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Transcript of Century Global Presentation (Investment) English (Sgd)

  • 1. www.centuryglobal.net CENTURY GLOBAL


  • The Financial Reality?
  • People cant live on their salaries
  • N o job security
  • Businesses going down daily
  • Stock Markets are in falling fast
  • Currency Markets are unsafe
  • Almost everyone is living in debt

3. People Need to Make More Money!

  • But do they have a solution?
    • Get a second job?
    • Start a new business?
    • Invest in stocks and shares?
    • Trade Forex?
    • Get into the insurance business?
    • Win the lottery?


  • Poor people find it difficult to EARN MONEY
  • Job? (Just Over Broke)
  • Stability?
  • Increase in pay?
  • Rich people find it difficult to GROW MONEY
  • Bank? Low interest?
  • Stocks? Volatile market?
  • Business? Market demand? Slow Economy?


  • In Law of Economics, there is always one law that never fails.
  • Demand VS Supply!
  • All businesses/investments which have this traits are definite to make money!
  • Property
  • Precious Minerals (Gold, Diamonds and etc)

6. Mining The Uptrend Business & Investment

  • Raw materials are non-renewable and in limited supply.
  • Demand is increasingly drastically due to massive industrialization.
  • Mines for raw materials, such as copper, gold, titanium and etc are extensively mined in recent years.
  • As such, following Demand & Supply, price of raw material will increase steadily with diminishing supply.
  • Mining business / investment is a traditionalandstable platform to EARN & GROW your money in this times of financial difficulty

7. Century Global has embarked onto a Titanium Mine Development project in Anning City, Yunnan Province in China. The mine owners have11 titanium mines in Chinaand have beendeveloping the 1 stmine since 2005 , producing titanium powder for factories of products manufacturers such as metal bars, mobile phones and etc. With ready buyers at hand, the owners now allow the public togain some profit from the mining operation of the 2 ndminethrough the participation in Century GlobalsTitanium Revenue Programme , Our Project! 8.

  • Titanium is a metal that has gained its reputation for its high strength-to-weight ratio.Titanium is as strong as some steels, but weighs 45% lighter .
  • Titanium has many uses and hence isin high demandin the market.Titanium can be alloyed other metals to produce strong lightweight alloys for:
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Industrial process
  • Automotive
  • Agri-food
  • Medical prostheses
  • Orthopedic implants

Titanium & Its Uses?

  • Dentaland endodontic instruments and files
  • D ental implants
  • Sporting goods,
  • Jewellery
  • Mobile phones, and other applications

9. Demand of Titanium http://www.titaniumdioxidereport.com/20092909/coatings-account-55-60-global-demand-tio2 The Asia-Pacific region has become the largest consumer of Titanium Dioxide and now comprises nearly one-third of total global demand. We project a strong demand for Titanium Dioxide as the Chinese economy grows, said Carlos Verdejo, global offering manager for coatings, DuPont Titanium Technologies. The Asia-Pacific region is projected to be the worlds largest pigment consuming region by 2010. This increase in demand is driven primarily by Chinas explosive growth and increasing demands for quality of life products that contain Titanium Dioxide , said Sheldon. 10. Demand of Titanium http://seekingalpha.com/article/162894-titanium-metals-poised-for-a-turnaround Titanium Metals is being driven by: 1.The growing demand for high performance materials for aircraft (Boeing, Airbus and military) as well use of titanium in other products such as medical uses. 2.They are the only titanium company with operations in the U.S and Europe, both very important markets for titanium. 11. Demand of Titanium http://www.prlog.org/10347007-us-dental-implants-growth-driver-for-the-dental-equipment-sector.html The US dental implants market has grown at a significant rate over the past few years and is expected to grow at a double digit growth rate over the next three to seven years. The titanium dental implants segment is the largest revenue contributing segment in the US dental implants market. The titanium dental implants market in the US was valued at $387.4 million; contributing 99.6% to the dental implants market revenues in 2008 and is forecast to reach $428.7 million by the end of 2009 . The titanium dental implants market in the US is mainly driven by factors such as affordability, long lasting results, biologically friendly material, and high adoption rates. 12. Demand of Titanium http://www.cnbc.com/id/33133896/site/14081545 China is currently the largest titanium dioxide supplier in the world, with its capacity exceeding the USA in 2008 stimulated by growing domestic demand. 13. Demand of Titanium http://www.cnbc.com/id/33021533/site/14081545 Effective October 1, 2009, prices for all Kronos titanium dioxide grades sold in Europe and Eastern Europe will be increased by 100 Euro per metric ton. 14. Our Strategic Partners

  • Anning City Zhongli Trading Pte Ltd.
  • Zhongli Trading is registered in the Republic of China.
  • Owns 11 Titanium Mines. They also have copper mines.
  • Zhongli Trading joint ventures with Century Global to develop the infrastructure and production of the 11 titanium mines.

15. Century Global Strategic Business Partnership Joint Venture Funds Collected TitaniumRevenue Programme Titanium Mine Owner Marketing Agents Investors 16. 17. Mining License(18/8/2009 18/8/2014) 18. Mining Licensee Details 19. 20. 21. Location of Titanium Mines Village @ Mountain foot Village @ Mountain foot 22. Facilities in the mine Facilities in the mine Titanium Mine Facilities in the mine 23. View of Mine 1 from Mine 2 Unpacked Titanium poweder Packed Titanium Powder 24. View of Mine 1 from Mine 2 Lodging at Mine 2 25. CENTURY GLOBAL www.CenturyGlobal.net (International) 26. Who is Century Global?

  • Century Global
  • C entury Global isa company with more than 10 yearsofexperience in Direct Sellinginmassive China market.
  • Foothold in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan & China.
  • Privately funded, Financially Secure & Debt-Free

www.CenturyGlobal.net 27. Century Global Office China Office (Shenzhen) Shenzhen City Futian District Glittery City, Level 31 Unit 1 Entrance Director Room Director Room 28. Century Global Office China Office (Shenzhen) Shenzhen City Futian District Glittery City, Level 31 Unit 1 View from Office Presentation Area Training/Staff Area 29. Century Global Website & Members Area www.CenturyGlobal.net (International) 30. Century Global has come up with a revenue-sharing plan Titanium Revenue Programme (TRP) to enable our members to enjoy immense benefits from the development of our projects. 31. How to Participate? Titanium Revenue Programme (TRP) is a9.5 monthsRevenue-Sharing programmedesigned for Century Global members to participate and enjoy the immense benefits of the development of our projects. Titanium Revenue Programme (TRP) 1 lot =S$3,328 S$ 3 , 2 00 + S$ 128(Membership & Admin fees) Every lot of TRP will receivebi-weeklyrevenue sharing of 8% (US$160) for 19 cycles. 2 weeks = 1 cycle. Break Even duration: 6.5 months Total Revenue Sharing Receivable: S$ 256x 19 =S$ 4,864(146%) 32. Titanium Revenue Programme (TRP) TRP Capital: S$ 3,328/ lot Revenue Sharing Payout 1 cycle = 2 weeks 8% x S$ 3,200/ cycle = S$ 256 19 cycles of payout. Break even on 13 thcycle. Total Revenue Sharing: S$ 4,864(146%) 33. TRP Revenue Sharing: Every Month: 16% ( S$ 512 ) S$ 2,778 S$ 666 S$ 512 TRP RevenueSharingper month Production Cost for Month 2 Century Global Net Profit per Lot per Month Production Cost (150/MT): S$1, 6 00 to produce 45MT of titanium Selling Price (800/MT): S$ 8,544for 45MT of titanium Rewards Plan & Management Titanium Mine S$ 1,600 S$ 4,166 Titanium Mine Owner 60% 40% Century Global TRP How We Pay You? S$ 3,328 S$ 1,728 S$1 ,6 00 S$ 6,944