CDA Dagupan Extension Office Update 2015

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Transcript of CDA Dagupan Extension Office Update 2015

  • CDA Dagupan Extension Office

  • Activities5. BOOK WRITINGProposed Books on COOPERATIVE:

    Book ICooperative in the first Century

    Book IICooperatives in the second Century

  • 6. Movie Block Screening

  • 7. River Clean Up by March

    At Bonuan Beach, Tondaligan, Dagupan City

  • 8. Commemorative stamps/currency/car plates

  • 9. EXPO NG COOP (Products & services exhibition) at the WTC, CITEM

  • 10. Coop Concert

  • 11. Search for National Ambassadors & Ambassadress of coops

  • 12. PARADE & FLOATS October 2015

  • 13 .CMC October 23

  • 14. Cooperative Cluster Congresses

  • National Tripartite Conference (LCDOP)Research and Education Conference (PUP - August)GAD Summit (CDA AWCF July 2015)Advocacy Forum of NCM (Monthly)Technology & Livelihood Seminars (local/international) January c/o CUP

  • Convention on Hotel and Restaurant CooperativesConvention on Youth Cooperatives(September)(December)

  • CDA Vision 2020 reflects the needed reform to:accelerate cooperative development; Medium-Term Development Plan, 2015-2020

  • To have an efficient and effective delivery of government programs and initiatives in cooperatives;To create a balance growth of various types of cooperatives;Upscale the status and performance of micro and small co-operatives; and Ensure that all co-operatives are complying with the existing laws, rules and regulation on co-operatives.


  • Strategic DirectionsStrengthen CDAStrengthen the Consultative Mechanisms Creation of National Co-operative Data and Information RepositoryDevelop Micro and Small Co-operatives (MSCs) ;Strengthen Co-operative Regulation ;Strengthen Co-operative Education System;Strengthen Co-operative Audit System

  • Proposed Consultative Mechanism

  • No of Accredited CEAsNo of Accredited Training ProvidersNo of Accredited Mediator/conciliator

  • large11Medium43Small198Micro1192

  • Billionaire Cooperatives NSCC & SHSC252 Millionaire Cooperatives

  • Comparative DataFY 2013-2014

  • IV. Relevant statistics to be presented in graphical/table format

    No. Of registered coops by type, by provinceNo. Of members of coops disaggregated by genderNo. Of members disaggregated as to regular and associate membersNo. Of registered coops versus number of reporting coopsNo. Of coops issued Certificate of Tax Exemption (CTE)

  • No. of Registered Cooperative by Type, by Province


    PROVINCEPANGASINANLA UNIONILOCOS SURILOCOS NORTETOTAL1Advocacy100012ARC833062642393Consumer77195131144Cooperative Bank011135Credit603346331726Electric Cooperative200027Dairy000118Federation5223129Housing0100110Health0020211Marketing264523712Multipurpose4631199314181613Producer113372414Service82141515Transport1300416Union 1111417Workers10012TOTAL7392182212711,449


    TYPE OF COOPERATIVETotal RegisteredOperatingNon Operating1Advocacy1102ARC239175643Consumer11470444Cooperative Bank3305Credit172119536Electric2207Dairy1018Federation12939Housing10110Health22011Marketing3729812Multipurpose81659322313Producer2417714Service1512315Transport44016Union42217Workers211TOTAL1,4491039410

  • Ilocos NorteLa UnionIlocos SurPangasinanTOTALOperatingNon OperTotalOperatingNon OperTotalOperatingNon OperTotalOperatingNon OperTotalOperatingNon Operating0000001110511364219304220626122831756494131361941544337770441111110030211233267333794635256011953000000222011000001331121124159300011000001000022002022445518826298964514199201197320933251384635932236172133365111774422115381230033001140111111112211000011111947727117345218169522215032367391039410

  • No. of Members of Cooperatives Disaggregated by Gender


  • No. of Members Disaggregated as to Regular and Associate Members


  • No. of Registered Coops versus Number of Reporting Coops


  • No. of Coops Issued Certificate of Tax Exemption (CTE)


  • No. of coops issued Certificate of Good Standing (CGS)Summary of the Assets, Liabilities, and Equity of coops in the RegionDistribution of not surplus (statutory)Honorarium paid and wages paidMembers benefitsEmployment generated (Volunteer and Paid)

  • No. of Coops issued Certificate of Good Standing (CGS)


  • Summary of the Assets

    20132014Total AssetsTargetAccomplishmentTargetAccomplishmentNT6,946,948,858.19NT8,210,365,128.86

  • Summary of Liabilities

    20132014Total LiabilitiesTargetAccomplishmentTargetAccomplishmentNT4,144,175,130.45NT4,849,866,282.13

  • Summary of the Equity of Cooperatives

    20132014EquityTargetAccomplishmentTargetAccomplishment NT 2,763,088,463.03 NT 3,274,446,610.65

  • Distribution of Net Surplus (Statutory)

    20132014EquityTargetAccomplishmentTargetAccomplishment NT 374,089,849.85 NT 373,397,197.85

  • Honorarium Paid and Wages Paid

    20132014 TargetAccomplishmentTargetAccomplishmentWages NT 145,370,804.28 NT 191,485,395.47 Honorarium No Data40,266,722.46Total 145,370,804.28 231,752,117.93

  • Employment Generated (Volunteer and Paid)

    2013 2014

    20132014EmploymentTargetAccomplishmentTargetAccomplishment NT 2954 NT 4260

  • Employment Generated (Volunteer and Paid)

    Employment GeneratedVolunteerPaid StaffTotal20141,5144,3455,8592013No Data29542954

  • 50% of micro co-ops graduated to small enterprise category by the end of 2020. (Baseline figures: 2013)50% of small co-ops graduated to medium enterprise category by the end of 2020. (Baseline figures: 2013)Strategic Goals

  • Integrated co-op MovementPrivate/co-op sector is adequately guided by government policies and programs on cooperatives;Cohesive government initiatives in providing services to client-co-opsCDA harmonizes the private sector initiatives and government policies and programs on cooperatives in the pursuit of social justice and economic developmentExpectations by 2020

  • Expectations by 2020Integrated co-op MovementComprehensive education and training program for capacity building of manpower/HRD in co-ops, both private and governmentHarmonized delivery of technical, financial and other services of government to co-op promotion and developmentCo-op as engine of growth, poverty reduction, social justice and food security

  • Giving assistance and support to co-operatives to help them capacitating themselves in managing their enterprises shall mean that we are in effect teaching them how to become self-reliant and active participants in socio-economic development

  • By harnessing their collective and organizational capacities, co-operatives will not be looked upon by the government as passive spectators in nation building but rather as active and indispensable players in the process of development.

  • Prepare to evolvemake the difference

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