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A pictorial of all things catholic

Transcript of Catholicity in Pictures

  • 1.Catholicity in Pictures part I Mr. Pablo Cuadra Religion Class

2. Surplice Cassock Thurible orCensor Liturgical Vestments Liturgical artifacts 3. Ambo 4. Ambry Contains The Holy Oils 5. Holy Oils & Ambry 6. Altar & Consecration (blessing) by bishop 7. Baptismal Font or Baptistery 8. Belfry or Bell Tower In many countries bells are used to call people to worship 9. Pectoral Cross 10. Cathedra (bishops chair) 11. Catholic FuneralFinal Commendation 12. Chalice & Paten (cup and Plate) 13. Green Chasuble (ordinary time) 14. Chi-Rho a symbol ofOrdinary Time (the first two letters Of the word Christ in Greek) 15. Ciborium 16. Red cinture 17. Cloistered Nun In a convent 18. Chalice or Cup Wheat symbol of The Eucharist 19. Confessional 20. Solemnity of Corpus Christy (Body of Christ) 21. Dalmatica (deacons attire) 22. Deacon wearing Purple stole 23. Dove symbol of the Holy Spirit in Christian art 24. Ring of the Fisherman (Papal ring) 25. Holy Oils Oil of the Sick Sacred Chrism Oil of the catechumens 26. Lectionary 27. Mitre or Bishops ceremonial hat 28. Monstrance (to show) The monstrance is use for the exposition ofThe Blessed Sacrament 29. Nativity or manger 30. Nave (boat) 31. Nuns 32. Pallium only the Pope and Metropolitans (Archbishops) Can wear it. 33. Pallium a sign of jurisdiction delegated by thePope 34. Paten 35. Sancturay 36. StoleAlb (means white) 37. Tabernacle (tent) 38. Seminarian 39. Pyx forHoly Communion 40. Ring Rosary 41. Advent Wreath 42. Stations of the Cross (Via Crucis) 43. Paschal Candle 44. Apparition of Mary in Zeitun Egypt before Muslims and Christians 45. Jesus Savior of Men this symbol appears in many European Churches 46. ichthus ,An Early Christian Symbol