Century Negotiations Inc. Review

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Century Negotiations, Inc.


Century Negotiations Inc provides debt relief services to families and individuals struggling with unsecured debts. They've been in business since 2003 and they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as of July 2014. They seem to be a decent company. If you're interested in learning more about them on BestDebtCompanys.com, you can find their profile at the link in the slides above.

Transcript of Century Negotiations Inc. Review

Century Negotiations, Inc.!

Century Negotiations boasts effective debt settlement services for their existing customers and also settlement for customers of other companies that didn’t have their debts resolved on the first attempt.! Founded in 2003, they have been doing business for over 11 years. !

Who Are They?!

Products and Partners!•  Credit Bureau Letter Program (CBLP) helps you

ensure your settlements are reported on your credit report properly.!

•  Century Credit Services can help create good credit after the program, or if you notice discrepancies on your credit report.!

•  Medical Recovery Services (MRS) assists in going over medical bills and making sure they don’t contain extra or inflated charges.!

•  Financial Strength Builder Plus (FSBPlus) can help you create a day to day plan to keep your finances in check.!

•  Federal Student Loan Consolidation.  

•  Debt Settlement!

•  Student Loan Consolidation!!

Services Offered!

Many students graduate and find it hard to get the job that they had anticipated. Being faced with student loans after graduation can be very intimidating. !!Century Negotiations will help you submit the proper information to the Department of Education so you can consolidate your federal student loans. If you’re interested in these services, be aware that the government offers free programs to help with this as well.!

Good News for Students!

Yes, they offer some resources including a blog, videos and more. !

Do They Offer Debt!Management Resources?!

Though they feature only a blog and videos for debt education, there are around 70 blog posts, and 60 short videos to help you learn more about your financial situation and how to change it for the better.!

More Resources!

•  A+ Rating!•  There have been 7 complaints closed

within the last three years, as of July 2014.!

•  One complaint was for advertising and sales issues, 2 were regarding billing and collection problems, and 4 were regarding problems with product or service.!

BBB Rating!

Prices for services vary according to your specific situation.!!One representative gave us the following information: with a scenario of $20,000 in credit card debt only, we were quoted a fee of around 25% of the current balance you come into the program with. This may be different for you. Call in for a free consultation if you’d like to learn more.!

What Do They Charge?!

Though not advised, you are allowed to stop the program whenever you choose. There are no fees associated with canceling the program.!

Do They Have a Refund!Policy?!

They are somewhat active on the following social media outlets:!•  Twitter!•  YouTube!•  Facebook!•  LinkedIn!•  Google+!

Are They Active on Social!Media?!

•  They have a user-friendly, mobile-friendly website. This is always a plus in our opinion.!

•  Longevity in the field.!•  Good BBB rating.!•  Over 150 videos and articles to

access for debt education.!•  Great products and partners to

further cater to your financial needs.!

The Good!

Potential Negatives!

•  We feel it’s important that companies offer several different kinds of debt education tools. Century Negotiations only offers two kinds of resources.!

•  Their price seems a bit higher than some of the other companies in the industry.!

The Bottom Line!This seems like a decent company to consider doing business with. They were very forthcoming with all information we asked them, and the process seems to be quite streamlined. We have reviewed other companies with cheaper fees, though cheaper isn’t always better. !

Want to Learn More?!If you’re interested in learning more, you can find it on BestDebtCompanys.com at the following URL: !!http://bestdebtcompanys.com/settlement/century-negotiations-inc-review/!