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  • Materials Science & Engineering

    Trans Tech Publications

    2011 CATALOGUE

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    Materials Science .................................. 2Forthcoming Titles .................................2Latest Titles (published between 2008- 2010) ................. 3Current Titles (all titles alphabetically listed) ........ 38

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    Materials Science & Engineering 2011

    Forthcoming Titles

    Call for AuthorsDo you know our book series, Materials Science Foundations? We are always searching for new authors and ideas for this series, and would be pleased to receive your proposal for a future title. To discuss further details, please contact Thomas Wohlbier, Editorial Director TTP, email: [email protected]

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    denotes titles published in 2010 onwardsNEW

    Trans Tech Online Journals and Book Series is one of the largest and fastest growing (over 70,000 new pages added in 2010) web-sites devoted entirely to the area of Materials Science and Engineering. The site features the following online periodicals:

    Materials Science Forum (32 volumes per year)Key Engineering Materials (30 volumes per year) Solid State Phenomena (12 volumes per year) Defect and Diffusion Forum (12 volumes per year)Journal of Nano Research (6 volumes per year) Advanced Materials Research (10-20 volumes per year)Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials, and Tissue Engineering (4 volumes per year)Journal of Engineering Research in Africa (4 vols./y)

    A New Sight towards Dye-sensitized Solar Cells: Material and Theoretical978-0-87849-247-3, 2011 (02/2011), 150 pages, paperbackUS$90.00/90.00

    Advanced Design and Manufacture III978-0-87849-250-3, 2011 (02/2011), 610 pages, paperbackUS$200.00/200.00

    Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics IX978-0-87849-241-1, 2011 (02/2011), 1010 pages, paperbackUS$298.00/298.00

    Bridge Health Monitoring, Maintenance and Safety978-0-87849-228-2, 2011 (02/2011), 142 pages, paperbackUS$90.00/90.00

    Computational Methods in Fracture Mechanics978-0-87849-238-1, 2011 (02/2011), 158 pages, paperbackUS$100.00/100.00

    Manufacturing Automation Technology Development978-0-87849-230-5, 2011 (02/2011), 720 pages, paperbackUS$250.00/250.00

    Science and Processing of Cast Iron IX978-0-87849-227-5, 2011 (02/2011), 524 pages, paperbackUS$200.00/200.00

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    Must have Handbooks

    Biomaterials and Biomedical EngineeringEds. W. Ahmed, N. Ali and A. OechsnerMaterials Science Foundations Vols. 41-43978-0-87849-480-4, 2008, 560 pages, paperbackUS$269.00/195.00The purpose of this book is to present the latest research and development carried out in the areas of biomedical en-gineering, biomaterials and nanomaterials science and to highlight the applications of such systems. Particular em-phasis is given to the convergence of nano-scale effects, as related to the delivery of enhanced biofunctionality.

    Advances in Concrete and StructuresEds. Jingsi Huo, Yan Xiao, Zongjin Li and Shuaib AhmadKey Engineering Materials Vols. 400-402978-0-87849-349-4, 2009, 992 pages, paperbackUS$412.00/298.00The objective of this collection, devoted to Advances in Concrete and Structures (ICACS), is to bring together au-thoritative reports, by researchers, engineers, and public administrators - located all over the world - on the current state of knowledge concerning the latest advances in con-crete structure use in the field of civil engineering.

    This will be essential reading for all those charged with the design or protection of concrete products.

    NEW Biomaterials for Bone, Regenerative Medicine

    Eds. N. Sooraj Hussain & J. D. SantosMaterials Science Foundations Vol. 62978-0-87849-153-7, 2010, 210 pages, paperbackUS$110.00/80.00The aim of Biomaterials for Bone Regenerative Medicine is to review extensively the latest developments in Bioma-terials and their application to bone regeneration in vivo. This book is the result of a collaborations between active research groups having expertise in the hottest field of bone-tissue regeneration and reconstruction. It concisely covers materials ranging from the nano-scale to the macroscopic, and offers a comprehensive description of the subject for newcomers, as well as for professionals who may be some-what unfamiliar with the ceramic aspects of the applications.

    NEW Electronic MaterialsH.L. Kwok

    Materials Science Foundations Vols. 63-64978-0-87849-154-4, 2010, 486 pages, paperbackUS$166.00/120.00The electronic properties of solids have become of increas-ing importance in the age of information technology. This book aims to bridge the gap between solid-state physics, materials science and electronics. Its objective is to serve as a textbook covering all three areas, but having the ulti-mate goal of providing an understanding of the operation of devices. To make this book useful to a broad set of readers, the tendency is to treat the more difficult subjects, such as solid-state physics, using fewer mathematics and including worked examples where possible. By using such an ap-proach, it is possible to include not only basic principles, but also the knowledge needed for applications. Keeping the subject matter at the elementary level as far as possible, the first 2 chapters introduce classical theories and address questions as elementary as, what are solids, before mov-ing on to examine crystal structures and the link between crystal structures and materials properties. In the subsequent chapters, solids are examined in the sequence: metals; semi-conductors; insulators; magnetic solids; superconductors; light-sensitive solids.

    NEW Carbon Based NanomaterialsEds. Nasar Ali, Andreas Oechsner and Waqar Ahmed

    Materials Science Foundations Vols. 65-66978-0-87849-155-1, 2010, 332 pages, paperbackUS$166.00/120.00Carbon is an essential constituent element of all living or-ganisms. A unique feature of carbon is the variety of forms that it can assume when two or more atoms bond. Carbon has thus attracted, and continues to attract, considerable R&D interest from researchers all over the world. The use of carbon in nanotechnology is a very promising area of research, and considerable government funding is being in-vested in carbon nanotechnology research.This work comprises ten comprehensive chapters, on car-bon-based materials, written by experts in the field. The chapters contain up-to-date fundamental and practical in-formation concerning carbon-based materials. They include work on diamondoid hydrocarbons, carbon nanotubes, nanocrystalline/microcrystalline/ultra-nanocrystalline dia-mond and carbon nanostructured materials, thus providing an uniquely valuable introduction to the subjecy.

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    Materials Science & Engineering 2011

    Mechanism of High Temperatur Corrosiona kinetic approachPierre SARRAZIN et al.Materials Science Foundations Vols. 36-37978-0-87849-484-2, 2008, 335 pages, paperbackUS$152.00/110.00The present work is an excellent summary of the basic prin-ciples; an understanding of which is of paramount impor-tance in understanding the subject. The book begins with the basics of thermodynamics, followed by an up-to-date summary of experimental methods; many of which have not been covered by previous books. The usual supporting top-ics, such as defect structures in compounds, are presented with great clarity. The book concludes with numerous case-histories which give a good basis for solving practical prob-lems, using the principles expounded in the book.

    Time-dependent Mechanical Properties of SolidsWolfgang GrfeMaterials Science Foundations Vol. 45978-0-87849-476-7, 2008, 162 pages, paperbackUS$116.00/84.00This treatment of Time-Dependent Mechanical Properties of Solids begins with a phenomenological description of the transport of some unspecified entity. It is assumed that the transport is caused by mechanical stresses or tempera-ture fields. This is altogether a groundbreaking essay which will repay careful study.

    Lithium Iron Phosphate: A Promising Cathode-Active Material for Lithium Secondary BatteriesGouri CheruvallyMaterials Science Foundations Vol. 38978-0-87849-477-4, 2008, 140 pages, paperbackUS$116.00/84.00This monograph provides an overview of the research effort already expended on developing lithium iron phosphate as a positive electrode material for lithium batteries because it has the potential to replace the presently used transition metal oxides. The book is written so as to serve the needs of researchers in the field as well as those of teachers and students of electrochemistry; as a textbook.

    Maxwell Stresses and Dielectric MaterialsGerhard KloosMaterials Science Foundations Vol. 39978-0-87849-479-8, 2008, 120 pages, paperbackUS$116.00/84.00In a nutshell, the contents are organized as follows: Chap-ters 2 to 6 deal with aspects of energy, momentum, symme-try and time. In chapter 7, some of the many applications of electrostatic Maxwell stresses are addressed in detail. Chap-ter 8 discusses the analogy with magnetostatic Maxwell stresses, and provides a more general derivation of the re-lationship between the force density and the corresponding stress tensor; thus reinforcing the chapter on momentum.