Celebrate Ontario 2020 Successful · PDF file Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival Ottawa $17,763...

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Transcript of Celebrate Ontario 2020 Successful · PDF file Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival Ottawa $17,763...

  • Celebrate Ontario 2020 – Successful Applicants Listing - 1

    Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries

    © Destination Ontario


    Celebrate Ontario 2020 Successful Applicants Listing

    http://ontario.ca/celebrateontario http://ontario.ca/celebrateontario

  • Celebrate Ontario 2020 – Successful Applicants Listing - 2

    Event Name Location Funding

    #BollywoodMonster Mashup Mississauga $35,000

    1000 Islands Regatta Brockville $13,727

    1000 ISLANDS Waterfront Festival Gananoque $2,500

    12th Annual Great Canadian Kayak Challenge & Festival Timmins $9,397

    166th Lindsay Exhibition Kawartha Lakes $12,500

    2020 Capital Pride Festival Ottawa $32,813

    2020 Capital Ukrainian Festival Ottawa $25,000

    2020 International Plowing Match & Rural Expo Kawartha Lakes $100,000

    2020 Muskoka Summer Season Gravenhurst $9,462

    2020 Red Lake Norseman Festival Red Lake $4,400

    2020 Stonebridge Wasaga Beach Blues Festival Wasaga Beach $6,350

    2020 TAIWANfest Toronto $15,714

    2020 TD Markham Jazz Festival Markham $5,500

    2021 Kingston Canadian Film Festival Kingston $20,000

    21st imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival Toronto $90,863

    23rd Annual Community Pow Wow Toronto $2,500

    25th Anniversary Ashkenaz Festival Toronto $46,500

    46th Annual Ball's Falls Thanksgiving Festival Lincoln $10,000

    4th Line Theatre's 2020 Season Cavan Monaghan $57,895

    '90s Nostalgia: Electric Circus Edition Vaughan $45,000

    Afro Carib Fest (ACF) Toronto $24,512

    Animation de la rue Principale Hawkesbury $1,985

    AGH Film Festival Hamilton $50,000

    https://www.monstrartity.com/ https://www.monstrartity.com/ https://1000islandsregatta.com/ https://1000islandsregatta.com/ https://www.1000islandsheritagemuseum.com/ https://www.1000islandsheritagemuseum.com/ http://www.thegreatcanadiankayakchallenge.com/ http://www.thegreatcanadiankayakchallenge.com/ https://www.lindsayex.com/ https://www.lindsayex.com/ https://capitalpride.ca/ https://capitalpride.ca/ https://www.capitalukrainianfestival.com/ https://www.capitalukrainianfestival.com/ https://www.plowingmatch.org/ https://www.plowingmatch.org/ https://www.gravenhurst.ca/ https://www.gravenhurst.ca/ https://www.norsemanfestival.on.ca/ https://www.norsemanfestival.on.ca/ https://www.wasagabeachblues.com/ https://www.wasagabeachblues.com/ https://taiwanfest.ca/toronto/ https://taiwanfest.ca/toronto/ http://www.markhamjazzfestival.com/ http://www.markhamjazzfestival.com/ https://www.kingcanfilmfest.com/ https://www.kingcanfilmfest.com/ https://www.imaginenative.org/ https://www.imaginenative.org/ https://www.nativechild.org/ https://www.nativechild.org/ https://www.ashkenaz.ca/ https://www.ashkenaz.ca/ https://www.npca.ca/ https://www.npca.ca/ https://www.4thlinetheatre.on.ca/ https://www.4thlinetheatre.on.ca/ https://90snostalgia.ca/ https://90snostalgia.ca/ http://hsdconline.org/ http://hsdconline.org/ https://www.hawkesbury.ca/ https://www.hawkesbury.ca/ https://www.artgalleryofhamilton.com/film-program/agh-film-festival/ https://www.artgalleryofhamilton.com/film-program/agh-film-festival/

  • Celebrate Ontario 2020 – Successful Applicants Listing - 3

    Event Name Location Funding

    Artfest Kingston Kingston $11,448

    ArtsFest Hamilton $15,000

    Bay Block Party North Bay $3,536

    Because Beer Craft Beer Festival Hamilton $20,000

    Bell Capital Cup Ottawa $47,750

    BIG on Bloor Festival of Arts and Culture Toronto $11,374

    BlackFly Festival Pickle Lake $1,052

    Bloom 3 Greater Sudbury $5,261

    Bluewater BorderFest Music Festival Sarnia $29,060

    Blyth Festival 2020 Summer Season North Huron $59,500

    Brampton KiteFest Brampton $3,041

    Brantford International Jazz Festival Brantford $6,395

    Budweiser New Music Fest Greater Sudbury $12,500

    Burlington's Sound of Music Festival Burlington $100,000

    Canadian Music Week Toronto $75,000

    Canadian Tulip Festival Ottawa $53,000

    Carassauga Festival of Cultures - 35th Anniversary Celebration Mississauga $41,000

    Caribbean Carnival and Grand Street Parade Ottawa $9,715

    Carp Fair Ottawa $37,000

    Celebration of Nations - A gathering of Indigenous Arts, Culture

    and Tradition St. Catharines $10,552

    Chautauqua Artists-in-Residence, Family Fun, and Festivals Muskoka Lakes $14,436

    Cherry Beach Sundays Toronto $20,975

    Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival Greater Sudbury $39,625

    https://www.artfestontario.com/kingston https://artsfest.ca/ http://www.nbreb.com/ http://becausebeer.ca/ http://becausebeer.ca/ https://bellcapitalcup.ca/ https://bellcapitalcup.ca/ https://bigonbloorfestival.com/ https://bigonbloorfestival.com/ http://picklelake.ca/ http://picklelake.ca/ https://www.nlfb.ca/ https://www.nlfb.ca/ https://www.bluewaterborderfest.ca/ https://www.bluewaterborderfest.ca/ https://www.blythfestival.com/ https://www.blythfestival.com/ https://www.kitefestcanada.com/ https://www.kitefestcanada.com/ https://www.brantfordjazzfestival.com/ https://www.brantfordjazzfestival.com/ https://www.admirallive.ca/events/newmusicfest2020 https://www.admirallive.ca/events/newmusicfest2020 https://www.soundofmusic.ca/home https://www.soundofmusic.ca/home https://cmw.net/ https://cmw.net/ https://www.tulipfestival.ca/ https://www.tulipfestival.ca/ https://www.carassauga.com/ https://www.carassauga.com/ http://carpfair.ca/ http://carpfair.ca/ https://www.celebrationofnations.ca/ https://www.celebrationofnations.ca/ https://www.celebrationofnations.ca/ https://www.celebrationofnations.ca/ http://www.muskokachautauqua.ca/ http://www.muskokachautauqua.ca/ https://ilovepromise.com/ https://ilovepromise.com/ https://cinefest.com/ https://cinefest.com/

  • Celebrate Ontario 2020 – Successful Applicants Listing - 4

    Event Name Location Funding

    CityFolk Ottawa $100,000

    Classic Theatre Festival Perth $29,610

    Coldwater Steampunk Festival Severn $5,809

    Collective Arts Festival Hamilton $23,063

    Comedy Country 2020 Prince Edward County $2,696

    Concerts at The Barn Trent Hills $26,600

    Corks & Forks - Kingston's International Wine Festival Kingston $14,797

    CosmoFEST Richmond Hill $49,000

    Country Music Week Hamilton $100,000

    Cuvée Grand Tasting Weekend Niagara-On-The-Lake $11,180

    Deep River Summerfest 2020 Admaston/Bromley $6,500

    Delta Fair Rideau Lakes $10,825

    desiFEST Toronto $16,232

    DesignTO Festival Toronto $12,500

    Digital Dynamics 2020: SOUND Kitchener $27,038

    DIWALI RAZZMATAZZ - Canada Diwali Niagara Falls $42,500

    East York Jamfest Toronto $48,072

    Electric Eclectics Festival Meaford $4,800

    Elevate Toronto $100,000

    Empire Rockfest 2020 Belleville $27,550

    Escapade Music Festival Ottawa $100,000

    Ever After Music Festival Kitchener $100,000

    Fall for Dance North 2020 Toronto $85,463

    https://cityfolkfestival.com/ https://www.burningpassionstheatre.com/ https://www.steampunkfestivalcoldwater.com/ https://www.steampunkfestivalcoldwater.com/ https://collectiveartsbrewing.com/collectiveartsfest/ https://collectiveartsbrewing.com/collectiveartsfest/ https://comedycountry.ca/ https://comedycountry.ca/ https://www.westben.ca/ https://www.westben.ca/ https://www.savvycompany.ca/ https://www.savvycompany.ca/ https://www.cosmomusic.ca/ https://www.cosmomusic.ca/ https://www.ccma.org/ https://www.ccma.org/ http://cuvee.ca/ http://cuvee.ca/ http://www.summerfest.ca/ http://www.summerfest.ca/ http://deltafair.com/ http://deltafair.com/ https://desifest.ca/ https://desifest.ca/ http://designto.org/ http://designto.org/ http://www.themuseum.ca/ http://www.themuseum.ca/ https://www.canadadiwali.ca/ https://www.canadadiwali.ca/ https://www.beachesjazz.com/ https://www.beachesjazz.com/ http://electric-eclectics.com/ http://electric-eclectics.com/ https://www.elevate.ca/ https://www.elevate.ca/ https://www.theempiretheatre.com/ https://www.theempiretheatre.com/ https://escapademf.com/ https://escapademf.com/ https://www.everafterfest.com/ https://www.everafterfest.com/ https://www.ffdnorth.com/ https://www.ffdnorth.com/

  • Celebrate Ontario 2020 – Successful Applicants Listing - 5

    Event Name Location Funding

    Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games Centre Wellington $33,000

    Festa Italiana 2020 Timmins $2,250

    Festival Central 2020 Toronto $20,366

    Festival de la Curd 2020 The Nation $29,976

    Festival de la St-Jean Kapuskasing $5,000

    Festival des Sucres 2020 Ottawa $11,750

    Festival Kompa Zouk Toronto (12ie Edition) Toronto $27,411

    Festival of Colours, Thunder Bay Thunder Bay $5,689

    Festival of India Thunder Bay $13,320

    Festival Players’ 2020 Theatre Season Marmora And Lake $25,664

    Flavours of Ontario Huntsville $2,500

    foldA Kingston $10,000

    FrancoFEST Hamilton $15,014

    Franco-Festival Thunder Bay $2,500

    Franco-Fête 2020: Le Canada d'Est en Ouest Toronto $17,011

    Francophonie en Fête Toronto $10,547

    French Fest 2020 Greater Sudbury $7,385

    Global T20 Canada (GT20) Brampton $100,000

    Guelph Jazz Festival 2020 Guelph $15,065

    GWN Dragon Boat Challenge Toronto $8,500

    Hagersville Rocks Music Festiva