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Cell Structure & Function. Cells and Heredity Chapter 1.2 (pgs 23-31). Inside the Cell. Humans are made up of several bodily systems ( Respiratory, Nervous, Digestive ) that utilize organs Cells have similar structures, called organelles . Entering a Cell. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cell Structure & Function

Cell Structure & FunctionCells and HeredityChapter 1.2 (pgs 23-31)http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/09/110908124152.htm1Inside the CellHumans are made up of several bodily systems (Respiratory, Nervous, Digestive) that utilize organsCells have similar structures, called organelles.

Entering a CellAnimal cells have only a Cell Membrane, which allows materials in & out of the cell.

Entering a CellCells are held together with a Cell WallFound only in plant cellsRigid layer made of cellulose

The NucleusThe brain of the cellControls all aspects of the cells activityHas a Nuclear MembraneProtects the Nucleus just like the Cell Membrane.

Into the CytoplasmThe area inside the cell is called the Cytoplasm, which is constantly churningContains many organelles.

The structure that allows materials In & Out of an animal cell is calledOodles of OrganellesThe ERThe Endoplasmic Reticulum is the passageway that materials travel alongRibosomes on the ER are protein factories, to build & repair cells

Golgi Bodies package and ship materials to other parts of the cell.

This organelle is a storage space within a cellThis organelle is the passageway for materials within a cellThis organelle produces the energy the cell requires

What to Work OnRead Section 1.2, pages 24-31Answer Section Review questions (#1-4) on page 31