Celsa Environmental Statement 2011

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Steel process environmental performance

Transcript of Celsa Environmental Statement 2011

  • CELSA ManufacturingEnvironmental StatementSteel Recycling


    This report covers production years 2006 to 2010

  • 2011Environmental StatementCELSA Manufacturing


    02 CELSA Group 03 CELSA Steel UK

    04 Our products

    01 Message from the General Manager

    06 Environmentalprofile07 Sustainability and sustainable


    10 Significant environmental aspects

    28 Community & stakeholderengagement

    32 Health, Safety &employee engagement

    33 Environmental statementverification

    16 Environmentalperformance indicators Resource efficiency (raw materials and production) Energy efficiency (including CO2) Melt Shop case study Energy reduction Atmospheric emissions Water consumption Water quality Waste management Transport Biodiversity

    14 Environmental objectives and targets Sections Mill case study Oil reduction

    12 Emissions andLegal compliance

    Cover image: CELSA Rod & Bar Mill from Bute East Dock.

    08 Meeting the requirementsof sustainability

  • 2011Environmental StatementCELSA Manufacturing


    Message from the General Manager

    This is our second Environmental Statement, following registration to the EMAS scheme last year, and covers the year of 2010. Through its pages you will see that despite an exceptionally difficult market, we have not lost our focus of continual improvement in our Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

    Nearly all of the objectives and targets that we set ourselves for 2010 have been met and those that havent been met were, in the main, directly related to market performance effects, which is a testament to the commitment of all of our employees and that of our service contractors.

    Business growth has to be integrated with environmentally sustainable decisions and practices so it is right to look at our business performance through economic, social and environmental lenses and to seek synergies between these facets as we develop and grow the business.

    CELSA is a recycling business, turning end of use ferrous scrap into new steel for use in the construction industry, and as such plays an important part in the UK Governments Sustainable Construction Policy. EMAS registration and the publication of this statement is demonstration of our environmental focus, and this coupled with our certification to the Eco Reinforcement and BES 6001 standards enables users of our products to specify them with confidence.

    Our process makes new steel by melting steel scrap in an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF). Steel produced in this way consumes only a third of the energy and emits only one sixth of the CO2 when compared with other steelmaking processes , and typically, 95% of the waste arisings from the processes are useful by-products that are either recycled or reused. The process produces relatively little true waste for disposal.

    The use of modern and best available techniques, employing and nurturing the right people, and continually improving our processes will enable us to achieve ambitious environmental performance targets for our business and our continued development in this field is not only my personal wish, but our strategic goal for an environmentally responsible business.

    business growth has to be integrated with environmentally sustainable decisions and practices

    Luis Sanz VillaresGeneral Manager

    Appointed November 2010

  • 2011Environmental StatementCELSA Manufacturing



    EMASThis document has been prepared by CELSA Manufacturing UK Ltd (CELSA Steel UK) in accordance with the requirements of the Eco Management & Audit Scheme (EMAS) as set out in European Council Regulation 761/01. EMAS is a voluntary scheme designed to recognise and reward those organisations that go beyond minimum legal compliance and continuously improve their environmental performance, therefore demonstrating green credentials. It was initially established by European Regulation 1836/93, although this has been replaced by Council Regulation 1221/2009. It is a requirement of the scheme that participating organisations regularly produce a public Environmental Statement that reports the organizations environmental performance clearly and accurately. The accuracy and reliability of the information in this voluntary publication must be checked and certified by an independent environmental verifier.

    This document is the Environmental Statement of CELSAs environmental attributes and environmental performance for the period 2006 to 2010. All the information is independently verified for accuracy, and a statement of confirmation is provided by the verifier at the end of the document.

    Eco-Reinforcement & BES 6001As part of CELSAs contribution to sustainable construction practices and sustainable development objectives, CELSAs products are accredited to the Eco-Reinforcement Responsible Sourcing Standard (Issue 2, Eco-Reinforcement Ltd 2009) and to the Eco-Reinforcement parent standard, BES 6001, the BRE Environmental & Sustainability Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products (Issue 2, BRE Global Ltd 2009). This Environmental Statement has also been written in accordance with the higher level requirements of both the Standards.

    In November 2010, Celsa improved its Eco-Reinforcement certification rating, rising from Pass to Good, whilst also attaining BES 6001 certification for all other steel products manufactured in Cardiff, which also achieved a Good rating. The improvement in rating is an indicator of the continuous improvement Celsa has accomplished following its commitment to implementing EMAS, and the progress realised through certification to the Eco-Reinforcement standard.

    CELSA GroupCELSA was founded in Barcelona in 1967 with its first rolling mill. A decade later an electric arc furnace started producing steel at the Barcelona plant. The CELSA GROUP grew through reinvestment and successive acquisitions to become a well recognised brand in steel manufacture.

    CELSA now ranks amongst the top 30 steel-producing companies in the World as well as one of the most diversified European long products producer.

    CELSA has a diverse range of steel production and processing operations strategically positioned across Europe to both maximise our competitive spread and to reduce our transportation impacts.

    The CELSA group of companies employ over 8000 people across Europe, operating from 7 steel plant locations and numerous downstream fabrication units.

    At CELSA we take our responsibilities seriously. We believe in people and are committed to the health, safety and development of our employees and communities we operate in. We believe in sustainable development and are committed towards ongoing improvement in managing ourenvironmental impact in supplying sustainable products. We believe in integrity and are committed to managing all aspects of our business with honesty and transparency.

    we believe in people and are committed to the health, safety and development of our employees and communities we operate in

    Image above right:High Yield Coil for reinforcement.

  • 2011Environmental StatementCELSA Manufacturing









    CELSA Group missionCELSA group is the most diversified European private steelmaking group in long products.

    Our purpose is: To satisfy all its customers with quality products and excellent and direct service. To be a competitive, profitable and innovative group leading the target markets and achieving sustained growth, by being an efficient, flexible and dynamic organisation.

    CELSA Group vision Our people, their effort and professional and personal development and teamwork.

    Continuously improving all our processes and activities and the permanent updating of our technology.

    Managing and operating our business in an ethical, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

    By working together in this way, we will achieve a sustainable company and maintain international presence for benefit of all concerned.

    CELSA Group values We live for our customers We feel like owners We respect people and teamwork We are sharp and flexible We lead as ground-breakers We fight for results!

    CELSA Manufacturing UK (Ltd)CELSA Manufacturing (UK) Ltd (CELSA) was acquired by the CELSA Group in 2003. CELSA is the largest producer of steel reinforcement in the United Kingdom and one of the largest producers of other long steel products.

    Our facilities at Cardiff comprise a new state of the art melt shop built in 2006, and two hot rolling mills: one for rolling reinforcing products and wire rod, the other for rolling merchant bar and light sections.

    We manufacture and deliver approximately 1 million tonnes of finished product annually, mostly for the UK and Irish markets.

    We employ approximately 450 staff as well as several hundred sub-contractors in South Wales and see our business as an important supporter and member of the local community.

    CELSA is dedicated to being a sustainable producer. All of the steel we produce in our melt shop is produced from scrap metal using the electric arc furnace (EAF) process we are a steel recycling plant.

    3 2

    1. Celsa Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

    2. Celsa Nervacero, Vizcoya, Spain

    3. Celsa Global Steel Wire, Santander, Spain

    4. Celsa Atlantic, A Corua, Spain

    5. Celsa France, Bayonne, France

    6. Celsa UK, Cardiff, Wales

    7. Celsa Armeringsstl, Mo i Rana, Norway

    8. Celsa Huta, Ostrowiec, Poland

    BRC / Express Reinforcements / ROM Group

    Steelmaking sites

    UK Fabricators

  • 2011Environmental StatementCELS