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CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES andVASCULAR SUPPLYOleh: dr. VenyPembimbing: dr. A. Junaidi, SpSAnatomical Review

Lateral View of Left HemisphereMedial View of Right HemisphereSome important function areas of the cerebral cortexCerebral Blood SupplyPosterior Circulation

AnteriorCirculationCircle of Willis

Circle of WillisVascular Territories of Superficial Cerebral Structures

Supplies most of the cortex on the anterior-medial surface of the brain

From the frontal to the anterior parietal lobesAnterior Cerebral ArteryPCAPosterior Cerebral ArterySupplies the inferior and medial temporal , and occipital cortexVascular Territories of Superficial Cerebral Structures

Middle Cerebral ArterySuperior division: supplies the cortex above Sylvian Fissure, including the lateral frontal lobe and the peri-Rolandic cortexInferior division: supplies the cortex below Sylvian Fissure, including the lateral temporal lobe and a variable portion of the parietal lobe7Vascular Territories of Superficial Cerebral Structures

Vascular Territories of Deep Cerebral Structures

Anterior Choroidal Artery:supplies portions of globus pallidus, putamen, thalamus, and the posterior limb of internal capsuleRecurrent artery of Heubner:supplies portions of the head of caudate, anterior putamen, globus pallidus, and internal capsuleLenticulostriate Arteries:supply large regions of basal ganglia and internal capsule Thalamoperforator Arteries (as well as Thalamogeniculate and Posterior Choroidalis Arteries):supply the thalamus and sometimes extend to a portion of posterior limb of the internal capsule

Superficial and Deep Blood SupplyCoronal SectionAxial SectionClinical Syndromes

Clinical Syndromes

Clinical Syndromes

Watershed InfarctsWhen a cerebral artery is ocluded, ischemia or infarction occurs in the territory supplied by that vessel, with regions near other vessles relatively spared.

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