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  • www.cellro.com

    Your production process is ready for the future

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    CELLRO is a Dutch manufacturer of Robotcells and automated solutions for the machine industry: inno-vative high quality and efficient solutions, aimed at optimising the result. Standard modules, developed from decades of expertise in the machine industry.

    CELLROs practical experience with robotisation in the machine industry enables you to grow towards a high degree of automation. Step by step growth is a reality with the modular range, irrespective of the size of the product series or its complexity. Your situation takes centre stage. CELLRO listens, advises and supervises without, of course, losing sight of reality.

    Insp i red by the fu ture

    Want to build a technical and economically future-proof automation with an innovative partner? CELLROs Robotcells can be applied in many market segments where they will prove their quality and efficiency.

    CELLRO would be very happy to calculate your return on investment using reliable arithmetical models.

    With great dedication, motivation and know-ledge, CELLRO produces Robotcells for the machining industry: automated solutions implemented for the future focused on small series production.

    CELLRO| the best automation solution

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    CELLRO | concept

    CELLRO is the future of the machine industry. The automation process made with us will provide you with a considerable increase in machine hours and production. By optimising the production process with a CELLRO Robotcell, the qualitative performan-ces are improved and the output is considerably higher while less man hours are needed; after all your production continues at night without person-nel. This automatically gives you more return.

    Opt imal p roduct ion

    Origins 6 Vision 9 More return 10 Demo-/educational centre 13 Courses 14 Control & installation 17 System manufacturer 18 CELLRO controls 20 - 23 CELLRO Series & Solutions 24 - 33 Service & Parts 35

    Steering a course to the future

    CELLRO is not just an organisation and a pro-duct, CELLRO is a powerful concept that capitali-ses on an urgent need in the machine industry. Bram de Koning, founder and owner

    CELLRO considers the machine to be one of the components of the total production process, all of which must be used as effectively and efficiently as possible. The Robotcell and the metalworking ma-chine form an independent twosome that will work tirelessly day and night; an efficient interpretation of the work and production time. The cost price per product is considerably reduced and that means a higher profit.

    Inc reased capac i ty and cont inuous p roduct ion


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    CELLRO | origins

    CELLROs roots lie in the machine industry. Founder Bram de Koning has been active in this market for many years and has experience from various machi-ne companies. The need since 2000 to automate the production process more cleverly has arisen from the desire to produce more effectively and efficiently. A suitable solution in the market appeared not to exist. The idea of developing our own universal process-controlled automation solu-tion came into being. And here lies the basis for the CELLRO concept: automation in a fixed element to which various machines can be connected.

    CELLRO was founded in 2003 and applied itself to the development of high quality automated solutions that could be built up with modules.

    The mach ine indus t r y : the o r ig ins o f CELLRO

    With knowledge and experience gained from the machine industry, CELLRO literally knows as no other which applications and methods the auto-mated cells must have to work efficiently. A well-thought out and complete product assortment has been developed in the last years. A cell is built up from standardised components and has a control system that specifically will be configured to your wishes and requirements.

    International expansion was started at the EMO 2007 in Hannover

    New dimension for our industry

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    CELLRO | vision

    It is remarkable that the machine plays the star role in the machine industry and not the production process. This way use is not made of great oppor-tunities. The machine is seen as part of the whole production process in automated production and its use is aimed at achieving maximum output. The professional is an indispensible link in this process as a skilled process controller.

    Your knowledge and skill in your speciality are de-fining for your market position. Your return is deter-mined by the way your production process is laid out. Efficient automated production with CELLRO produ-ces maximum return.

    The CELLRO v is ion : make use o f a l l the oppor tun i -t ies w i th p rocess -cont ro l led automat ion

    Make use of all opportunities

    More return with CELLRO automatic, now and in the future.

    In the last years CELLRO has grown into a mature enterprise with a professional team of staff who are able to translate the CELLRO concept into actual products for our customers. We are proud to include leading parties from machine building, tool manu-facture, energy, medical industry, aviation, precision engineering and the optical industry from all over Europe in our customer list.

    Our exper ience i s conv inc ing

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    CELLRO | more return

    Achieving a healthy return creates confidence in the future. From the viewpoint that optimisation of the production process for companies in the machine in-dustry is of paramount importance and results in the profit margin per product increasing, CELLRO deve-lops and realises products that reduce the handling and manufacturing costs per product considerably. In short, you will automatically achieve more return with CELLRO. Doubling production with the same work force Fast change of set-up for regularly repeated small series production Monotone work is taken over by a robot The quality of the product is easier to safeguard Can be enlarged with modules, therefore step by step implementable Universal system easily adapted for new produc- tion processes

    Automat ion w i th CELLRO: a p ro f i tab le p rospect

    Unique and customer-orientated solutions can also be found in CELLRO and guarantee your success; these efficient solutions are marketed under the name of CELLRO Solutions. CELLRO is also availa-ble after delivery and installation as a professional adviser and effective partner for new requests or alterations.

    Alongside the modular standard, CELLRO de-velops custom-made solutions based on your requirements

    CELLRO: An innovative enterprise, an intelligent concept and a reliable product

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    CELLRO | demo/training centre

    The demo-centre is also a training centre.After all, the CELLRO Robotcells are completely ope-rational and equipped for the field. This way CELLRO offers high quality, practical courses as required: from general and wide to custom-made, concentra-ting on your operational situation, your products and your staff. When a course has finished you and/or your staff will be able to operate a robot. CELLRO also offers a number of standard courses based on the various CELLRO control platforms. A course in Vision is also one of the options.CELLRO regularly holds automation and training days.

    You can find more information about courses on our website www.cellro.com

    In the CELLRO training and demonstration cen-tre you will discover the various applications of our Robotcells and you will be introduced to the user-friendly control systems.

    Our experience is convincing

    A visit to existing business relations is of course another option. Many customers with their own spe-cific needs and requirements have preceded you!

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    CELLRO | training

    The pro fess iona ls f rom CELLRO: a c lever and ener get ic team

    The well-organised control panel speaks for itself

    The professional becomes process operator

    The unprecedented opportunities and user-friend-liness of the robots and periphery equipment are not common property in machine production. Therefore chances are ignored. CELLRO lowers the barrier with practical training in robotising for professionals investing the future.

    Are you interested in the opportunity of strengthe-ning your company with robotising? Are you ready to prepare the organisation for an automated future?

    CELLROs practical training enables you to recogni-se the opportunities. What activities can you optimi-se by robotising? How can the process of automation be organised?

    The systems are set out in the CELLRO training and demonstration centre Veenendaal to give you clear picture of the many opportunities to automate your production process.

    By learning to work with robots and the periphery equipment, you can personally experience the practice of the future. You will work in screened off safety cells with the youngest generation of 6-axial robots. For the maximum learning effect, more than two-thirds of the training takes place at the controls of the Robotcell itself. You are very welcome to visit CELLRO. Do not hesitate to contact us to meet one of our specialists.

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    CELLRO | control & installation

    Since 2003 the development of the Robotcell has resulted in high quality, highly automated standard solutions. The Dutch organisation CELLRO, with offi-ces in Veenendaal, guarantees quality, reliability and advantages in communication, logistics and price.

    Ef fect iv i ty in 24-hour product ion

    The in-house engineers at CELLRO, along with the leading suppliers, ensure that high quality compo-nents are used in the cell; the assembly and the