveler app 9. mLearning in Government National Institute of Health - WISER (Wireless InformationSystem for Emergency Responders), a mobile app designed toassist first responders in hazardous material incidentsNational Science Foundations (NSF) - Science360 for iPad Montana State Government mobile optimized tax payment Election offices train poll workers via mobile learningDept of State partnered with UNESCO to define guidelinesfor mLearning Dept. of Veterans Affairs PTSD Coach appDefense Acquisition University performance support toolsAcademia & Defense of course!! 10. mLearning in AcademiaK-12, Community Colleges (Gov. funded)Akron-Fairgrove , MI high schools to provide iPads tohigh schoolers Senegal pilots mobile learning in Kindergarten K-12 Math example - 11. mLearning in Defense By 2013, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)plans to put mobile devices in the hands of all soldiers U.S. Armys Learning Concept 2015, has stressed theimportance of including mLearning strategies ADL Survey 2011: DoD current usage of mobile technologies in Learning Currently using mobile technologies0Researching on how to22%use mobile30% technologies Plan to use mobile technologies in the28%next 6-12 months20%Do not plan to use mobile technologies 12. mLearning in DefenseUS Army - Soldiers on-the-go can now train on electronic healthrecord, medical logistics, and medical command and control appsusing their personal or approved iPhone, iPad or Android devicesvia the MC4 (Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care)system on ATN2GO mobile platformAir Force Air Education and Training Command (AETC) outlinedthe importance of mLearning in their strategy. Free app for physicaltrainingUK Army using iPads for training - 13. mLearning :Concerns and Challenges in Government 14. mLearning ChallengesPOLICY /REGULATIONSECURITYLEARNERENGAGEMENT ACCESSIBILITYBUDGET /FUNDING 15. Challenges in developing interactivemLearning content Devices Screen sizes Operating Systems Browsers Security Media formats supported Connectivity/Connection speed/ Bandwidth Technology Challenges Native vs. Web apps Flash vs. HTML5Mobile Learning Interactions 16. Interactivity in mLearning1. Presents a greater challenge in mLearning2. Used to augment learning on mobile devices3. Engaging way to present, interact and assess4. Ability to track progressExamples: Interactive SimulationsVideosexercises Games 17. Characteristics of mLearning Interactions (Interactive of course!) Modular Non-linear Selectively render content SWF or HTML5! SCORM trackable Balance of text & media Easily optimized for mobile rendering Secure 18. Few Tips for creating mLearning interactions Keep them short - Edumercials Separate Content from Presentation Videos & Animation are effective interactions Use caching and local storage for SCORM Use rapid development tools like Raptivity for quickturnaround Use tools like PhoneGap to convert to app TestTestTest!!! 19. Interactive mLearning by Raptivity 20. Select yourCustomize yourinteraction modelinteraction model as per your requirementSave the output as per therequirement HTML5 or Flash 21. mLearning & Raptivity Create mLearning interactions quickly and easily Interactions can be viewed on various devices Integrate interactions with authoring tools thatsupport HTML5 Track learners performance of mLearning modules 22. Sample created using Raptivity 23. HTML5 Games & Simulations45 more templates that you can publish to HTML5 90+ in Raptivity library!Website Pricing Promotions Webinar Special Offer HTML5 Mobile Bundle7 Packs 90+ templates $1415 24. Thank You! Janhavi Padture Jamaica Bracken [email protected]@harbingergroup.comFor more info or queries write to [email protected] ORVisit to get connected with our RVPs