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CAMPBELL-EWALDWARREN, MIAUG. 13, 2013Campbell-Ewald: LinkedIn Power-users

Most Popular

Most EndorsedEarliest Adopter

Most Connected




StacyVickEarliest Adopter The first person to sign up and create a profile on LinkedInMost Connected The person with the most 1st degree connectionsMost Popular The person whose profile was viewed the most in the past 30 daysMost Endorsed The person with the most total endorsements


Platform Overview

Marketing Levers: Owned, Earned, Paid

Case Studies and Success Stories

Priority and Initiatives Discussion

Next Steps12345

Our Mission.Connect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful

Ever since we were founded in 2003, LinkedIns mission as been to connect the worlds professionals to make them more productive and successful.

Everything we do is member first. For example, 20% of our revenues are reinvested into our member products and platform vision.Around 1,000 new products are being BETA tested by members every week, ensuring only the most beneficial make it through.

4Transforming the Way Companies Hire, Market and Sell


PRECISE TARGETINGAuthentic Profile Data

Replacing theResume

Reinventing the Consumer Relationship

Eliminating theCold CallToday we are going to focus on Marketing Solutions, but its important to understand that LinkedIn is also a powerful tool for companies to find and hire the best talent as well as identify and acquire new customers. All this is achieved by our scale, social engagement on the platform and LinkedIns precise and authentic targeting capabilities.

We are able to do this in an unprecedented way due to the convergence of two unique trends:Scalable infrastructure that connects hundreds of millions of people in milliseconds, andExtraordinary shifts in online behavior related to the way people represent their identities, build their networks and share information and knowledge. This is fundamentally changing the world in the way we live, play, and, of course, work. And thats where LinkedIn is focused: on fundamentally transforming the way the world works.

5LinkedIns Global Footprint235M+Registered members as of August 1, 2013




SE Asia6M+













UK125M+Monthly UniqueVisitors63%Of LinkedIn members are outside of the USEMEA50M+




BelgiumGlobal Reach at Scale

1 in every 3 Professionals in the world are LinkedIn55%2College grad or post grad

$83K2Average household income

Business Decision Makers 7.9M

1Sources: 1. Internal LinkedIn data, October 2012; 2. The Nielsen Company @ Plan Rel 4 2011; 3. comScore US Media Metrix Data, September 2012 32xMore buying power than average Internet sites

LinkedIn is the most effective place to engage with professionals

LinkedIn enhances a companys brand presence and helps to build trusted consumer relationships with high quality audiences at scale. LinkedIn enables companies to engage with professionals in unprecedented ways, e.g. seniority, functional area, type of company, size of company, geography, etc. When combined with highly effective tools -- such as the company follower model, i.e. the ability to target a company's followers with status updates, white papers, headlines, new product announcements, etc.; custom groups; and special editions of LinkedIn Today, -- LinkedIn enables companies todeeply engage with one of the most influential, affluent, and highly-educated audiences on the Web.

LinkedIns audience enables marketers to target at scale the highest composition of influential, affluent and educated decision makersMembers have 2X more buying power than average, more than other top 5 social media sites$83k HHI average for members in US3.9MM CXOs and VPs among our members55% of members are college grads or have post-grad degrees


Platform Overview

Marketing Levers: Owned, Earned, Paid

Case Studies and Success Stories

Priority and Initiatives Discussion

Next Steps1234596XMore engagement with content vs. jobs

BRANDS2.7MM Company PagesCompany UpdatesSlideShareGroups

THOUGHTLEADERS200+ Influencers

NEWS1.3MM PublishersLinkedIn Today

PEERS1.5MM GroupsConnections

NY Times | June 16, 2013LinkedIn Builds Its Publishing PresenceLinkedIn has evolved into a Professional Publishing PlatformDriving this increased engagement is the fact that LinkedIn has evolved into a professional publishing platform. Our members are 6 times more engaged with content on LinkedIn vs our jobs properties.

LinkedIn members are investing time in content from four primary sources:

Brands, 2) Thought Leaders 3) News and 4) Peers

And the LinkedIn products that deliver this content are:

Brands Company Pages, Company Updates, SlideShare, GroupsLinkedIn members choose to follow the companies that they want to hear from, engage with content these companies post to SlideShare, and join Groups built or sponsored by these companies

Thought Leaders Influencers Members are getting unique content that they cant get anywhere else by following Influencers. The Influencers program includes over 220 of the most influential thought leaders, from Richard Branson to President Obama.

On LinkedIn, Influencers have become publishers virtually overnight, attracting in the case of Richard Branson 1.3million followers that engage with and share their content posting hundreds of thousands of comments. (March 1, 2013) Companies have the same opportunity on LinkedIn.

News LinkedIn Today

There are more than 40 industries and 480 news sources to follow on LinkedIn Today.

Since LinkedIn Today was integrated into the LinkedIn Homepage in July 2012, traffic to 3rd party publishers is up nearly 60%Peers Connections, Fellow Group MembersMembers visit their homepage and read their news feed to see what their connections are sharing. Since their connections are usually people in the same industry or function, they typically share information that is extremely relevant and useful.


Professional Networks

Personal NetworksCareer infoUpdates on brandsCurrent affairsInfo on friendsInfo on personal interestsEntertainment updatesSource: Q10a Information to receiveBase: Professional SN users (5204) Personal SN users (8692) and Users are Actively Leaning In and Participating in the Dialogue26% higher than personal12310 Spend Time ddInvest TimeAnother key finding from the research is that there is a huge difference between the content people expect on the different networks. Personal network users are looking for content and info that gives immediate gratification info on friends, entertainment, updates on their personal interests

Professional networks users want content that can help them build for the future info related to their work and careers and updates from brands they are interested in. When we asked people what type of information they wanted to hear from brands/companies/products, the personal side was about hobbies, entertainment, concert updates, etc. The professional side was about how to improve yourself, how to be better in your career and in your industry, they want brands to talk to them in a relevant way to tap into this type of content.

You can build relationships with professionals by sharing insights and listening. 10The Company Page is Core to Establishing a Brand Presence11

11Job FunctionIndustrySeniorityOccupationCompany SizeEducation / DegreeGeographic LocationCompany NameAgeGroup Participation# of Connections then Precisely Target your Audience


Generate buzz and create a brand community with Sponsored Groups & Sponsored PollsCreate a branded community where members discuss topics that matter to themInfluence organic discussions with potential advocatesDemonstrate thought leadership and build loyaltyOwn ad space in the Group to distribute content

1314Ensure standout; just one message is sent every 60 daysPrompt user to take action with customizable response buttonEncourage on-going dialogue with optional social widgets

Speak Directly to your Audience with InMail Strong Engagement Send a personalized message directly to a members inbox


Expand your contents reachFeed status updates to users who have yet to follow your brand

Benefit from trusted contextContent is consumed alongside members network updates (not within an ad unit)

Achieve ubiquitous presence Updates appear seamlessly across all devices; desktop, tablet and mobile

2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Drive Awareness and Stay Top of Mind with Sponsored Updates15

Leverage LinkedIn Audience Data with Custom API Solutions

The Butler API Solution : Chance to win a trip, Career Coach and more..1617Agenda

Platform Overview

Marketing Levers: Owned, Earned, Paid

Case Studies and Success Stories

Priority and Initiatives Discussion

Next Steps1234518

Creating a Community & Dialogue


Accessibility & Driving Sales

Brand and Product Awareness: Contests

ObjectivesSolutionCompete with connectionsStronger profile = more pointsWin Volkswagen PassatIncr