CELLA Item Analysis and Resources Martha Valdes & Randi Russell, Curriculum Support Specialists...

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Transcript of CELLA Item Analysis and Resources Martha Valdes & Randi Russell, Curriculum Support Specialists...

CELLA Item Analysis and Resources

CELLA Item Analysis and ResourcesMartha Valdes & Randi Russell, Curriculum Support SpecialistsDivision of Bilingual Education & World LanguagesJune 2013Objectives

Understand CELLA DataIndividualize Instruction Select Activities for Small and/or Whole Group

CELLA DATAData drives DI Instruction


And last, but not least we can also use CELLA Data to differentiate activities. 3Go to Employee Portal and click on Applications to access File Download Manager.Click on CELLA Subscores to download CELLA data and select open. Download and save CELLA Template to desktop (rename file as school name).Go to website (http://osi.dadeschools.net/Excel/) and click on CELLA Template. Open CELLA Template and click on Import Data. If Security Warning appears click on Enable Content, an icon may appear. Be careful not to close that window! You will see the CELLA data downloading (blinking may take a few minutes).Select your CELLA file from where you saved it.Click on the tested grade either on the Content Page or the tabs at the bottom of the Excel page to access the data.

Steps to Access CELLA Data



2. Download CELLA DataDownload CELLA Subscores in Excel format and save.

3. Download & Save CELLA Template

Click on CELLA Template4. http://osi.dadeschools.net/Excel/

5. Click on Import Data

6. Select CELLA file7. Tested grade tabs at the bottom

This is what it looks like11

This is a legend to help you understand the numbers12How can we individualize instruction?

AWSchool TestSuccess Maker

www.awschooltest.comCELLA ConnectionsUser name: mdcpsbilingualPassword: bilingual

Log in: User name is MD + your ID, then type password bilingualChoose: My ClassHere you can find activities for your students14Remember when you log in

Here you will find activities per grade level16

Customize Success Maker

How to Customize the Course:

Log in with your ID/passwordClick on Courseware and then select ReadingClick on Save AsSelect Customize by ConceptChoose grade level from the drop down arrowOpen the strand (Reading) by clicking on the + signCustomize the course by finding the concepts on the left sideClick on the boxes next to the concepts to view the Learning Objective (LO) where it states View LOName it as 00 CELLA Skills, 01 CELLA Skills, 02 CELLA Skills, 03 CELLA Skills, 04 CELLA Skills, 05 CELLA Skills

How to Customize the Course

How to Assign CourseClick on Courseware ( See the custom course you created listed under READING).Click Assign next to the custom course (eg: 01 CELLA Skills)Select either Group tab (or student tab) by clicking on the box next to the group or individual name.Click assign course. Click Done.

Check STEPS and add print screen!!! Go to a computer Pull current CELLA data for your schoolGo to ELL resources (AWSchool Test, Success Maker)Based on results, select activities to meet student needs for instructionAdjust for Small and/or Whole GroupSubmit one activity as one of your follow-up assignments to cmperez@dadeschools.net Its your turn!