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  1. 1. ByAudrey Dell(the old dog)
  2. 3.
    • Thanks to Carl Lazous and the CNN student news, the children now:
      • Have become aware of every daycurrent events!
      • Act as journalists, taking notes from the newscasts.
      • Enjoy reporting back for the follow-up classroom discussions!
  3. 4.
    • Thanks to CNN Student news, my students can now talk intelligently about subjects such as PRODUCT RECALL, HEALTHCARE, JOB LOSS, CHINA CENSORSHIP OF GOOGLE, INTEREST RATES, OLYMPICS, ETC.
  4. 5. Afterwatching CNN Student News, my students and I decided that it would be great to have a West Point Weekly News podcast.So I created a script template in which they used to find and complete information about West Point: teacher feature, student feature, upcoming events, animal facts, etc. They would practice a few times and then we would record.We have been trying to produce one weekly, but snow days and my curriculum meetings have made it a little difficult.But we are producing about every two weeks.Enjoy an example! http://audreydell.podbean.com
  5. 6. Kids and Videos
    • The kids were SUPER EXCITED when I told them this months book report would be a
    • and I would be video-taping them.The cool part was that with Flip-share, I could then create a movie and send it off to parents!!! The response from parents was great! You know many parents would still follow their kids to school if they could.So this allowed them to be there, butnot !
    • The kids were given a rubric:
    • Create a poster about their book.
    • Use two props.
    • Cover the basic narrative elements: author, genre, character, setting, plot.
    • Be creative!
    • Here is an example!Enjoy!