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Prince explores Dunedin.

Transcript of Celebrate Hidden Dunedin

  • Celebrate hidden DunedinWith Prince PenguinBy Honey-Soy and K-mart

  • This beach is just south of St Clair. Follow the 72 steps through the tunnel to where I am.

  • Lanarch Castle is regularly open to the public. The gardens are one of the best in New Zealand

  • The Orokonui Eco-sanctuary has the largest area of native forest in the South Island

  • The Clock Tower was built in 1879. If you want to study here you will have to pack your winter woolies even in Summer!

  • Ross Creek Resevoir is one of the oldest artificial lakes in New Zealand. It is my Dads favourite place!

  • The First Church of Otago is known as the Heart of Dunedin City