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Cell Structure & Function. http://koning.ecsu.ctstateu.edu/cell/cell.html. Definition of Cell. A cell is the smallest unit that is capable of performing life functions. Examples of Cells. Amoeba. Plant Cell. Red Blood Cell. Nerve Cell. Organelles. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Cell Structure & Function

  • Cell Structure & Functionhttp://koning.ecsu.ctstateu.edu/cell/cell.html

  • Definition of CellA cell is the smallest unit that is capable of performing life functions.

  • Examples of CellsAmoebaPlant CellRed Blood CellNerve Cell

  • OrganellesOrganelles are the parts of the cell that perform different functions.

    There are 11 main organelles (9 for animal cells)

  • Typical Animal Cellhttp://web.jjay.cuny.edu/~acarpi/NSC/images/cell.gif

  • http://waynesword.palomar.edu/images/plant3.gifTypical Plant Cell

  • Cell PartsOrganelles

  • Surrounding the Cell

  • Cell WallGives shape and support to cellPlants and protists, like algae, have cell wallsFungi, like yeasts and mushrooms, also have cell wallsBacteria and Archae also have cell walls, but they are different from plant and fungiAnimal cells DO NOT have cell walls

  • Cell MembraneGatekeeper of the cell that controls what can come in or out of the cell


  • Inside the Cell

  • Nucleus Controls the cells activitiesIts like the boss or the brains of the cellDNA is found inside the nucleus

  • Nuclear MembraneThe gatekeeper of the nucleusProtects the outside of the nucleusControls what can go in or out of the nucleus

  • ChromosomesLong pieces of DNA inside the nucleusCome in pairs-one from your mom and one from your dadHumans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, 46 total chromosomes

  • CytoplasmSoupy, Jell-O like substance that holds all organelles inside the cell in place

  • RibosomesEach cell contains thousands

    Make proteins for the cell

  • MitochondriaMakes energy (ATP) by breaking down fats and carbohydratesControls level of water and other materials in cellIf your mitochondria wasnt working properly, you wouldnt be making enough energy and may feel very tired!!

  • LysosomesDigest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates

    Clean up cells waste by sending them to the cell membrane for disposal

  • VacuolesStorage centers for both plant and animal cellsMuch larger in plant cells because of the storage of waterGives plant cells shape (along with cell wall)

  • ChloroplastONLY found in plant cellsContains chlorophyll, which is where plants get their green pigmentWhere photosynthesis takes place

  • Match That Part!Cell MembraneCell WallChloroplastsMitochondriaRibosomesLysosomesVacuoleChromosomesNucleusNuclear MembraneCytoplasm

    Controls what goes in/out of nucleusControls cell activitiesCreates proteins for cellContains/long pieces of DNAGives the cell shape and supportControls what goes in/out of cellContains chlorophyll for photosynthesisStorage of food and waterGobbles up the wasteJell-O like substance that holds parts in placeProduces energy for the cell

  • How to Write an AnalogyAn analogy is a comparison between two seemingly unlike things, using the words like or as and giving an explanation.For example:-The nucleus is to a cell as Mrs. Opferman is to Webb Bridge Middle SchoolNow you practice will cell parts!The nucleus is to a cell as _______is to a ________________.

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