Ch 11 Notes “Independenc e Wonâ€‌. Independence at San Jacinto...

download Ch 11 Notes “Independenc e Wonâ€‌. Independence at San Jacinto After the Mexican victory at San Antonio, Santa Anna believed the Texas rebellion was over

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Transcript of Ch 11 Notes “Independenc e Wonâ€‌. Independence at San Jacinto...

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  • Ch 11 Notes Independenc e Won
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  • Independence at San Jacinto After the Mexican victory at San Antonio, Santa Anna believed the Texas rebellion was over. However, Sam Houston knew it was not over. He had to train and build up his army before he could be ready to face Mexican troops in battle.
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  • Retreat of Houstons Army When Sam Houston learned about the Texan defeat at the Alamo, he ordered a retreat eastward toward the Colorado River. His troops numbered fewer that 400, and they were untrained. While Houston trained his soldiers, he was able to recruit more volunteers and his army now had nearly 1,000 soldiers.
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  • Houston had ordered Fannins troops to join him, but they never showed up. He soon learned of their terrible fate. Houston retreated again to the Brazos River. HoustonFannin
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  • The Runaway Scrape People living in the area between the Colorado and Brazos rivers panicked. They thought they would be harmed by the advancing Mexican army, so they gathered what belongings they could and fled toward the Sabine River.
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  • Houston trains his army Houston retreated further to Groces Plantation on the Brazos River and spent nearly 2 weeks there training his troops. Some men got angry because they were ready to fight, not train.
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  • The enemy are laughing you to scorn. You must fight them. You must retreat no farther. The country expects you to fight. The salvation of the country depends on you doing so. Even David G. Burnet sent a letter to Houston, asking him to attack. Houston refused to move his troops until he was ready.
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  • Hendrick Arnold, a free African American, posed as a slave to scout out information about the Mexican Armys plans.
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  • The Mexican Army Advances Meanwhile, Santa Annas army advances across the Colorado River and on to the Brazos River. The government kept moving its headquarters from Harrisburg to New Washington and on to Galveston Island. Houston moved south eastward to the San Jacinto River.
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  • At Groces Landing, Houston received 2 six pound cannons --- named the Twin Sisters --- from the people of Cincinnati, Ohio.
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  • Victory at San Jacinto 11-2 The Eve of the Battle Santa Anna did not think the Texans would attack, but only fight defensively as they had at San Antonio and Goliad.
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  • --The Day of the Battle-- Most of General Cos men were inexperienced. Santa Anna did not post enough guards around the Mexican camp. Santa Anna allowed his men to eat and rest, and he himself retired to his tent.
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  • Remember the Alamo On the afternoon of April 21, 1836, while Santa Anna and his troops rested. Sam Houston and his men attacked. They were upon the enemy camp before the Mexicans knew an attack was under way.
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  • They cried Remember the Alamo and Remember Goliad. The battle only lasted 18 minutes! However, until dark, Texans continued to chase down Mexican Soldiers who fled and killed them.
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  • Losses at San Jacinto Fewer that 10 Texans were killed at San Jacinto, and about 30 were injured, including Sam Houston who was shot in the ankle. About 630 Mexicans were killed and 730 were taken prisoner. Santa Anna was one of the prisoners.
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  • Santa Anna had tried to run away into the tall grass during the fighting, and was dressed as a common soldier. He was taken to see Sam Houston and introduced himself as General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.a prisoner of war at your disposition. Santa Anna blamed his loss at San Jacinto on having too many new recruits who were tired and hungry.
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  • Treaties of Velasco Santa Anna signed two treaties at Velasco. In the one made public, he promised never again to fight against the Texans. In the Secret Treaty, he promised to work for Mexican recognition of Texas Independence.
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  • Santa Anna was held in a Texas prison for several months, then allowed to return to Mexico, although many Texans wanted him executed. Imprisonment of Santa Anna
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  • The meaning of San Jacinto The victory at San Jacinto meant that the Texans had won their independence from Mexico.
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  • Texas was now a republic --- a country!