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CCD Photometry with Pyraf. ASTR 3010. Useful Tutorials. IRAF Aperture Photometry Tutorial: IRAF Beginner’s Guide: IRAF CCD Reduction Tutorial: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Life in the Universe

CCD Photometry with PyrafASTR 3010

Useful TutorialsIRAF Aperture Photometry Tutorial:

IRAF Beginners Guide:

IRAF CCD Reduction Tutorial:

Photometric Reduction Project (20% of your final exam)Your individual account was created in 810-12-3456userid: from your Oasis email address isongpasswd: temporary passwd 810123456 Upon 1st login, you will be asked to reset your password.

CCD data are available in /home/astr3010/ImagingData

BVI band photometric data with DOME flats, Sky flats, and Biases.3 standard star fields.

Standard FieldsCheck the StandardFields.pdf file in the data directory

Science Field (D42, D44, D45)You need to measure B, V, I magnitudes (or upper limits) of following four stars: A, B, C, DSubmit reduced FITS files and photometry result.Due Date: Dec 2, 2010

ABCDA Quick Tutorial on Pyrafstarting Pyrafmkiraf (only once) in your working directory choose xgtermtype pyrafediting, displaying, dumping parameters: epar, lpar, dparstart ds9load packages in pyraf : imred ccdred and digiphotapphotsome useful commandsimheadccdlistsetting up instrument, efosc.dat, subsetsCCD preprocessingzerocombine, flatcombine, ccdproc, badpixel image creation, etc.Doing an aperture photometryqphot

Badpixel correction will be done by a separate python routine.