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CENTRAL OFFICE FOR UNIVERSITY HOSTELS Cochin University of Science and TechnologyPhone: 0484-2575944 Intercome:2155, 0484-286-2155

Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT1Hostel officeCochin University of Science and Technology (Formerly University of Cochin) is established in 1971 .Right from 1971, Hostel office is functioning as a supporting Department for all other teaching departments in the UniversityToday, the office handle students from 27 teaching departments in this University and 2000 students.

Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT2The hostel office supportsApplied Chemistry-DACApplied Economics-DAEAtmospheric Sciences-DASBio-Technology-DOBChemical Oceanography-CODComputer Applications-DCAComputer Science-DCSElectronics-DOESchool of Engineering -SOEEnvironmental Studies-SESHindi-DOHIndustrial Fisheries-DIFInstrumentation-DOILegal Studies-SLSSchool of Management Studies-SMSMarine Biology, Micro Biology & Bio-Chemistry-MBDMarine Geology & Geophysics-MGDMathematics-DOMPhotonics-ISPPhysical Oceanography-PODPhysics-DOPPolymer Science & Rubber Technology-PSRShip Technology-DSTStatistics-DOSIUCIPRS-IPRNCAAHMarine engineering

Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT3University HostelsYearBoys HostelGirls Hostel19711. Sanathana 2. CUMS1. Aiswarya19803. Siberia2. Athulya (Res)19824. Sarovar5. Sarovar (Res floor)20053. Anaswara20076. Sahara (B.Tech. SoE Boys)7. Sagar (Post-metric SC/ST)4. Anagha (Post-metric SC/ST)

20085. Ananya (Post-metric OBC)20148. Swaraj(Post-metric OBC)????6. Alakananda (B.Tech. SoE Girls)Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT4Hostel seatsBoys HostelGirls Hostel1. Sanathana 2. CUMS162481. Aiswarya1643. Siberia1022. Athulya (Res)1144. Sarovar5. Sarovar (Res floor)196603. Anaswara

3006. Sahara (B.Tech. (SoE) Boys)7. Sagar (Post-metric SC/ST)280884. Anagha (Post-metric SC/ST)968. OBC boys (Post-metric OBC)

985. Ananya (Post-metric OBC)

866. Alakananda (B.Tech. (SoE) Girls)100TOTAL1034TOTAL860Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT5Who is eligibleCategoryBoys HostelGirls HostelPhD, MPhilCUMSSarovar (Res Floor)Athulya (Res)MTech, MSc, MA MFSc, MBALLB, LLMBTech (except SoE)SanathanaSiberiaSarovarCUMSAiswaryaAnaswaraBTech (SoE)B.Tech. (SoE) BoysB.Tech. (SoE) GirlsAny courseSC/ST/OEC-60%University rules-40%Sagar (Post-metric SC/ST) Anagha (Post-metric SC/ST)Any courseOBC-60%SC/ST/OEC-20%University rules -20%OBC boys (Post-metric OBC)Ananya (Post-metric OBC)Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT6Structure of hostel officeCentral office for University Hostels, CUSAT7Chief wardenHostel OfficeOffice SuperintendentTypistPeon HostelsAsst Warden (teacher)Hostel Manager/MatronHostel Secretary (student)Mess Secretary (student)Hostel Advisory committee ( Syndicate Decision 527.28)Registrar (Chairman)Chief WardenAssistant WardensUniversity EngineerUniversity Union Chairman

Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT8FunctionsAllotment of rooms to students in University HostelsPurchase facilitating centre for hostelsManagement of cleaning staffs in hostelsApproval of guests in the hostelIssue of late entry or early exit pass to hostel inmates/guestsMaintaining inmate records and assets register of hostelsProcessing and releasing ABLC of SC/ST studentsEstablishment of Hostel office

Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT91.Hostel AllotmentPreparation of quota (total seats) for every department based on the gender wise strength of students in the departmentReceiving gender wise priority list from HoD prepared based on (611.55)Year of study (Final year, pre-final year, 3rd,2nd, 1st)DistanceCAT rankAllotment of the rooms to the students in the priority list based availability Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT10Ac.A2/3431/91 dated 2-11-1995Admissions of hostel are made by a committee consisting of the Chief Warden (formerly Chairman of Council of Wardens) and Registrar on recommendation of the Heads of Departments normally at the beginning of the course or research work after vacation. Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT111.Allotment procedureCheck the total number of students already occupied in hostel from a particular departmentIf the total number of students is less than the quota, immediately the next eligible candidate will be intimated by publishing provisional allotment list.Student collects the intimation slip from hostel officeThe admission fee is collected at respective Department office on production of intimation slipRoom allotment slip is issued from hostel office on production of admission fee receiptCentral office for University Hostels, CUSAT121.Allotment procedureHostel allotment slip shall be handed over to Hostel secretary in boys hostelMatron in girls hostelHostel Secretary/Matron direct them to the respective roomsExceptionsIn B.Tech. (SoE) Boys hostel, Hostel manager is in charge instead of Hostel secretaryIn CUMS Hostel, Assistant Warden gives the allotmentCentral office for University Hostels, CUSAT13CUMS HostelCochin University Marine Science campus hostel for boysAdmission officially not transferred to hostel officeThe director, Marine campus is the Assistant Warden Allotment is given by Assistant wardenCentral office for University Hostels, CUSAT14CUMS HostelSupportsAtmospheric Sciences-DASChemical Oceanography-COD Industrial Fisheries-DIF Marine Biology, Micro Biology & Bio-Chemistry-MBD Marine Geology & Geophysics-MGD Physical Oceanography-POD National Centre for Aquatic Animal Health-NCAAH

Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT152.Purchase to hostelsPurchase proposal originated from hostel secretary is scrutinizedVerification of fund and initiation of purchase procedure as per university rulesThe support from Engineering unit is requested for the purchase if necessary.Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT163.Managing cleaning staffAttendance of the cleaning staff (19 numbers)Salary of cleaning staff (every month)Interact with recruitment section, CUSAT for appoint and re-appointment for every (89 d+89d+59d) for 19 staffs

Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT174.Approval of guest in hostelHostel inmate shall pay fee in the department and submit the guest from approved by the head of the departmentThe hostel office verifies the records and issue the guest pass if admissible.Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT185.Approval of Late entry/early exitHostel inmate/guest shall submit the Late entry/early exit from approved by the head of the departmentThe hostel office verifies the records and issue the pass if admissible.Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT196.Maintaining inmate recordsInmates record is maintained inComputer databaseAdmission registerHostel registerThe student is expected to submit Form C immediately on vacating the hostel for recording the vacancy and allotment of seat to next eligible candidate Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT207. Processing and Releasing ABLC grant to SC/ST students in hostelFlow of cashCentral office for University Hostels, CUSAT21Mess bill of SC/ST/OEC students in hostel ByMess SecretaryHostel officeMess bill+rent+Water bill + Electricity billHeads of departments

SC/ST nodal office,Kakkanadu via e-grantz softwareMess bill amount of SC/ST/OEC students in hostel collected byMess SecretaryHostel officeConsolidates mess bill hostel wiseHeads of departmentsRent + water bill+ electricity bill to CUFFUND e-grantz released from the SC/ST nodal office Flow of mess bill8.Establishment of hostel officeHostel officeChief Warden (additional duty)Office Superintendent (also in-charge of Physical education department)Typist Peon Other membersAssistant Warden ( for all hostels) additional dutyMatron (for all ladies hostels)Central office for University Hostels, CUSAT22Contact NumbersCentral office for University Hostels, CUSAT23DesignationName of PersonContact numberChief warden (add. duty)Dr. Job Thomas9846545824Office Superintendent Sajeena Mohammed7736307945PeonRahul V.V. (on leave)8129573939Matron Sudhamony T. (Athulya Hostel)9947922096

Assistant MatronSujatha T.K.(Anaswara and Aiswarya Hostel)99460210212Assistant Matron

Ressia P.A.(Ananya Hostel)9446814061Assistant Matron

Geetha E.N.(Anagha Hostel)9387092980ManagerBabu(B.Tech. (SoE)Boys)9447745725Contact NumbersCentral office for University Hostels, CUSAT24DesignationName of PersonContact numberAsst. Warden (add. Duty)Dr. B. Lakshmy (Maths) Aiswary Hostel9446220599Asst. Warden (add. Duty)S. Malathy (MCA)Anaswara hostel7736307945Asst. Warden (add. Duty)Dr. K. Ajitha (Hindi)Athulya Hostel9447325124Asst. Warden (add. Duty) K.M. Sheena (SoE)Anagha Hostel9495970110

Asst. Warden (add. Duty)Dr. Moly P. Koshy (SMS)Ananya Hostel9446227430Contact NumbersCentral office for University Hostels, CUSAT25DesignationName of PersonContact numberAsst. Warden (add. Duty)Dr. Sivanandan Achari (SES)Sanathana Hostel9495389942Asst. Warden (add. Duty)Dr. G. Santhoshkumar (DSC)Siberia Hostel9447305819Asst. Warden (add. Duty)

Arunkumar T. (SoE)OBC Boys & Sagar Hostel9946510679Asst. Warden (add. Duty)Dr. P. Arunachalam (Ap. Eco.)Sarovar Hostel9446902896Thank youCentral office for University Hostels, CUSAT26