Cedar Rapids Business Survey

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Transcript of Cedar Rapids Business Survey

Cedar Rapids Business Survey City Manager’s Office June 23, 2020
Outline • Overview 
Overview: Retention Program • Purpose: Help facilitate local business expansion
o Remove hurdles to existing industry growth o Identify ways City ED process can have positive impact o Avoid (or delay) adverse impacts for employers
• Project Highlights: o Most visits from May 2019 to Feb 2020; 64 responses as
of 5/1/20 o Joint visits ongoing w/CRMEA + ED Partner Collaboration o Visit crosssection of businesses in Cedar Rapids
Overview: City Business Survey • Existing industry in CR 
surveyed since 2016 • Content focuses on needs 
and priorities of business  community
• Measures business climate  satisfaction
• New in 2020: • New economic forecast model • Indicator series forward 
Economic Base Theory
Themes • Though disruptive, history shows pandemics tend  not to change direction of longrun growth patterns.  • (e.g., Memphis 1887; NYC 1918)
• COVID19 shock increases shortrun economic  volatility and uncertainty; expansion of industry  clusters is key to recovery/building greater economic  resiliency.  
• Reinforce analytics capability  to clear picture of  how external environment relates to range of local  policy actions.  
Regional Economic Analysis • June 8th: U.S. Enters 
recession after 128  months of growth (NEBR)
• Data rich forecast model  enhances insight into  local conditions/response
• COVID19 Shock to global  economy: • Supply • Demand • Wealth (Income)
Unemployment • April BLS figures: 
• Widespread impact • 1 in 5 households 
lost work overall • 2 in 5 under $40k 
annual income
losing jobs may be  able to return…(?)
Gross Domestic Product U.S. GDP: 
• Q1 & Q2: 4.8%; 35%  • Q3 & Q4: Stabilization 
• (2019) Weakness in  business cycle • Manufacturing • Transport
• Current decline lead by  services sector: • Retail (Storefront) • Hospitality  • Bar & Restaurant
Market Trends • Model confirms steady 
Cedar Rapids population  growth (Up to 1%/yr)
• Record US Savings Rate:  33%
• Return to CR disposable  income baseline in 2022: • Retain or grow market’s 
purchasing power • Maintain current 
position in in attracting  service sector  investment
Opportunities Survey Results: • 62.5% of companies participating plan to expand in next
three years.
• Companies report a highlevel of satisfaction with City services and infrastructure
• Businesses rank workforce productivity, quality and stability very highly
• No difference in positive sentiment toward doing business in Cedar Rapids between local office and corporate staff
• About 8% of companies responded that expansion would be more likely with completion of flood control
Challenges Survey Results: • CR businesses still identify workforce as most important
• However, crime and public safety, economic growth (jobs), and flood control, and street repairs all showed increases
• Qualitative feedback identified a need to continue to invest in quality life and amenities
• 73% of companies report emerging technology will change how industry operates
• Only around 60% of companies surveyed export
Example: Labor Availability
Next Steps • EDS anticipates economic and financial loss survey in second half 
of 2020 • Provide ongoing trends and conditions reporting as needed  • Expand regional economic modeling toolkit (IMPLAN) • Perform value stream mapping for corn and soybean processing 
industries to focus on cluster growth • Collaborative workforce needs survey already initiated  • Engage external partners from regional to state level to forward 
projects that enhance Cedar Rapids community’s economic  resilience
Presented by: David Connolly, AICP Economic Development Specialist d.Connolly@uiowa.edu  3192865067
Public Hearing to Continue Acquisition of Easements from Ag land for Tower Terrace Road Reconstruction – From Miller Road to I380 June 23, 2020
Project Overview • 4 total parcels on this project; 2 ag land parcels
• Acquisitions include: temporary construction  easements 
• Iowa Code requires a public hearing when ag land is  impacted 
• Next Steps: 
• Construction proposed for summer 2021
Public Works Recommendation Adopting the resolution to continue the acquisition of  temporary easements from agricultural property not  yet acquired for an approved public improvement  project.
Presented by: Rita Rasmussen, SR/WA Real Estate Services Manager r.rasmussen@cedarrapids.org 3192865802
2020 Sidewalk Infill Project
June 23, 2020
Project Details • Construction Cost Estimate = $150,000 • Bid opening on June 24, 2020 • Anticipated completion in Fall 2020
The Public Works Department recommends approval of  the resolution to adopt plans, specifications, form of 
contract and estimated cost for this project.
Presented by: Brenna Fall, P.E. CIP Program Manager b.fall@cedarrapids.org 319.286.5732
Bowling Street SW Improvements From 50th Avenue SW to Wilson Avenue SW
June 23, 2020
improvements • Pavement repair and 
Project Details • Construction Cost Estimate = $1,935,000 • Bid Letting on June 24, 2020 • Construction scheduled for 2020 with  Completion by July 2021
Presented by: Brenna Fall, P.E. CIP Program Manager b.fall@cedarrapids.org 319.286.5732
The Public Works Department recommends approval of  the resolution to adopt plans, specifications, form of 
contract and estimated cost for this project.
Noelridge Greenhouse Roof Repairs Public Hearing
Noelridge Greenhouse Roof Repairs
• The Noelridge Greenhouse consists of five  greenhouse structures that are connected to  each other on the sides.
• This spring a hail storm damaged the roof  panels on all five greenhouse structures.
• This project will repair the damaged acrylic  panels on three of the houses and the  damaged glass panels on two of the houses.
Noelridge Greenhouse Roof Repairs Overview of Noelridge Greenhouses’
Noelridge Greenhouse Roof Repairs
• The construction estimate for this project is  $180,000.
• Bids are due Wednesday, June 24, 2020.
• We expect work to commence in the late  summer or early fall.
Noelridge Greenhouse Roof Repairs
Greenhouse Roof Hail Damage
Project Map
Key Facts about Project • Replacing bleachers in 4 corners of NHL Arena  with decks to accommodate groups.
• Requirement in longterm lease agreement  between City and Cedar Rapids RoughRiders
• Purchase and Installation Cost Estimate  $200,000
• Funding – ImOn Ice CIP funded by hotel/motel  revenues.
• Bid Opening – June 24, 2020 • Completion Date – September 2020
ImOn Ice Arena recommends approval of the resolution  to adopt plans, specifications, form of contract and 
estimated cost for this project.
Presented by: Michael Silva Executive Director, VenuWorks M.Silva@CReventslive.com 3193985211
FY 2020 Sidewalk Repair Program – Contract No. 2
June 23, 2020
Curtis Contracting Corp., Cedar Rapids, IA $216,731.00 Possibilities Unlimited, LLC, Cedar Rapids, IA $230,580.00 TiZack Concrete, Inc., LeCenter, MN $331,378.00 Tricon General Construction, Cedar Rapids, IA $358,666.50 B.G. Brecke, Inc., Cedar Rapids, IA $369,789.00 Eastern Iowa Excavating & Concrete, LLC, Cascade, IA $537,933.00
The Public Works Department recommends award of  the contract to Curtis Contracting Corp. in the amount 
of $216,731.00
Presented by: Brenna Fall, P.E. CIP Program Manager b.fall@cedarrapids.org 319.286.5732
Report on Bids and Award Recommendation
Deb Ann Lane NE Sanitary Sewer Lining Contract  655006901
Proposed Improvements • Rehabilitate sanitary sewer  with curedinplace liner
• Corrects defects found  during routine inspection  program
• Lining 442 feet of 18 inch  pipe
Bid Results and Award Recommendation • Bid Date: June 10, 2020 (2 bids received): 
• The Public Works Department recommends award of the construction  contract to Municipal Pipe Tool Company, Inc.   
Municipal Pipe Tool Co., Inc., Hudson, IA $118,390.00
Insituform Technologies USA, LLC Chesterfield, MO $141,457.00
OFB LLC – 1721 D St SW Resolution of Support
City Council June 23, 2020
Background Received application for standard incentives from
OFB, LLC Project qualifies under the City’s Targeted District
Reinvestment – Economic Development Program Incentive provides a 10-year, 100% reimbursement
of increased taxes generated by the project
Project Overview
3-bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1,174 sq. ft.
Market Rate
Staff recommends approval of Resolution of Support authorizing standard 10-year, 100% incentive: • $193,800 in total taxes generated over a 10-year
period • $146,700 reimbursed to the Developer (present
value of $95,200)
Today Resolution of Support
August Development Agreement
The Hub – 900 Block 16th St NE Resolution of Support
City Council June 23, 2020
Background Received application for standard incentives from
The Hub, LLC Project qualifies under the City’s Targeted District
Reinvestment – Economic Development Program, located in College District planning area
Incentive provides a 10-year, 100% reimbursement of increased taxes generated by the project
Project Overview
• $2 million investment • 3 – 4-unit town house buildings (12 total
units) • Market rate • Zero lot lines • Rental or owner-occupied
Staff recommends approval of Resolution of Support authorizing standard 10-year, 100% incentive: • $436,150 in total taxes generated over a 10-year
period • $341,500 reimbursed to the Developer (present
value of $221,500)
Today Resolution of Support
August Development Agreement
June 23, 2020
Timeline November 6 – Steering Committee reviewed
objectives and evaluation criteria for RFP November 12 – Open House December 3 – City Council initiated RFP February 28 – RFP Proposal deadline June 3 – Steering Committee Review Today – City Council consideration of proposal
recommended by Steering Committee
and walkability Integrates public gathering space
Proposal Evaluation
Steering Committee is recommending the City Council pursue the development proposal of 1st & 1st LLC: Capable Development team with demonstrated
experience Project creates new attractions & amenities Incorporation of housing Incorporates public gathering
1st & 1st LLC – Kingston Landing Development partners: Joe Ahmann, Chad Pelley, Nate Kaeding,
Matt Swift, Southgate Companies Consultants: OPN Architects, Fusion Architects, Hall & Hall
Engineers Estimated Investment: $90-100 million Project components:
Spare Time Family Fun Center Movie Theatre (12-14 screens) Big Grove Brewery Parking Structure (600 stalls) 6 – mixed-use buildings Outdoor gathering area/public plaza
Location & right-sizing to meet current and future needs Design compatibility within development
Multiple housing options & price points Design:
Strong connection to riverfront Sustainability View from I-380
Next Steps Today – Resolution authorizing the City Manager to
pursue a Project Term Sheet with 1st & 1st LLC: Minimum Improvements Parking structure Timeline & phasing Financial incentives Disposition terms
Summer 2020 – City Council consideration of a Project Term Sheet
Development Agreement
3-4- Fall - PH_2020 Sidewalk Infill Project - PH_Bowling Street SW
05 - Krug - Public Hearing - Greenhouse Hail Repairs
6 - Mike Silva - Ice Arena CIP Corner Decks Public Hearing 6-23-2020
34 - Fall - BidReport_FY 2020 Sidewalk Repair Prog Contract 2
35 - Wallace - Report on Bids - Deb Ann Lining 6550069-01
36-37-38 Caleb Mason - First First West