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  • I will love to work in a global company that communicate with the people about their demands in a market. I will be very responsible in learning from the people and will have a lot of fun by meeting people of different types and get to know the different and diverse life styles. With this job, I will get daily information about the market and needs of the customers. I will have the best information about their necessities and demands. I will forward their demands to the relative companies and those companies will sort out their issues. Every company will be happy to join hands with my global company. We will have our partners everywhere around the world. They will be responsible to send us the demands of their local people. We will set up a database of our company that will get information everywhere around the world and circulate it to the concerned groups/partners.

    The style of our work will be very efficient and up to date. We will ensure the best quality of our work. We will collaborate with different companies and will interact with the people directly about their problems. They will give us their feedback as well after solutions.

  • I will be working in the head office. There will be franchises in different countries. People will come to us about their needs. Our representatives will not down that into our data base that will be accessible to our partner companies. They will take their list on First Come First Serve basis from our data base.

    My working day will be great. I will work for the 8 hours and will be replaced by my other fellow after my shift. Our time will be balanced already. All competent people will get chance.

    Everyone will enjoy his life with complete fun & entertainment. They will work on time, give good time to friends & families.

    We will use Thinkology a combination of humans thinking and modern technology. We will utilize the feasibility thinking, creativity thinking, common sense thinking, innovating thinking of human beings. We will use modern technologies like web, mobile, media, newspapers and social networks for our business.


  • Our goal will be to fulfill the demands of the customers and interlinked them with the respective companies who will fulfill their demands. We will get our profit from our clients/ partners.

    The future companies/organizations will be successful by the defining skills of their employees not their job description.

    Adaptability, a hunger to learn and natural curiosity, ambition and drive, creativity and thinking out of the box, and broader-based business skills of the employees/companies will be needed to lead in the market.

    The companies that fulfills above criteria will attract the Youth. Young people want safe and secure future. Companies have to make policies that benefits the Youth at vast, attract their needs, give them comfortable place in the organizations. Then Youth will also surf their energies to boost up the name, fame of the company/ Organization. That will be Win-Win for both of them. They will be located at their home stations at first and then will come to head office to nurture their skills and get promotions based on their skills/ learning.

  • In order to succeed, Companies/Organizations must look out past goals foster future goals, yield leading indicators and drive performance. Team work, Leadership skills are very important aspect for this great achievement.

    The continued progress of an organization or company depends greatly on the effectiveness with which it develops its greatest asset - it's employees/ its team. The more you add sugar, the more your tea will be sweet This is just an example. Employees must feel valued and appreciated. They should have no complain with management, no recognition, morale, growth, opportunities and environment.

    If you provide them all your competent and talented employees above things, you will have no complain. You will move forward. You will touch the sky of progress and development.

  • Employees will be looking for autonomy, responsibility, open mindedness, sense of safe future, compensations, flexibility, attentions, opportunities for moving forward and innovations.

    Companies/ Organizations will be looking for talented people, competent skills, fame in the market and good leadership qualities.

    Both job seekers + job providers have to give their best to satisfy each others demands. The most valuable thing in this case is TRUST: On self and others. If we have motive of moving forward, we have to take good decisions on time.

    The recognitions and growth opportunities from the companies/ organizations will help them to get a good reputation among the talented employees.

  • Leadership Skills: To lead from the front. Active and positive approach to different problems.

    Critical thinking/Analysis Skills : being able to employ a rational, logical approach to sorting through the pros and cons of various proposals, points of views.

    Complex problem-solving Skills/Technical skills : knowing how to tease apart a complicated issue and come to a workable and efficient solution.

    Good Decision Making Skills: being able to weigh the costs and benefits of a situation and make a clear decision based upon that assessment.

    Active listening to everyone: fully taking in what others are saying, asking questions for clarity, and demonstrating your understanding.

    The Organizations / companies will hire very talented individuals depending upon their competencies, knowledge of market and other value added skills and techniques that can bring a valuable change in the company. Any relevant experience will be a plus point to get the job. The competition will be very intense. Everyone will learn and adopt skills. They will get knowledge and information from all sources to keep themselves up to date. If someone has already working experience in any company with a very good reputation, the other organizations/ companies will be interested to hire them because they will get good experiences. One should be multi dimensional with multiple skills to seek the interest of


  • Education plays a vital role in grooming any personality. Education means

    awareness and up to date studies which enlighten the students from dark to light. Education must help the students to adopt the skills that will help them to get a

    good job relevant to their interest. For this purpose, there should be new or some courses must be added in the curriculum of the students that unlock their potential and let them learn efficient skills for the better job opportunities in the future.

    Education system in the future should be very modern and convenient to everyone. Every rich & poor student can easily access them. There should be e-libraries, leadership academies, virtual learning, skills development courses that help any individual for the future jobs.

    As the world is moving forward and progressing day by day, the competition in jobs is very high. So education institutions should consider the future demands within their policies to not only generate good leaders or managers but also a very good employees with all the skills built-in with them.

    Education of the future will be revolutionary and everyone whatever their socio-economic status would be, will enjoy same standard and value added skills education along with their course. This will be win-win situation based on the interests of students for their better and secure future as well as the good leaders of tomorrow and successful employees in a very good reputation holder companies of organizations anywhere around the world.

  • The perfect day at my educational institution

    will be the day when I will learn all the valuable skills and capable of utilizing them for my dream job of the future. This will be the day when my education institution will enrich great qualities, aware me with a valuable knowledge, experienced me with some work/assignment during my course in the institution.

    The educational institutions will made skills training houses in which I or any student will learn from up to date new innovations and creativity of skills that are demands of the future organizations. After completing trainings, trained students will welcome new comers and train them. The specialists (teachers) will evaluate and monitor our performances and help us getting better day by day.

    This will also boost up my self confidence before adopting any job. This will be like campus based internship or fellowship. The best reward of us students will be the great skills we will learn and that will help us throughout our career.

    That day everyone will be trained and ready to join any organizations or companies meeting their demands/necessities for the perfect job of the future.

    Favorite Future Companies

  • Education is learning. Learning is integral to life. What is

    important in education is that we all end up doing that which we are most capable for on the evidence that people perform better when doing something they enjoy.

    Perfect education of the future would early on determine where your talents lie exactly. It would also determine whether you would be happy to pursue a career in this direction as some people prefer not to work with their talents but rather use them for personal time enjoyment.

    There will be faster learning methods that will refresh our brain and help us build our capacity very fast with the time. We will be easily adaptable to the situation. Everyone will be able to pursue its dream to get a desired job by the better education of the future. It will happen