Cell Jeopardy Hosted by Mrs. Allen 100 200 400 300 400 Cell Structure & Function 1 Cell Structure &...

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Transcript of Cell Jeopardy Hosted by Mrs. Allen 100 200 400 300 400 Cell Structure & Function 1 Cell Structure &...


Cell JeopardyHostedbyMrs. Allen

1100100200200400400300400Cell Structure & Function 1Cell Structure & Function 2Cell Structure & Function 3Cell Structure & Function 4300300300200400200100500500500500

10022,2Cell MembraneWhat part of the cell forms a barrier between the cell and its environment?

81,2 Eukaryotic CellsWhat kind of cells are humans made of?

41,3 ProkaryoticWhat kind of cells have no membrane covered organelles?

52,4 What is cytoplasm?The fluid inside the cell that holds genetic material and aids in support

104,1 Endoplasmic ReticulumRibosomes, the organelles that make proteins, are found on the membranes of the

154,2 Cell Walls, Chloroplasts & ChloroplastsWhat are the three organelles that plant cells have and animal cells do not?163,4 Large Central VacuoleThis organelle stores water and other materials for the plant cell while also providing support for the plant144,4 Endoplasmic ReticulumWhat part of the cell acts as the cells delivery system?

18Row 1, Col 1 CellWhat is smallest unit that can perform all the processes necessary for life?

33,1ChloroplastWhere does photosynthesis take place in a cell?113,2They digest food particlesWhat is the job of the lysosomes?

123,3 Storage of RNA for the cellWhat is the function of the nucleolus?134,3Outward to attract waterWhich way are the hydrophilic heads oriented in the phospholipid bilayer of the cell?172,1

Cell WallWhat cell part supports the cell and might be made of cellulose or chitin?

71,4DNAThe nucleus is responsible for storing what for the cell?

65,1ATPEnergy released by a cells mitochondrion is stored in

195,2 It packages and distributes proteinWhat does the Golgi complex do in a cell?

205,3 The surface to volume ratioWhat keeps the size of most cells very small?