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1. Seeds (My Dream Job)Project by: Davron Akbarov From: UzbekistanTashkent State of EconomicsMonitor by: Jawida MansourFrom: Palestine 2. I opened my eyes, looking at the clock beside mybed. It is now Jan/1st/2022; I smiled and got out from bed. Itis very cold outside. I prepared myself to start a newworking day.While turning on my car, I did some calls to my partners indifferent cities of Uzbekistan, as well as partners indifferent countries around the world.My dream job is to be a General Manager of SeedsSocial Enterprise.My business keeps some of traditional works andhandicrafts and distributes our products to the world. Through my enterprise I aim to shrink cotton-slavery in my country. 3. Uzbekistan is the sixth largest producer of cotton and thethird largest exporter. The cotton is harvested manually. The cotton that is picked ends up in brand-name retail andapparel supply chains all around the world.According to Responsible Sourcing Network, 131 clothingcompanies have now joined the boycott of Uzbek cotton,confirming their resoluteness to fight child slavery across theworld. 4. Working together; me, farmers, designers, retailers anddistributors.My office is so comfortable and modern but seldom I stay muchtime in it. My job needs me to be close to clients and workers.Besides, I hate sitting long hours on chair.I supervise many places and monitor many factories of cottonfibers.My target people are young who come from poor familiesespecially women. The women have a good taste of handicrafts andat the end most of products are made to women. 5. There is no need to stay for long hours at factories and workshops ofSeeds; our working time is flexible because I take care of results. I dobelieve that forcing people to stay at work for regular hours is a kindof slavery and I am against it.Our working space is flexible, you can do your task wherever youwant; at home, school or inside our workshops and factories. My mainoffice locates in Andijon , I used one of our property as a place ofSeeds organization. By changing the way we pick cotton we save time, so we use a newmachinery to pick it and produce fibers.We do a yearly competition in schools and universities to have newdesigns and ideas. I believe that kids have a great imagination so wecan share them in our project. 6. Produce clothes and cotton fibers which designed in a modern way. When we distribute profit between the workers, each one will do hisbest. Take care of environment so that we use machines that dont harmenvironment.I think of a new kind of glasses which when you wear it you can seethe person in front of you wearing the dress he chooses. Use renewable power especially the solar power to reduce theharmful effects for environment.There is no magic pan which reduce poverty and hunger inmy country.Only hardworking build our country andreserve our diversity. Davron Akbarov 7. Technology is killing many of traditional and cultural aspectsof countries around the world. While it makes a great job ofturning the world to a small village, but it kills diversity ofnations! Beside that it makes us as slaves ! Can we live withoutit!!!Instead of doing every thing automatically, students shouldlearn how can we do things away from technology, besides usingit. Students of the coming generations dont need to go to schooldaily, they just need to be supervised from far distance.Teachers teach students only the basic things and they shouldmotivate them to be creative and find solutions by their ownselves. 8. From the preliminary school, students should use software andcomputers to learn the way we design and draw on clothes. In 2022; Uzbekistan has vastly improved in reading, math andscience literacy over the past decade in large part because its teachersare trusted to do whatever it takes to turn young lives around. Whatthe teachers should do every day? Prepare kids for life. Environment course should be essential for the coming generationand should be taught at schools. The students also should know how touse renewable energy in an effective way.Practical Education is more effective than theoretical; we need toincrease number of labs (computer, science, arts and environmentlabs). Students should make visits to companies to increase theirexperience. 9. A subject of marketing and advertising should be taught atschools. Make the children familiar of using cotton machines.Use a new kind of drawing pen which immediately transmitthe drawing to computer when u draw something with it.we need Negotiations skills as we work with internationalcompanies.Human aspect should be the most to be concern inteaching process.A subject of cultures diversity should be taught at schoolsso that more understanding will occur and peace can beachieved between nations. 10. Who makes us slaves while God created us free