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ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere's presentation at CeBIT 2010

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  • 1. Energy & Environment Healthcare Metering Oil & Gas Security Transport
  • 2. Our vision Intelligent Sensing Anywhere. Our vision is to turn our name into reality: Intelligent Sensing Anywhere. We want to take our telemetry systems to every corner of the world, bringing sensing to every home, every car, every person, every environment! We aim to measure your air and water quality, your energy consumption, your health, and the status and location of all your belongings... and then to intelligently process your data in order to build a better world!.
  • 3. Awards and Distinctions Innovation Product Award COTEC Portugal Innovative SME COTEC Unicer 2008 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Metering Europe 2006 Innovation Award Certified supplier for the largest gas and oil companies R&D unit certified by the Portuguese Innovation Agency (ADI) ICEP & ANETIE IT SMEs Innovation & Excellennce Award Internationalization Award 2006 Coimbra (CMC/UC) CEC Best Practices in Innovation Management
  • 4. Do you know what we do? ISA offers: Telemetry solutions for Oil Gas Remote Intelligent Metering of Electricity, Water and Gas Energy efficiency monitoring in homes, schools and buildings
  • 5. Innovative Energy Efficient Solutions and Services for: Schools Buildings Homes The utilities Telecoms
  • 6. Did you know that ISA has helped companies around the world to avoid more than thousand kg of CO2 emissions 2009?
  • 7. We installed over 40.000 telemetry systems all around the world!
  • 8. High-tech solutions for Energy Efficiency
  • 9. Smart Homes Home Area Network for Energy Efficiency Multi-services Platform iMeter Kit
  • 10. iMeter Kit
  • 11. iMeter Energy consumption is displayed in real time through the display, on your computer and through our Web 2.0 Portal, EnerBook 1. Know 2. Learn 3. Save
  • 12. iMeter Kit - Provides awareness in consumption; - Helps families reduce energy consumption; - Helps families reduce their ecological footprint; - Fast ROI - Enriching experiences - Pleasurable energy management
  • 13. iMeter For every iMeter, sold ISA donates 1 to Polar Bears International
  • 14. EnerEscolas Energy Consumption Monitoring and Management System for Educational Institutions
  • 15. EnerEscolas Monitor the consumption of your school! Decrease your ecological footprint! Reduce energy bills! Teach to save!
  • 16. EnerEscolas Bringing schools into the environment! Get students excited about learning about energy! Let them learn first hand!
  • 17. EnerEscolas Dedicated social network will connect all environmentally friendly schools! It will be possible to compare our schools footprint with that of other schools on the other side of the globe. Contests will award the most efficient We will have schools truly aware citizens !
  • 18. High-tech solutions in Healthcare
  • 19. Look4MyHealth Vital Signs Remote Monitoring
  • 20. Look4MyHealth Monitoring our childrens vital signs at school! Detecting health conditions at an early age! Preventing risk situations! Reducing the costs of Healthcare!
  • 21. Our references Energy Healthcare Oil&Gas Environment