[Challenge:Future] Eleonore: My Dream Job

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Transcript of [Challenge:Future] Eleonore: My Dream Job

  • 1. +My life in 2022Team : EleonoreElonore Bureau - Agathe DrapFranceSup BiotechMetnot : Melissa

2. + 2Dream Job : WorkingsectorWewouldlike to work in the social sectorIn this job, wewouldbehelping people 3. + 3Dream Job : Schedules Wewouldbepleasedto geta job with flexible schedules Moreover,thesescheduleswouldallow us to workfrom homeHave a realfamily life 4. + 4Dream Job : Example Wecoulddevelopfrom home medications and medicaltreatmentsadapted to one particularperson This worksoundsinnovating, passionating and inspiring to us 5. + 5Dream Job : AimsOur aims are : To be good and efficient atourwork Have properrelationshipswithourpartners Have a positive impact on ourcustomers 6. + 6Dream Job : IncomeMoreover, itsoundsimportant to us to have a properincomeMoney consumsour life time and ourenergy 7. + 7Dream Education Wethinkthatitisimportant to bethere an to bepresent to raisechildren Furthermore, itseems important for us to have both parents to educatechildren as properly as possible 8. +8Dream EducationOur goalsare : Makethemtravel a lot Broadentheirminds Not restrict and lockthemtoomuch 9. +9Dream EducationAtschool,we are expectingthat :Theylearnlanguages as young as possibleTheirschedulesincludeactivitiesto develop and broadentheirminds (sports, arts etc.) 10. +10Dream Education School and extra-schoolactivities must beappropriate to the childinterest For instance,wecan not force an artisticchild to do lot of sports. Whereashe has to do some for his body, but itshould not beseen as a restiction