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h|x| y f|w{For all Under-Graduates, Masters & MS/M.Phil Morning & Evening Programs offered at Allama I.I. Kazi Campus Jamshoro, S.U Campus Mirpurkhas and S.U. Laar College, Badin

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Serving the nation since 1947, with the mission: The University of Sindh, being the second oldest university of the country and a representative of Sindh, the cradle of man civilization, has a particular message to deliver through high quality education in disciplines of Arts, Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences, Technology, Law, Management and Emerging Sciences o bring people from darkness to light without discrimination of caste, creed, gender, geographical boundaries, beliefs, religion or language. The University aims to promote a culture of inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, free exchange of thoughts, research, unity in diversity, cultural pluralism and indigenous knowledge among its students and faculty in particular and society in general to produce better generation and leadership for liberal, prosperous, congenial, harmonious and progressive world.

About this CatalogueThis Catalogue 2011, covers all Morning & Evening programs offered @ Jamshoro aswell as @ Sindh University Laar College at Badin. It has been compiled to provide you all the necessary information you need to seek admission as a freshman in the University to pursue Undergraduate (Bachelor)/ Graduate (Master) studies. It provides information about the choice of the programs available keeping in view the group of subjects studied at the H.S.C. or Bachelor (Pass) level and your performance. The University offers Bachelor degree programs in 52 disciplines including emerging sciences and new disciplines that promise better career opportunities. Exercise your choice with due care; while filling the Application Form the subject in which you are most interested, be numbered #1 and son on. The Catalogue will serve as a compendium throughout your stay at the University providing you details of curricula for the degree program you join. Course details will be available with the institute/ department where you enroll. Teaching in the University is conducted under semester system, which is new to many of you. The semester system spares you from rot memorizing for once a year examination. The system, of course, demands your resolve and commitment to learning. It is in your interest to familiarize yourself with its working; just one careful reading will enable you to follow it with success. You will find the details on P- 179. Pre-Entry Test is mandatory for admission to all disciplines and programs of the University under all categories. Enclosed with the ADMISSION FORM is the Sample Test Paper that would be helpful in your preparation for the Test. Your answer sheet will be evaluated by Computer readable OMR system. Please study sample evaluation sheet at the end of this Test Paper and follow instructions carefully. Please note that the educational policies and procedures are continually reviewed and changed in keeping with the educational mission of the University. Consequently this document cannot be considered binding. The University reserves the right and authority to alter and amend any and all statements contained herein. All MS/M.Phil programs listed may not be offered. Compiled & Edited by : Processed by Title by Photography Printed by : : : : Prof. Dr. M. Rais Ahmed Consultant on Higher Education Mr. Abid Ali Pathan & Mr. Ammer A. Joyo Computer Operator / Programmer Mr. Siraj Panhwar & Mr. Abid Ali Pathan Mr. Rashid Ali Silawat Mr. G. Murtaza Siyal, Manager, S.U. Press

ContentsVice-Chancellors Message University Calendar- Academic Schedule About the University Faculties/ Institutes/ Departments Degree Programs offered Authorities of the University University Town, Jamshoro Students Welfare Programs Financial Support for Meritorious 12 Hostel Facilities General Information: Admission Schedule Introduction General Regulations Curricula Organization Course Description Faculty of Arts Faculty of Commerce Faculty of Education Faculty of Islamic Studies Faculty of Law Faculty of Natural Sciences Faculty of Pharmacy Faculty of Social Sciences Sindh University Mirpurkhas Campus Sindh University Laar College @ Badin Semester Regulations Schedule of Fees Location PLan and Index 03 04 05 06 07 09 10 11

Published by the University of Sindh, Jamshoro / Hyderabad

13 17 18 20 33 36 37 53 63 69 74 77 137 141 175 177 179 187

VICE-CHANCELLORS MESSAGEDear Students, I am pleased to welcome the freshmen joining the University, brimming with enthusiasm to pursue higher studies. This keenness is sharpened with the knowledge that a Bachelor degree of the University, particularly in one of the emerging fields will ensure brighter future and will enable them to fulfill their aspiration of serving for the betterment of the country, the society and particularly their family. The University is fully geared to help you shape your future and turn your dreams into reality. The curricula of all degree programs are updated to keep them demand oriented. All this aim at providing new avenues for you to carve out your future. The University has launched 5-yr. Bachelor of Law degree program from 2009 session and 4-yr. BS Forestry program from January 2010, besides Postgraduate Diploma in Medicinal Plants. The University has been endeavouring to expand hostel facilities as well; presently there are 15 hostels, nine for boys and six for girls, together providing residences to 3500 Students. The present enrollment in the University is approximately 20,000 and the University is prepared to accept more to fulfill its obligation towards community and society at large. Besides, establishment of Sindh University Laar College at Badin functioning since 2009 and Sindh University Mirpurkhas Campus in 2010, Sindh Universiy Campus at Dadu is in active planning stage, will provide opportunity of pursing higher studies in selected discipline close to their home in these cities. The University offers Bachelor Degree programs through its 52 teaching departments, in addition to Master, M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in slected disciplines. The Bachelor degree programs

under the Faculties of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Business Administration & Commerce and as well as in Art & Design, English and Sindhi are now of 4-year duration, on par with international system. It would provide broad- based sound education and widen your vision. The scope of Evening programs has also been expanded to include Masters degree in Telemedicine, E-Health and E-Commerce where there is ever increasing demand of skilled manpower. BS Forestry is also an Evening program. I urge you to make full use of the facilities offered; be regular and participate whole heartedly in both academic & co-curricular activities so that when you go out to serve, you contribute for the betterment of life of common man and help create a society that is tolerant, pluralistic, prosperous and just, that values ethics, human dignity & spirit of inquiry. You are the future hope of your family, the community and the country. Try your best to fulfill their expectations through dint of devotion to your studies, in obedience of the Quaids saying Work, work & work. May Allah bless you, Dr. Nazir Ahmed Mughal

University Calendar 2011Academic ScheduleFirst SemesterHostel Allotment (Limited Hostel accommodation for fresh batch, available) ............................................... Jan ____, 2011 Orientation for fresh students .............Monday Jan. 01 to Jan. 05, 2011 Add/Drop(No Change of discipline to b allowed afterwards).Monday Jan. 03 to Jan. 08, 2011 Classess Begin................................................... Tuesday, Jan. 04, 2011 Reading Day......................................................... Friday, Mar.04, 2011 Mid Term Test ......................................................... Monday Mar. 07, 2011 Observance of Founders Day..........................Wednesday, April 13, 2011 Classes end ..........................................................Thursday, Apr. 28, 2011 Reading Day for Final Test........................................ Friday, Apr. 29, 2011 Final Test .............................................................. Monday, May 02, 2011 Assessment and Frading ....................................... Monday, May 09, 2011 Summer Vacation ................Tuesday , May 10, 2011 to Jul. 31, 2011 Convocation (2010) passing out batches)............................ July 2011

National HolidayKashmir Solidarity Day ........................................... Feb. 5, 2011 * Eid-e-Milad- un- Nabi ............................................... Feb. 16, 2011 Pakistan Day ........................................................ Mar. 23, 2011 Independence Day ................................................. Aug. 14, 2011 *Eid-ul-Fitr ..................................................... Aug. 30, 31 2011 *Eid-ul- Azha ....................................................... Nov. 08-10, 2011 Allama Iqbal Day ................................................... Nov. 09, 2011 * Youm-e-Ashur ..................................................... Dec. 07-08, 2011 (9th, 10th Moharram) Quaid-e-Azams Birthday/ Christmas Day ................... Dec. 25, 2011 Optional Holidays Non-Muslims University employees are entitled to avail any three of the following optional Holidays, in a Calendar Year. 01. Shivratri 03. Easter Sunday 05. Basant Punchami 07. Durga Puja 09. Devali 02. Holi 04. Baisakhi 06. Janam Ashtami 08. Dussehra 10. Guru Nanik Birthday

Second SemesterClasses start ........................................................Monday, Aug. 01, 2011 Reading Day............................................................ Friday, Sept. 23, 2011 Mid Term Test ....................................................... Monday, Sept. 26, 2011 Classes end ......................................................... Tuesday Nov. 24, 2011 Reading Day.............................................................. Friday, Nov. 25, 2011 Final Test .............................................................. Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 Final Grading and Assessment ............................... Friday, Dec. 09, 2011 Winter Break ................................. Friday Dec. 16, 2011 to Jan. 01, 2012 Academic Convocation (2011 batches, Tentative) ................Dec. 18, 2011 Announcement of Results.................................................... Dec. 31, 2011

* (Subject to appearance of the moon)

List of holidays for the University of Sindh and its Affiliated Colleges during the year 2011

about the University ..........The University of Sindh,the second oldest University of the country, was constituted under the University of Sindh Act. No. XVII of 1947 passed by the then Legislative Assembly of Sindh. The Act was subsequently revised and modified in 1961 and later. The Act of 1972 under which the University is presently functioning provided for greater autonomy and representation of teachers. From 1947 to 1951 the University functioned solely as an examining body. However, after its relocation in Hyderabad in 1951, it started functioning as a teaching university in pursuit of fulfilment of its charter and mission to disseminate knowledge. The first teaching department, namely, Department of Education, raised to the status of Faculty later, was started in view of the great dearth of trained teachers in the country. The departments of basic Science disciplines as well as other departments on humanities side were gradually added by mid fifties. The development of the presen campus, designated as Allama I.I. Kazi Campus, at Jamshoro, (now the district), about 18 kilometer from Hyderabad on the right bank of River Indus, was started in late fifties. Most of the teaching departments under the Faculty of Science were shifted to the new campus in 1961, with departments under Faculty of Arts & Humanities following suite in 1970. The academic march forward continued with gradual addition of other teaching departments and now there are 52 full-fledged teaching institutes/centres/departments functioning under various academic Faculties. Degree programs in some of the disciplines, e.g., Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering, Environmental Science, Law (5-yr. degree LLM), Anthropology & Archaeology and Forestry have been added since 2001. Sindh University Laar College @ Badin started functioning in 2008, Mirpurkhas campus of the University has been launched from Jan. 2010. There are presently 5 Law Colleges and 61 Degree & Post Graduate Public Sector Colleges and 12 Private Colleges affiliated to the University.

general and basic disciplines on Humanities side, while 4- year Bachelor degree is offered under the Faculties of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Commerce & Business Administration and in the Department of Art & Design, English & Sindhi. Degree in Pharmacy (Pharm-D) and Bachelor of Law degree are of 5-yr. duration. List of Faculties and the constituent Instituets/ Centres and departments is shown at page-6. Each Faculty works under the Dean, appointed by the Chancellor for a term of 3 years. The Master degree programs are in general of 1- year duration after 3-Yr. Honours and of 2 -year duration after Bachelor (Pass) degrees. Students obtaining 4-yr. Bachelor degree are taken directly for M.Phil/ MS. research studies. The 2- year Bachelor (Pass) degree programs in Arts, Commerce & Sciences are conducted through various Degree Colleges affiliated by the University. The teaching under the Faculty of Law is conducted through the affiliated professional Law colleges for 3-yr. LL.B. degree. The LL.M. and the 5-yr. Law degree(D.Jur.) Classes are conducted in the Department of Law @ Elsa Kazi Campus, Hyderabad. Degree programs in the Evening shift introduced since 2001 include Masters degree in English, 4-yr. BS Chemistry, Computer Science and Information Technology, Commerce, Masters degree in Telemedicine, Ecommerce and Multimedia Technology, Business Administration and Public Administration. Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology, Computer Science and Library & Information Science and one-yr. Bachelor and Master degree programs in Physical Education and many other disciplines. The 1 year Postgraduate Diploma may lead to admission to Final year Masters degree in the relevent discipline.

Programs of Studies:The University teaching institutes/ centres and departments, offer programs leading to the award of 3- year Bachelors (Honours) degree in various

Faculty of Arts 1. Institute of Arts & Design 2. Institute of English Language & Literature 3. Institute of Languages (Arabic & Persian) 4. Department of Philosophy 5. Department of Sindhi 6. Department of Urdu Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration 1. Institute of Business Administration 2. Institute of Commerce Faculty of Education 1. Department of Curriculum Development & Special Edu. 2. Department of Distance, Continuing and Computer Edu. 3. Department of Education 4. Department of Educational Management and Supervision 5. Department of Psychological Testing, Guidance & Research 6. Department of Science and Technical Education. Faculty of Islamic Studies 1. Department of Comparative Religion & Islamic Culture 2. Department of Muslim History Faculty of Law 1. Institute of Law Faculty of Natural Sciences 01. Centre for Environmental Science 02. Centre for Physical Education and Sport Sciences 03. Centre for Pure & Applied Geology 04. Institute of Biochemistry 05. Institute of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering 06. Dr. M.A. Kazi Institute of Chemistry 07. Institute of Information & Communication Technology 08. Institute of Mathematics & Computer Science 09. Institute of Plant Sciences 10. Institute of Physics 11. Department of Anthropology & Archaeology 12. Department of Freshwater Biology & Fisheries

13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Department of Geography Department of Microbiology Department of Physiology Department of Statistics Department of Zoology

Faculty of Pharmacy 01. Department of Pharmaceutics 02. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry 03. Department of Pharmacology 04. Department of Pharmacognosy Faculty of Social Sciences 01. Sindh Development Studies Centre 02 Pakistan Studies Centre 03. Institute of Women Development Studies 04. Department of Economics 05. Department of General History 06. Department of International Relations 07. Department of Library Information Science & Archive Studies 10. Department of Mass Communication 11. Department of Political Science 12. Department of Psychology 13. Department of Public Administration 14. Department of Sociology 15. Department of Social Work 16. Department of Criminology

DEGREEPROGRAMSOFFEREDFACULTY OF ARTS Bachelor Degree 4-Yr. (8- Semester) program BFA Art & Design B.A. Hons. Sindhi BS. Hons. English Language & Literature Bachelor: 3- Yr. degree (Six Semester) B.A. Hons. Arabic B.A. Hons. Philosophy B.A. Hons. Persian B.A. Hons. Urdu Master Degree (Two/Four Semester) M.A. Arabic M.A. English (Regular & Evening) M.F.A. Fine Art/ Design M.A. Philosophy M.A. Persian M.A. Sindhi M.A. Urdu M.Phil Arabi M.Phil Sindhi FACULTY OF COMMERCE & BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bachelor Degree (8- Semester) B.Com Hons. Commerce (Morning & Evening) B.B.A. Hons. Business Administration M.B.A. Business Admn. Regular (2/4 semester) M.B.A. -doEvening Program (6 Semester) FACULTY OF EDUCATION Bachelor Degree B.A. (Hons.) Education 6 Semester Program B.Ed. Morning & Evening (2 semester) Program after Bachelor B.Ed. Off Campus (Two years) Master Degree (Two/ Four Semester) M.Ed. Morning & Evening (2- Semester) Programs M.A. Education (4- Semester) Program M.Phil FACULTY OF ISLAMIC STUDIES Bachelor Degree (Six Semester) B.A. Hons. Comparative Religion B.A. Hons. Islamic Culture B.A. Hons. Muslim History Master Degree (Two/ Four Semester) M.A Comparative Religion

M.A. Islamic Culture M.A. Muslim History M.Phil FACULTY OF LAW LL.B Law 5-yr. 10 Semester Morning program LL.M Law (Evening) FACULTY OF NATURAL SCIENCES Bachelor Degree Eight Semester programs BS (IT) Information Technology BS (CS) Computer Science Open to H.S.C. Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, Science & Commerce Groups BS. Biochemistry BS. Elect. Electronics BS. Botany BS Forestry (New) BS. Chemistry BS. Freshwater Biology & Fisheries BS. Genetics BS./B.A Geography BS Geology BS. Mathematics BS. Microbiology BS. Physics BS. Physical Education BS. Physiology BS. (S.E) Software Engineering BS. Statistics BS. Zoology BS Telecom. Telecommunication BS Psychology BS Anthropology & Archeology (new program) Programs offered at Mirpurkhas Campus of the University Programs offered at S.U. Laar College Badin B) 2nd Bachelors Degree (2- Semester) B.H. P.E Health & Physical Education (Evening)


Masters Degree (Two/ Four Semester after 6 sem. Hons/ 2 yrs Pass degree respectively) M.Sc. M.Sc. M.Sc. M.Sc. MIT Bio-chemistry Biotechnology Botany Computer Science (4- semester) Information Technology (6-semester)

M.Sc. M.Sc. M.Sc./M.A. M.Sc. M.Sc. M.Sc. M.Sc M.Sc. M.Sc. M.Sc./ M.A. M.Sc. M.H. P.E. M.Sc M.Sc.

e-Commerce (Evening program) Fresh Water Biology & Fisheries Geography Home Economics Chemistry Mathematics Multimedia Tech. (2- semester Evening only) Physics Physiology Psychology Statistics Health & Physical Education (Evening) Telemedicine & e-Health (Evening only) Zoology

M.A. Social Work M.Sc. Home Economics (Food & Nutrition) M.P.A. Public Administration (Morning & Evening) M.Sc. Criminology (Evening) M.A. Women Development Studies M. L.I.S. Library & Information Science MS/M.Phil Degree (4- Semester after BS. Hons./Master degree) MS/Mphil in Bio-Chemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Computr Science, Electronic, Fresh Water Biology & Fishries, Geology, Information Technology, Maths, Physics, Statistics, Zoology.


FACULTY OF PHARMACY Pharm-D. Pharmacy (Ten Semester, Doctor of Pharmacy) FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES A) 4- Year Bachelor Degree (8- semester) B.S B.S B.S B.S B.S B.S B.P.A. B.S B.S B.S Economics General History International Relations Mass Communication Political Science Psychology Public Administration Social Work Sociology Rural Development

Postgraduate/Diploma Programs and Short Certificate courses offereda) Postgraduate and other Diploma Courses in:Archive Studies Community Work Information Technology Computer Science Library & Information Science Public Administration Special Education Medicinal Plants b) Diploma Courses Business Administration c) Certificate Courses in Languages Arabic Chinese German Persian Russian Sindhi Turkish Urdu NOTE: If number of students enrolled in any diploma/ certificate course is less than 20, then the course shall not be conducted / started.

Masters Degree (2/4- Semester after B.A. Hons./Pass degree) M.A. Economics M.A. General History M.A. International Relations M.A. Mass Communication MA Pakistan Study M.A. Political Science M.A. Psychology M.Sc. Development Studies M.Sc. (off campus) Rural Development M.A. Sociology

AUTHORITIES OF THE UNIVERSITYAs per Charter of the University, following are the authorities of the University: 1. Senate 2. Syndicate 4. Board of Faculties 5. Board of Studies 7. Advanced Studies and Research Board 8. Affiliation Committee 10. Discipline Committee 3. 6. 9. Academic Council Selection Board Finance & Planning Committee

SYNDICATEThe Syndicate vested with executive authority, presently comprises the following members. The tenure of office of members other than Ex-officio members, is three years. 11. Mr. Intzar Ali Lashari, Lecturer Institute of Business Administration, University of Sindh Chairman: Prof. Dr. Nazir Ahmed Mughal, Vice-chancellor,

Members1. Prof. Dr. Iqbal Ahmed Panhwar. Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Sindh University Campus @ Mirpurkhas Dr. Sikandar Ali Shoro, M.P.A. Sindh, Shoro Hous, Eidgah Road Kotri Nominee of the Senate Nominee of the Senate Secretary Education (or his nominee) Government of Sindh The Chairman, (or his nominee) Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Dayo, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Anwar Ali Shah G. Syed, Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration Syed Abdul Ghaffar Shah, Associate Professor Department of Plant Sciences, University of Sindh Mr. Khalid Noor Panhwar, Assistant Professor Department of Public Administration University of Sindh Vacant Vacant


Prof. Ahmed Ali Shaikh, Principal, Government Sindh Law College, Hyderabad. Mr. Justice Hamid Ali Mirza, Cheif Election Commission of Pakistan, Islamabad Mr. Nazar Muhammad Shaikh, 51/A/4, Gulshan-e- Faisal, Street # 14-A, Bath Island, Karachi Dr. Haji Mehmood Memon, Professor Emeritus, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro. Pir Abdul Waheed Jan Sarhandi, Principal, Madarsah Mujadidya, Tando Saindad. Prof. Dr. Fahmida Hussain, Chairperson, Sindhi Language Authority, Near Wahdat Colony, Hyderabad.


2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.


15. 16. 17.




amshoro, the site of the largest University residential campus in

the country, situated about 18 km. from Hyderabad on the right bank of River Indus, was a rather desolate hilly track until 1955 when it was selected for the establishment of Sindh University Campus. The site was selected to be a University township away from the humdrum of Hyderabad city which lacked room to meet the ambitious expansion program of the University. Interestingly, Jamshoro is virtually the gate-way to the Indus Valley, now world famous for its civilization and rich cultural heritage. The Ranikot Fort is located 40 km. to the north of the campus, in the northward continuation of the same hilly track which become Laki Ranges, merging with the Khirthars northwards. Amri, an important archeological site, lies about 15 kms. further north. Sehwan, a well known township lies 25 km. to the north of Amri. Mancher Lake the largest fresh water lake in the region, is situated to the west north west of Sehwan. Travelling about 150 kms. north through the Indus plains brings one to the site of Moen-jo-Daro, the most important archeological discovery of the Valley. The development programs initiated in 1959 have gradually though slowly borne fruit. Though still in progress, over the years about 24 teaching blocks, Arts Faculty Building, & Elsa Kazi Campus housing 52 institutes, departments and centres have been constructed. Four teaching Blocks have been recently completed to house new institutes/ departments. Fifteen halls of students residence provide accommodation in 10 hostels to about 2700 boys and 650 girls are accommodated in five hostels for girls. A separate hostel has been recently completed for Postgraduate girls

students. A beautiful pavilion-the Hyder Bux Jatoi Pavilion has been constructed to provide indoor games facility, track for athletics and sports grounds. Fatima Jinah Gymnasium provides games and sports facility exclusively for girls. The Institute of Sindhology building, depicting the cultural heritage of Sindh, adores the entrance to the campus from the Indus Highway. The imposing central library building, named after Late Allama I. I.Kazi, the first Vice-chancellor of the University at Hyderabad, who conceptualized this campus, serves as a land mark even from a distance. The campus itself has been named as Allama I.I. Kazi Campus as a tribute to the great scholar and visionary. The residential Colony for the faculty and staff of the University provides on- campus residence to about one third of the employees. Plans are in hand to expaned the colony and provide accommodation at the campus to 200 more employees. The tree lined roads and greenery developed at the campus has completely transformed the site. The location of Sindh University sharing the site with the Mehran University of Engineering & Technology and Liaquat Univesity of Medicine & Health Sciences/ complex in the neighborhood, has gone a long way in this transformation to a University township. The University, because of its easy accessibility, facilitated by the construction of Super Highway and Hyderabad Bypass, being about 150 kms. from Karachi and 18 kms. from Hyderabad, has been able to host a number of International Conferences, Symposia and Seminars on Science & Education and on specialized scientific themes. Intervarsity sports competitions and annual sports meets have become regular features. The museum and various art galleries of the Institute of Sindhology attract a large number of visitors.

STUDENTS WELFARE PROGRAMSThe University deems it obligatory to look after the welfare of the students admitted to its various programs. All efforts are made to facilitate students stay at the Campus and provide opportunities for wholesome development of students personalties. Directorate of Students Affairs has been established to provide necessary guidance and assistance. Following additional facilities are available:(a) BUREAU OF STUDENTS TUTORIAL COUNSELLING AND GUIDANCE SERVICES (STAGS) The main purpose of the Bureau is to provide guidance and counselling to the students of the University of Sindh in solving their personal and academic problems and guide them in their career-planning in the light of their aptitudes and abilities. In addition to personal counselling, it extends academic services and also emotional, financial, legal and health problems are discussed and necessary advice is given to the students. Students specially the foreign students are given orientation about the campus, the hostels, teaching departments, Seminar Libraries, Allama I.I. Kazi Library, Games & Sports facilities, the Administration and the Institute of Sindhology and other important places. The Bureau is also responsible for organising CoCurricular activities in collaboration with various Institutes/ Departments of the University, inter- collegiate debates and Quiz Competitions, in addition to study tours of students and has been hosting students from other universities on exchange basis. (b) MEDICAL FACILITIES There is one dispensary for students maintained by the University. Ambulance is also available for students round the clock to meet any emergency. Medical care is also available in the Dispensary in Hostels, in late evening hours. (c) LIBRARY FACILITIES The University has well stocked text and reference Library named Allama I.I. Kazi Library, comprising 3,64,812 books including reference and text books and rare manuscripts. There is a large study area within the Library where students are able to study in an undisturbed setting. The library has been centrally airconditioned. It provides cool and congenial atmosphere for

academic pursuite. The Library remains open from morning until late in the evening. The concerned staff is available to help and guide the students. Photo-copying service is available within library premises. Researchers can also benefit from E-mail & Internet facility available at the Library. A significant addition is the online Digital Library providing access to 23000 research journals and 45000 reference texts. Students are advised to become member of the Central Library to be able to borrow text and other books. Membership fee (Refundable) is Rs. 150/- only . There are also separate Seminar Libraries in each Teaching Departments/ Institute/Centre. Internet facility is also available in all institutes/ departments at nominal payment. Internet facility has been provided in all hostels. (d) SPORTS FACILITIES The University has its own play grounds, indoor courts and stadium for the students. The Sindh University Sports Board organises regular games and sports competition. Inter-Collegiate and Inter-versity Tournaments are held annually, both for girls and boys. Fatima Jinnah Gymnasium for girls, at the Campus provides facilities exclusively for girls participation in wholesomes sports activities. (e) FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE The University grants limited Freeships and Bursaries to the deserving students on Poverty-cum-Merit basis. The University has instituted two new Scholarships to be awarded every year to: a)Hundred (100) Scholarships to meritorious needy students joing the University. and b) fifty (50) scholarships to students admitted on disabled quota. Dr. Sauer Scholarship is also awarded to local female students on merit basis.HEC also offers financial support to meritrious students (see next Page)

(f) SCHOLARSHIPSScholarships are also awarded for outstanding prformance by the District Councils, Directorate of College Education in Sindh and by other Agencies.

(g) QARZ-E-HASNA SCHEME Qarz-e-Hasna is also given to deserving students under the Qarz-e-Hasna Scheme, by the Pakistan Banking Council.

FINANCIALSUPPORTFORMERITORIOUS NEEDYSTUDENTSOFFEREDBYHIGHER EDUCATIONCOMMISSIONHigher Education Commission (HEC) has initiated need based scholarship program for needy students who have secured admission in the University of Sindh Jamshoro, in the following disciplines for the academic session 2009 and are interested to apply for the above mentioned scholarship. They are advised to visit and Website or contact the undersigned for further assistance. Financial Support for Meritorious Needy Students The programs that are covered include: HEC-Meritorious Need & Merit Based Scholarship Program (1) Pharm_D (5 years) (2) BS Genetic and Bio-Technology (4 years) HEC - Japanese Need Based Scholarship Program(JICA) (3) M.Sc(Prev)(2 Years) Genetics, Bio-Technology, Bio-Chemistry, Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Freshwater Biology, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Statistics, Microbiology, Physics, Physiology and Zoology. (4) M.Com (Prev.) (2 years) (5) M.A. (Prev.) (2 years) Public Administration, Psychology, Economics, Mass Communication, Political Sciences, Sociology, Social Work, Women Studies and International Relations. Scholarship will cover:

1. 2.

Stipend Fees: Admission, Tuition, Library and Examination

Rs.38000/- per annum.

Actual Amount payable to the University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

Candidates who have secured admission in any one of the above disciplines and need financial support, are required to fill in the

financial assistance form available with the undersigned.

Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Memon Assistant Professor, Focal Person, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science


HOSTEL FACILITIESWelcome to Sindh University Hostels at beautiful Jamshoro Campus. The University provides residential facility to 2700 students in various Hostels. There are 15 Hostels in all, 10 Hostels are for boys and 5 for girls. Construction of one Postgraduate Girls and two Undergraduate Hostels (one for Boys and one for Girls) has been recently completed. It is the responsibility of the Hostels administration to make your stay comfortable. The purpose of your stay on the Campus is to equip yourselves with knowledge and skills to face the challenges which demand disciplined behavior. To achieve that the Provost, Deputy Provost and Wardens of the Hostels are available to ensure your wellbeing and resolve your difficulties. Further, the Hostel authorities have plan to designate Wing Monitors and Senior House Monitors in every Hostel to address to your immediate or day to-day problems, e.g., maladjustment with your room-mate or any grievance concerning food, hygienic conditions, cleanliness and other facilities.


Non payment of Hostel dues during the quarter of the year for which allotment was given in the Hostel. Keeping and making use of drugs or other intoxicants except drugs prescribed by authorized medical expert on account of illness suffered by the Hosteler. Keeping electric appliances such as refrigerators/air conditioners T.V., Oven, burners and heaters etc. Parking Cars or other vehicles in places other then the designated parking lot. Engaging in any immoral or agitational and violent activities or creating nuisance or disturbing the peace and tranquility on the campus. Inviting or entertaining female visitors in the Hostel rooms of the male Hostel. Causing willful damage and or causing damage, acts of vandalism, removing or damaging Hostel / University property.

5. 6. 7.

8. 9.

Facilities provided to the Hostlers1. Food Facility: Fourteen Canteens inside Hostels and one Central Canteen is setup on main campus which provide meals and tea on subsidized rates fixed by the Hostels Management. Drinking Water: Clean- bacteria free (U.V. treated) is available in every Hostel Laundry: Eight Cloths pressing shops being facilitated by a big Laundry are availabl which serve at subsdized rates. Entertainment/ Academic: Internet facility, T.V. Cable connection and indoor sports facility. Bus Service: Shuttle Bus service connecting Hostels to th Jamshoro town and Hyderabad city has ben provided. Bus Service: Shuttle Bus service connecting Hostels to the Jamshoro town and Hyderabad city has been provided.

10. Barricading stairs, corridors, gates, and other areas in the Hostel Campus of general use. 11. Staging sit-in, Lockup, occupying Hostel/ warden / administration offices and employees. 12. Use of abusive language towards other residents or / and university authorities and employees. 13. Use of Hostel room / premises for group politics, political assemblies and for purpose, other then those for which they are meant. 14. Inviting outsiders to address Hostel residents without permission of the authorities. 15. Pasting of posters / chalking on Hostels / campus buildings / premises compound-walls or any portion thereof. 16. Inciting parochial, linguistic, sectarian / religious / feelings among Hostel residents. 17. Staying away from the Hostel premises after 11.00p.m. and before call for Fajar prayer or for longer periods without prior permission from higher authorities. 18. Late comers or early departees would be required to sign to register at the Reception, stating valid reasons for late coming or early departure.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Hostel Regulations. What the student must not do is to avoid getting involved in: 1. 2. Keeping unauthorized persons in the room / seat allotted to a Hostel resident. Subletting the room / seat allotted to the resident or any other room lying vacant for any reason.

19. The Hostel authorities shall reserve the right to search the personal belonging and baggage of residents at the time of entering the Hostel or while residing in the allotted accommodation. 20. Cooking in the Hostel rooms is strictly prohibited. 21. No visitor shall be allowed to meet the residents of Hostels before 7:00a.m. and after 8:00p.m. He shall have to record his name and address and signature and time of arrival and departure in the register kept at reception. 22. No guests are allowed to stay in the hostels at any cost. 23. Student will be self responsible for keeping personal precious belongings (Mobile phone set, camera, gold, money and electronic devices etc.) in lockers in their rooms. 24. Students will have to take over and hand over in writing the items (cots, tables, chairs, ceiling fans, tube lights etc.) available in their room. 25. Without the permission of Hostel Administration dismantling, replacement or shifting of any item from one room to another room is strictly prohibited.

PLEASE NOTE:Hostel accommodation forms are available with the designated branches of HBL (selling Admission Forms) on payment of Rs. 50/-. The application forms duly filled-in and completed in all respects, be submitted in the office of the Provost, Boys Hostels/ Provost, Marui Girls Hostel, University of Sindh, after seeking admission in the University.


GENERAL INFORMATIONADMISSIONSAdmission of students to programs offered under various Faculties of the University is governed under the Regulations framed for this purpose (under Statute 29, Sub sec. I, clause c & d of the University Act.) specifying the pre-requisite qualifications etc., allocation of seats in each discipline on general merit as well as district- wise quota, special quota for the wards of the University employees and the degree colleges affiliated to the University of Sindh, and for students from specially designated areas of the country. Seats available for fresh admission in various teaching departments/institutes/centres of the Faculties are enumerated Facultywise.

Announcement of list of selected candidates; November 2010 to be communicated to selective by post



Payment of fees by all selected applicants, Quota/General Disciplines November 2010 to 15 Novmber 2010 Final lists of students admitted in programs to be issued November 2010 to all Institutes/Centres/Departments, Deans and Provost of Hostels Orientation Day January 2011





Admission ScheduleBachelor ster, M. Phil/MS, Programs Call for Admission for all Bachelor (4 yr.) & Hons. (3 yr), BFA Art September 2010 September 2010 & Design, Masters (Prev.) and M.Phil/MS Programs Last date for submission of completed Admission Forms September 2010 September 2010 to the ADMISSION CELL as per note at the bottom. 01 01 Program Ma

Commencement of Classess 04 January 2011 NOTE: i. Application Forms for admission are to be submitted at Main All Campuses Campus Jamshoro, Mirpurkhas Campus and Laar College at Badin, where admission is to be sought. Admit Slips should be obtained at th time of submission of Form. ii. Applicants for admission initially selected for admission in BHPE / BFA programs or against sports seats will have to qualify field trial/ aptitude test before final selection. They should contact the Director concerned.


24 24

Open House for guidance / information at enterance gate of the University, in Institute of Sindhology 18 September 2010 to 22 September 2010

Pre-Entry Test for admission in ALL Disciplines @ October, 2010 Main Campus, Jamshoro, Mirpurkhas campus & Badin College Pre-Entry Test Result October, 2010

24 17 October, 2010

24 17 October, 2010


10. Station Road Branch, Dadu University Branch, Jamshoro Road Branch, 13. Thatta Branch

11. Sindh 12. Masjid

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Abad/

Nawabshah Sukkur Region: 1. Frere Road Branch Sukkur 2. Ghotki


Branch 3. 4. Grain Market Branch, Shikarpur 5. Bunder 6.




Quaid-e-Azam Road Branch, Jacobabad

FORM+ PRE ENTRY TEST FEE, @ RS. 1000/= PER SET (non refundable). THROUGH BANK CHALLAN IN THE RESPECTIVE BANK BRANCH. Hyderabad Region: 1. Sindh University Old Campus Branch , Hyderabad. 2. Tando 3.

Road Branch, Larkana Shahdadkot Branch 7. Kashmore City Branch 8.

Mall 9.


Branch, Khairpur Mirs Naushahroferoz Branch.

Allahyar Branch Tando Mohammad Khan Branch 4. Hala Branch 5. Badin

Karachi Region: 1. Mehran Hotel Branch, Karachi. 2. Malir Cantt. 3.


Branch 6. 7. Digri Branch 8. Dhoronaro 9.

Jinnah Road Branch, Mirpurkhas Branch

Gulistan-e-Johar Branch Admission Form be completed carefully in applicants own hand writing; only one form is to be filled, specifying TEN choices of Courses of Studies in which admission is desired, numbring in order of preference, in the column provided for on pag 3

Sanghar Branch

EXAMPLE:- for Bachelors Program Masters Program (1) BS (Elect.) M.Sc. (Previous) Computer Science (2) B.B.A. (Hons.) M.B.A. (Previous) Regular (3) BS (C.S.) Computer Science M.P.A. (Previous) etc. (4) BS English M.A. (Prev.) English, etc (5) BS Chemistry / Botany, etc. M.A. (Prev.) International Relations (6) BS Econ.


For admission on Self Finance basis. admission Test .

They will

have to takeup Pre-


Please mark sure that you cross the appropriate box or boxes at the top of the Form. To ensure your admission, please submit photostat copy of Bank Challan other fee paid, to the Directorate of Admissions office immediately after depositing the fees. Documents to be submitted: i) Pass and Marks Certificates of S.S.C. (attested photo copies). ii)



(Matriculation) examination,


Pass and Marks Certificates of H.S.C. (Intermediate) Examination (2 Photostat copies + 1 original). Pass, Marks Certificates and Transcript of Graduation Examination (2Photostat copies + 1 original).

(5) iii)

iv) Leaving certificate from the College last attended.

Subject to fulfilment of discipline requirements, merit and availability of seats, candidates will be accepted for any one of the programs of their choice, IN PREFERENCE ORDER. Choice of subject for which applicant is not eligible will automatically stand cancelled. Candidates selected in any course of study, must deposit fees in time, Non- deposition of fees will deprive you of your candidature. COMPLETED ADMISSION FORM WITH NECESSARY DOCUMENTS AND RECEIPTED CHALLAN OF Rs.. 1000/- TOWARDS COST OF FORM AND PRE-ENTRY TEST FEE MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE ADMISSION OFFICE OF THE UNIVERSITY AT JAMSHORO, BY HAND AND THE PRINTED RECEIPT ATTACHED WITH ADMISSION FORM BE OBTAINED DULY SIGNED BY THE CONCERNED OFFICER. CANDIDATE SEEKING ADMISSION @ SINDH UNIVERSITY MIRPURKHAS CAMPUS, AND S.U. LAAR COLLEGE @ BADIN, WILL SUBMIT THE FORM IN THE CAMPUS/COLLEGE OFFICE @ MIRPURKHAS/BADIN. Students applying against seats provided for admission on Self Finance basis need NOT deposit any fee in advance. There is NO separate form

v) vi) vii)


ix) x)

National Identity Card (Photostat) or copy of B form of Registration, if under 18 years of age. Four passport size recent photographs duly attested with name written on back side. Domicile Certificate of candidate (or of father/ mother if the applicant is under 18 years of age and his/her name is included in it) and P.R.C. (Original) to be shown at the time of payment in case of admission to quota oriented courses of study. Affidavit and Undertaking duly signed by applicant, his/her father/ guardian and countersigned by First Class Magistrate/ Notary Public on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. 30/Copy of the Bank challan for Rs. 1000/- (Form+Pre-Entry Test Fee). All the A-level & O-level results should be submitted for equilance calculation to the Inter Board Committee of Chairman, Islamabad (IBCC). Note: Original Pass, Marks & transcript certificate shall not be returned in any case. Please note that candidates who apply for admission on the basis of forged/ fake documents (detected at any stage) shall be prosecuted under criminal law, besides cancellation of admission. All admissions shall be provisional until approved by the ViceChancellor. The Vice-Chancellor may refuse admission to the University classes to any candidate without assigning any reason. A candidate who desires to seek admission in any course of study in the University must be a National of Pakistan. Foreign nationals may be considered for admission when nominated/ recommended by the Ministry of Education/ Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs Division, Government of Pakistan. The marks certificates of pre-requisite examination of all the candidates/ students shall be got verified from the concerned Boards/Universities. The documents verification fees, shall be charged from the students at the time of admission. A candidate who has passed an examination from a University or a Board other then the University of Sindh or Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Hyderabad, shall have to obtain Certificate of Eligibility from the University of Sindh prior to his/ her admission to any class. However, the Registrar may issue a provisional admission certificate if he is satisfied that the applicant is prima facie eligible for admission to this University, AT HIS/HER OWN RISK AND COST and on the condition that he/ she obtains a final certificate of eligibility within 30 days from date of admission.


No student shall at one time join or continue on roll of the two Teaching Institutes/ Departments/ Centres/ Affiliated Colleges of the University or any other University or affiliated college for two courses of study in the same or different Faculties. However, a Post-graduate student on roll of the University Teaching Institute/ Department/ Centre may join or continue a Post-graduate Diploma course of the University and/ or the LL.B. course in a college affiliated to the University subject to eligiblity. A student of Bachelor (Pass/ Hons.) course may join an undergraduate Diploma/ Certificate course of the University. Violation of the rule may lead to cancelation of admissions in all courses of study in which he is found enroled. A student admitted to any University class as a regular student shall NOT be eligible to appear at any University Examination as an EXTERNAL CANDIDATE simultaneously during his/her University studentship. No student shall be re-admitted without the recommendation of the Dean of the Faculty concerned and prior permission of the ViceChancellor in case his/her admission is cancelled due to any reason.



Pre- Entry TestAll candidates seeking admission to any 4- Yr./ 3-Yr. Bachelor/ Hons./ Master (prev.) MS/M.Phil program whether as a regular students or under Self Finance scheme or on sports seats or under employees quota shall have to take Pre-Entry test as per schedule. The test will be based on MCQs. For candidates seeking admission to Bachelor Programs the test shall be conducted from amongst following subjects studied at H. S. C level: Commerce, English, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies and General Knowledge (Sample test Paper enclosed). For candidates seeking admission to Masters (Previous) program the Test paper shall have questions covering three components, viz. English (25%), General Knowledge (15%) and relevant discipline, Faculty wise, e.g., Faculty of Natural Science, Social Sciences OR Arts (60%). Candidate who secures top five positions in Pre-Entry Test for Bachelor program will be awarded cash prize those students who




seek admission and deposit the fees.Pre Entry Test for MS/M.Phil candidates will comprise 60% coverage of the subject, 25% English & 15% simple maths. For applicants of Mirpurkhas Khas Campus & Laar College @ Badin, the Test will be conducted at the respective Campus/College. a. The merit for admissions shall be determined on the basis of Pre-entry Test score and the total marks obtained in the first attempt as well as

previous academic record. However, candidates failing in the PreEntry-Test will not be considered for admission in any discipline.. The weightage assigned to the Pre-entry test and previous academic record will be as under:For Admission to Bachelor Master MS/M.Phil i S.S.C. 10% 10% 10% ii H.S.C. (adjusted marks) 50% 15% 15% iii Bachelor Degree (-do-) 35% 25% iv Pre-Entry Test 40% 40% 40% v Interveiw 20% b. In case of improvers/ repeaters, marks shall be deducted as per rules from the total marks of the candidates in order to prepare the adjusted merit list. This deduction shall not alter the division/ grade of the candidates. (i) 05 marks to be deducted if the candidate has appeared second time in H.S.C. Examination in order to improve his/ her Division/ Grade. (ii) In case H.S.C. Examination has not been cleared within the minimum period required for passing the same after passing Matriculation Examination, every additional year or part of a year beyond this period shall be treated as candidates attempt for the purpose of deducting marks irrespective of his/ her having not appeared in the examination in each year. (iii) 05 marks shall be deducted from the total marks for the loss of each extra year or part thereof. However, a maximum of 25 marks may be deducted. (iv) Same rules shall apply if a candidate fails to clear Bachelor degree Examination within the minimum period required for passing such examination after Matriculation Examination. (v) 05 marks per year shall be deducted from the total marks if the candidate has not passed the pre-requisite examination in the preceding year. Eligibility & other Rules a) No admission shall be allowed to a candidate who has passed the prerequisite examination in Third Division from any Board or University. A student of B.A./ Hons./ B.S/ B.Com. (Hons.) Part-I Class shall be allowed transfer from the University to an affiliated college within three months from the last date of admission, but no transfer from college to University is allowed.


No change of subject shall be allowed at any stage.

d) The admissions to various Bachelor (Honours) and Master (Prev.)professional/ quota-oriented courses of study shall be made in accordance with the Regulations prescribed for the purpose. e) The fairness, transparency and correctness in admissions will be monitored and enforced by a committee of Senior Professors of the University appointed by the Vice-chancellor with Director Admissions as its Secretary. Pre-Entry Test will also be conducted under the supervision of this Committee. A candidate who has passed H.S.C. Science, Commerce or H.S.C. Home Economics Examination is also eligible for admission to 4-yr. Bachelor/ B.A. (Hons) program. Candidates who are interested in seeking admission in the Institute of Art & Design shall also have to take up Aptitude Test to be conducted by the Institute, as per schedule to be announced by the Director. Aptitude Test is also mendatory for admission to the newly introduced B.H.P.E. Part-I course of study. h) A candidate who has already completed his/her course of study in a University Teaching Institute/ Department/ Centre leading to Bachelors (Pass/ Honours) degree shall NOT be eligible for admission to another or second Bachelors (Pass/ Honours) course (except B.Ed./ B.H. P.E., and Post Graduate Diplomas) in the University Teaching Institute/ Department/ Centre. i) A candidate who has already passed Bachelors Pass degree course examination from the University of Sindh or any other university, shall NOT be eligible for admission to another Bachelors (Pass/ Honours) course excepting B.Ed. or B.H. P.E., and Post Graduate Diploma courses programs. j) Admission on migration basis from other Universities to this University shall be considered on the following grounds: a) The student has cleared all the subjects/papers of the last examination from the parent University. b) Parents of the student who are Government Officials are posted within the territorial jurisdiction of the University of Sindh.. c) Admission on migration basis in the following Quota-Oriented disciplines will only be permissible under Self Finance Scheme:Business Administration/ Computer Science/ Information Technology/Telecommunication/ Electronics/ Geology/ Pharmacy/ Public Administration.




REGULATIONS FOR ADMISSION TO BACHELOR DEGREE PROGRAMSa) A candidate who has passed the H.S.C. (Intermediate) Examination or an equivalent examination recognised by the University, is eligible to seek admission to relevant Bachelor (BS 4-yr./Honours) course provided that he/she fulfills the requirements of minimum percentage of marks and other conditions of admission as may be prescribed from time to time in each subject. The admission shall be purely on merit basis and subject to the availability of seats in the concerned subject/course of study and clearance of Pre-Admission Test. Candidates with Diploma in Associate Engineering will only be considered for admission to the disciplines under the Faculties of Arts, Islamic Studies and Social Sciences. Allocation of seats available for fresh admission for various Bachelor degree programs of general category is shown under each Faculty. In general disciplines where seats are vacant and there is no candidate having the domicile & P.R.C. from the areas within the jurisdiction of the University of Sindh, then the same vacant seats be given to the candidates having the domicile & P.R.C. of Sindh Province outside the jurisdiction of Sindh University on self finance basis, if the number exceeds over and above the reserved seats provided (Page 24-25). Every student must inform in writing his choice of the two minor/ supporting subjects to the Director/ Chairperson of the Institute/ Department in which admitted (Major subject) within one week from the commencement of teaching . The Director/ Chairperson will communicate the Minor subjects offered to the Admission Cell and the Controller of Examinations. No change of minor subjects will be allowed thereafter. The Director/ Chairperson will also specify minor subjects in appropriate column on form sent to him/ her by the Director Admissions, for countersignature.

J.S. T. cadre teachers with a third division may also apply. The session starts in August every year.

* Bachelor of Health & Physical Education (Hons.)This program has been introduced from the session 2005, to provide opportunity to interested candidates to seek professional training in this highly job oriented discipline.

New Programs * BS Forestry and Postgraduate Diploma in Medicinal PlantsThe University has poineered BS Forestry program to produce skilled manpower in this significant discipline on the face of growing concern about eco-system and global weather changes, besides fast depleting forest cover of the country. The Diploma program aims at providing systemetic knowledge about Medicinal Plant s used in both eastern & western Pharmaceutical systems.

b) c)

ADMISSION TO MASTERS (PREVIOUS) PROGRAMSa) A candidate who has passed the Bachelors degree examination from this University or from any other University recognised by it, is eligible to seek admission to the M.A./M.Sc./ M.Com./ M.B.A./ M.P.A. (Previous) class provided that he/she fulfils the requirements of minimum percentage of marks and other conditions of admission as may be prescribed for each course of study from time to time. Preference will be given to those candidates who have passed the examination in the same course of study at the Bachelors level. The admissions shall be purely on merit determined on the basis of Pre-entry Test and previous academic performance score and subject to the availability of seats in the concerned course of study. The admission to various graduate (Masters) quota-oriented courses of study shall be made in accordance with the Regulations prescribed for the purpose. b) A candidate who has passed B.Sc./ B. Com. (Pass) Examination is also eligible for admission to the M.A. (Previous) class if otherwise eligible. c) Admission to M.A. Fine Art & Design is open only to candidates who have passed BA Fine Arts (2-yr degree) from this University. d) A candidate who has passed the B.A. (Pass) Examination in English only after having passed the Oriental Languages Examination is eligible for admission to the M.A. (Previous) class only in English or in any of the subjects which he/ she offered at the Oriental Languages Examination if otherwise eligible, but the candidates who have passed the B.A. (Pass) Examination in English and other subjects after passing the Oriental Languages Examination will be treated at par with other B.A. (Pass) degree holders for seeking admission to various graduate (Masters) classes.


Bachelor of Art (Hons.) Education 6- Semester Program. This program introduced since 2006 under the Faculty of Education offers opportunity of Graduation in Education with wider scope of employment. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) 2-Semester ProgramCandidates having Bachelor degree in Arts/ Natural Sciences/ Social Sciences/ Commerce/ Agriculture or Home Economics with at least Grade C or Second Division marks are eligible for admission to the B.Ed. Program, The Government nominees must have at least 3 years experience as PST or 1 year as J.S.T in addition to the Bachelor degree (2nd Class).

e) For admission to M.B.A./ M.P.A. (Regular & Evening Programs) and M.Sc. Rural Development/Development Studies, selection shall be made on merit and result of Pre-Entry Test to be conducted by the Committee duly constituted and approved by the Vice-Chancellor. f) A candidate who has already passed M.A./ M.Sc./ M.Com./ M.B.A./ M.P.A./ M.L.I.S./ M.Ed./ M.A. Education/ M.Pharmacy/ L.L.M. or any other Post-graduate examination from the University of Sindh or from any other University, shall NOT be eligible for admission to a second or subsequent Post-graduate degree course in the University Teaching Institute/ Department/ Centre/ affiliated college. However, admission to MBA Evening as well as MBA Executive program, as a 2nd Master degree, is permissible. 1. M.A./ M.COM./ M.SC./ M.B.A./ M.P.A. (FINAL) FOR HONOURS AND OTHER MASTERS PROGRAMS For admission to M.A./ M.Com./ M.Sc./ M.B.A./M.P.A. (Final) for Honours, the candidates, must have passed B.A./ B.Com./ B.Sc./ B.B.A./ B.P.A. (Honours) with Major in the relevant subject. Admission to M.L.I.S. is open to candidates with Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Science.

5. M.Sc. Development Studies & M.Sc. in Rural Development M.Sc. Development studies is 2-year program introduced in 1996 to cater to candidates having a Bachelor degree in Social Science preferably with a background of Bachelor degree in Economics with at least B Grade or 2nd Division. M.Sc. Rural Development, 2- year distance learning program, of the Sindh Development Study Centre, University of Sindh, caters to students/professionals working in Rural Devlopment- related fields, with abackground of Masters degree preferably in Social Sciences or B.E./B.Sc. (Agri.)/ M.B.B.S.




1. Admission to the following courses of study shall be made on the basis of District-wise urban-rural quota. (i) B.B.A. (Hons.) Part-I. (ii) M.B.A. (Previous). (iii) BS.C.S. Part-I Computer Science. (61 students from each group of Pre.Engg. Pre-Medical & Commerce)

2. Master of Education (M.Ed.) ProgramAdmission for this one year program is open to candidates having a Bachelors Degree in Education (B.Ed./ B.T.) with at least 2nd Division (C.Grade) from the University of Sindh or any other University recognized by it. Session commences in August.

3. Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) Program This 2- year (Morning & Evening) program caters to candidates having Bachelors or Masters degree in Arts/ Science/ Agriculture/ Commerce or Home Economics, preferably with C Grade (2nd Division) marks. Session commences in August. 4. Master of Health and Physical Education (M.H.P.E) ProgramThe one year Masters degree (M.H.P.E.) program is open to candidates who have obtained the B.H.P.E. Degree/ Post graduate Diploma in Physical Education from the University of Sindh or any other University recognized for this purpose. Session commences in August.

(iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (x) (xi) (xii) (xiii) (xiv) (xv) (xvi) (xvii) (xviii)

M.CS. (Previous) Computer Science. BS(IT) Information Technology Part-I. B.Telecom. Telecommunication Part-I BS. Electronics Part-I. B.S. Geology Part-I. BS Genetics Part-I Pharm- D (5-yr. program) First Professional. B.SW. Engg. Software Engineering Part-I B.P.A. Public Administration Part-I M.P.A. (Previous) Public Administration B.H.P.E. Part-I *B.H.P.E. Health & Physical Education (2-Semester program) *M.H.P.E. (2-Semester program) LLB 5-Yr. program (82 seats details on page-69 )

2. (a) The District-wise allocation of seats for the Rural and Urban areas for admission to the above courses of study at Jamsoro Campu, is shown in the Table in next column. # District of Domicile Urban Rural Total

1. Hyderabad 2. Tando Allahyar 3. Tando Mohd Khan 4. Matairi 5. Badin 6. Thatta 7. Thar 8. Mirpurkhas 9. Umerkot 10. Sanghar 11. Dadu 12. Jamshoro 13. Sh. Benazir Bhutto Abad/Nawabshah TOTAL

03 01 01 01 01 01 00 02 00 01 02 01 01 15

01 01 02 02 01 02 03 03 02 01 03 03 02 26

04 02 03 03 02 03 03 05 02 02 05 04 03 41

i. Selection for the rural and urban seats of the districts shall be made on merit basis from amongst the eligible applicants of the same district only. ii. In addition to this quota allocation, the seats as specified under RESERVED SEATS are also reserved for various categories of the candidates, provided such candidates possess the minimum prescribed qualification. iii. The allocation of seats has been DOUBLED for the purpose of admission to B.B.A. (Hons.) Part-I, M.B.A. (Prev.), M.P.A.(Prev), 5-yr, Law Degree and Geology Part-I. For admission to BS Geology PartI seats have also been increased by 50%. In case of admission to Geology combined merit list will be drawn for PreEngineering and Pre-Medical and General Science groups. iv. Ten seats [five for male (3 Rural + 2 Urban) five for female (3 Rural + 2 Urban] are reserved for admission to B.B.A. (Hons:) Part-I for the candidates who have passed H.S.C. in Commerce Group. v. Ten seats, five for male (3 Rural + 2 Urban) five for female (3 Rural + 2 Urban) are reserved for admission to M.B.A. (Prev:) for the candidates who have passed B.Com. (Pass/ Hons.) examination.

For distribution of U/R Quota seats at Mirpurkhas Camps see Page-173. (b) Allocation of seats on U/R quota in the districts shown here-under for admission to Business Administration (both for BBA & MBA), Computer Science (all groups BS.CS) Information Technology, Telecommunication, Electronics, Geology, Pharm-D., B.S. Genetics and Public Administration. also for 5yr Law Degree. District of Domicile Urban Rural 02 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 10 02 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 01 10 Total 04 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 02 20

vi. In addition to the district- wise reserved seats for B.H.P.E. and M.H.P.E. on quota basis, twenty (20) seats in all for each of the two courses of studies are also reserved for Pakistan nationals on open merit basis. The session commences in August. vii. The Urban Areas in each district of Sindh are specified as under:(Areas within the jurisdiction of University of Sindh) 1. Hyderabad District(a) Hyderabad Municipality (b) Tandojam Municipality


1. Sukkur 2. Ghotki 3. Shikarpur 4. Jacobabd 5. Larkana 6. Kambar/ Shahdadkot 7. Kashmore/ Kandhkot 8. Khairpur 09. Naushahroferoz TOTAL

2. Tando Allah Yar(a)Tando Allah Yar Municipality

3. Tando Muhammad Khan(a) Tando Muhammad Khan Municipality

4. Matairi(b) Hala Municipality

5. Badin District (a) Badin Municipality (b) Matli Municipality 7. Mirpurkhas District (a) Mirpurkhas Municipality

6. Thatta District (a) Thatta Municipality

Note: i. Candidates from all Districts of Sindh Province in excess of the number ofseats shown in the Table above, may be accommodated under Self finance Scheme in Quota- Oriented disciplines on merit basis. ii. The allocation of LL.B. 5-Yr. program is shown on page 71.

08. Sanghar District (a) Sanghar Municipality (b) Shahdadpur Municipality (c) Tando Adam Municipality (d) Sinjhoro Municipality

9. Dadu District (a) Dadu Municipality (b) Mehar Municipality (c) Khairpur Nathan Shah Municipality

10. Jamshoro District (a) Kotri Municipality

11. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Abad/ Nawabshah District a) Nawabshah Municipality (Areas out of jurisdiction of the University of Sindh) 12. Sukkur District (a) Sukkur Municipality (b) Rohri Municipality 14. Khairpur District (a) Khairpur Municipality (b) Gambat Municipality (c) Pir jo Goth Municipality 16. Larkana District a) Larkana Municipality (b) Ratodero Municipality (c) Naudero Municipality 13. Ghotki District (a) Ghotki Municipality (b) Mirpurmathelo M/pality. 15. Naushahroferoz District (a) Moro Municipality

selected candidate (s) whose seat (s) has/ have fallen vacant due to non-payment of fees/ difference of fees, if any, for whatever reasons, shall NOT claim the admission and shall NOT challenge the admission of any other candidate, selected in his/ her place in the particular or any other quota- oriented course or general course of study mentioned by him/her in the Admission Form. (iv) The candidate/candidates selected against left over seat/seats as in (iii) above, shall deposit the fees/ difference of fees, if any within 05 (Five) days from the date of announcement of the Selection list. In case, he/she too fails to make the payment of fees/ difference of fees, if any, within time limit allowed to him/her, he/she shall lose his/her admission. (v) Candidates seeking admission to Quota-oriented courses of studies must submit Domicile Certirficate of self, or parent if under 18 years of age and Permanent Residence Certificate.

17. Kambar/ Shahdadkot (a) Shahdadkot Municipality (b) Kambar Municipality

18. Jacobabad District 19. Kashmore District (a) Jacobabad Municipality (a) Kandhokot Municipality 20. Shikarpur District (a) Shikarpur Municipality The areas other than those specified above, will be treated as Rural.

Availability of general seats for fresh admissions, to various bachelors & masters programs under the university teaching Faculties, is shown under the respective Faculties.

ALLOCATION OF RESERVED SEATS1. SPORTS SEATS 2% seats are reserved for admission on sports quota in each disciplain for BS/BA (Hons.) students.

Filling-in of the left over seats of quota- oriented courses of study(i) The seat/ seats left over in any category (Rural/Urban) shall be filled-in from the waiting merit list of the same category of the same district. However, in case there is no candidate on the merit list of the concerned category viz. rural or urban as the case may be, then the left over seat/seats will be filled-in from the merit list of the urban or rural category as the case may be, of the same district. There shall be no reallocation of the vacant seats from one district to another.


Candidates for admission against sports seat are to (___)tick mark the sports box on the form. They have to qualify PreEntry Test. Candidates applying against sports seats must fill Evaluation Proforma alongwith prescribed Admission Form. Candidates will have to appear in trial for selection. Candidates qualifying Pre-Entry Test, will be evaluated on the basis of their merit/ participation in competitions at various levels.


(ii) The left over seat/seats from the categories of reserved seats shall be filled-in by selecting the immediate next candidate (s) from the waiting list. (iii) As regards (i) above, the left over seat/ seats because of non-payment of fees/ difference of fees, if any, within prescribed time limit, the seat/seats shall be filled-in as per procedure prescribed therein and the

c) d)



Two seats in each of the following disciplines/ subjects of various Bachelors/ Masters degree programs are reserved for the female candidates domiciled in Sukkur and Larkana Divisions (Upper Sindh). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Business Administration Computer Science Information Technology Pharmacy English

Number of seats reserved for candidates domiciled in Larkana & Sukkur divisions are shown in table below. The applicant will have to appear and qualify Pre-Entry Test. Arabic Sindhi Art & Design Comparative Religion Muslim History Economics International Relations Psychology (Arts & Sc.) Social Work Anthropology & Arch. Biotechnology M.Sc. Chemistry BS/ M.Sc. Geography Microbiology Physiology Zoology 10 10 10 10 10 10 05 10+10 10 10 05 05+05 10 05 10 25 English Urdu Philosophy Islamic Culture General History Mass Communication Political Science Public Administration Sociology Biochemistry Botany FW Biology & Fishries Mathematics Physics Statistics Commerce 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

One seat in each degree program in other General Disciplines is reserved for female candidates, domiciled in Sukkur and Larkana Divisions. The applicant shall be in the first instance, considered alongwith other candidates on general/ district-wise merit and thereafter girls seats shall be filled in according to merit and first preference. 4. SEATS FOR DISABLED PERSONS

17 10 10 05 10 05 10 05 08 5. SEATS FOR REAL SONS & DAUGHTERS OF THE EMPLOYEES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SINDH Ten seats are reserved in each course of study for the real sons & daughters of the employees of the University of Sindh including employees at the Pakistan Study Centre and Area Study Centre Far East & South East Asia. If any seat of sons/ daughters remained unutilized then Real brother/ sister can also be considered against them. Two seats are reserved for Real sons & daughters of employees of the University Laar College, Badin. In case of BSIT, Information Technology, the seats have been allocated for each H.S.C. group as under:One seat in each course of study is reserved for Disabled persons, domiciled within the jurisdiction of Sindh excluding Karachi. The box of Disabled Persons Quota be ( ) markd on the top of the Admission Form. Attested photostat copy of the Medical Certificate issued by the Medical Board to be constituted by the Government, must be attached with the Admission Form.

3. FOR FEMALE CANDIDATES Ten seats in each degree programs are reserved for female candidates, domiciled within the jurisdiction of the University of Sindh (domicile certificate to be attached).

Pre-Engineering Pre-Medical Commerce

04 Seats 04 Seats 02 seats

Signature of the Principal Official Stamp

Director of College Education/ Dean, Faculty of Law Official stamp



For the purpose of this facility, an employee means a regular employee with minimum of two years service, retired, deceased or confirmed employee mainting lien/ deputation/leave with the University. The employees who have resigned, or were terminated or dismissed, shall not be considered. The applicants under this category should mark on the top of Admission Form Seats for S.U employees box. NOTE: All applicants under this category must fulfil the minimum requirement of Pre-entry test, qualification and percentage of marks, to be selected from amongst themselves on merit.

TWO seats in MBA (Previous) and two seats each in B.Ed., M.Ed. and M.A. (Previous)Education, are reserved for the nominees of Northern Areas. Application for admission alongwith academic documents must be channeled through the Director of Education/ Chairman, Nomination Board Northern Areas, Gilgit. 8. SEATS ON SELF FINANCE BASIS Twenty five percent seats are available in all courses of studies on self finance basis for candidates domiciled in Sindh. For candidates from other provinces of Pakistan five (05) seats are reserved in each department (except Pharmacy where only 02 seats will be allowed). The fee structure for candidates from other provinces under this category will be as shown in the schedule of fees. Candidates for Admission on Self Finance basis will also have to qualify the Pre-entry Test. No advance payment of Admission fee is required. 9. RESERVE SEATS FOR NOMINEES FROM BACKWARD AREAS & OTHER PROVINCES OF THE COUNTRY a) Nominees of other Provinces of Pakistan i) One seat in any discipline of the Bachelor Degree Program for one nominee each of Punjab and N.W.F.P. is reserved in any of the course of study, for candidate domiciled in that province, whereas two seats are reserved for the candidates of Balochistan Province.. One seat each for the Masters Degree Program for nominees of Punjab and N.W.F.P. is reserved in any of the course of study including programs of Faculty of Education, for candidate domiciled in that province, whereas two seats are reserved for the candidates of Balochistan Province. Applications must be channelled through the Department of Education, Government of the concerned Province. b) Nominees of Balochistan and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)

The applicant should attach service certificate from the employer in respect of his/ her father/mother, showing the name, case/surname of the employee as well as the period of service, issued by the Additional Registrar.



Two seats in each course of study are reserved on reciprocal basis for real Sons & Daughters of the Employees of the Government Degree Colleges and Law Colleges affiliated with the University of Sindh.

The applicant under this category should write on top of the Admission Form Seats for employees of Colleges NOTE: Admission to any class under the category of seats for the employees of the affiliated College to the University of Sindh will be considered on production of the service certificate as per following proforma.Certified that Mr./ Miss ________________________________ S/O, D/O, W/O ________________________________ presently working as ________________ is a regular employee of this college. His/ Her date of entry in the College service is __________________________. The candidate Mr./ Miss ________________ S/O, D/O ____________________ is his/her real son/ daughter. His/Her service in the College is more than 2 years.



Countersigned by

5% Seats, in addition to the following are reserved for students from Balochistan and Fata areas under the ECNEC spcial program. Selction of the candidates is to be conducted by the HEC. RESERVED SEATS FOR FATA AREA


SEATS RESERVED FOR ARMY PERSONNAL(ONLY FOR MASTERS DEGREE PROGRAM) Two seats are reserved for Army Personnel in disciplines for Masters degree program: the following

i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x)

Program B.B.A. (Hons.) Part-I M.A. (Previous) English

seat in each Program 1 2

Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, English, International Relations, Mass Communication, Political Science, Psychology and Criminology. 11. NOMINEES OF PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY

M.A. (Previous) General History M.A. (Previous) Islamic Culture M.Sc. (previous) Chemistry M.Sc. (Previous) Statistics M.Sc. (Previous) Zoology B.H.P.E. M.H.P.E B.Ed., M.Ed. and M.A. (Prev.) in Education

1 1 1

Two seats for nominees of Pharmaceutical Industries are reserved in Pharmacy discipline on Self Finance Basis, at the rate of fees charged from Foreign nationals. 12. SEATS RESERVED FOR FOREIGN NATIONALS

1 1 1 1 1 The University allows admission to a limited number of foreign national students in various disciplines for Bachelor and Master degree programs, at the recommendations of/ nominations by the Ministry of Education/ Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Government of Pakistan, under Technical Assistance programs as well as on Self Finance basis. a) Seats reserved for Foreign Nationals under Pakistan Technical Assistance Program 10 Seats are reserved for admission to program for foreign students. b) Seats Reserved for Foreign Nationals 25 Seats are reserved in each course of study of the University. c) Seats Reserved for Foreign Nationals 10 (Ten) seats in Pharm-D (Evening) program are reserved for foreign Naionals nominated by the HEC, Islamabad. d) Seats Reserved for Foreign Nationals 03 (Three) seats are reserved for Thai Muslim candidates, two for students @ Master level and One for teacher at M.Phil/ PhD. level. Pharm-D under this

Completed applications for admission must be channelled through the Ministry of Interior, States and Frontier Regions Division, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad. c) Nominees of A.J.K. Government (i) One seat in any of the courses of the Bachelor Degree Program,

(ii) One seat in any of the courses of the Master Degree Program. (iii) One seat each in B.H.P.E., M.H.P.E., B.Ed. M.Ed. and M.A. (Prev.) Education program, is reserved for the nominees of A.J.K. Government. Applications for admission alongwith academic documents must be channelled through the Director of Education/ Chairman Nomination Board, Muzaffarabad, A.J.K.

13. SEATS RESERVED FOR REAL SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE EMPLOYEES OF NATIONAL CENTRE FOR EXCELLENCE IN ANALYICAL CHEMISTRY Two seats are reserved only for the real sons & daughters of the employees of National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry (excluding quotaoriented courses of studies) of the University of Sindh on merit basis. Service Certificate of the employee issued by the Director of National Centre of Excellence in Analytical Chemistry on the following proforma shall have be attached with te admission form. The wordings SEATS FOR CENTRE be written on the top of the admission form:Certified that Mr./ Miss _________________________________________ S/O, D/O, W/O _________________________________ presently working as ________________ is a regular employee of thisCentre. His/ Her date of entry in the presently working is ___________________________. The more than 2 years. _____________________ Signature of the Director of the Centre Official Stamp candidate Mr./ Miss __________________ S/O, D/O


If a student fails to attend any lecture during the first four weeks of the commencement of the semester as per announced schedule, his/ her admission shall stand cancelled automatically without any notice. (i) Students detained on account of shortage of attendance shall join relevant semester program next session to fulfil attendance requirement. (ii) Student whose admission is cancelled on account of zero% attendance or who is not allowed to appear at the final semester test for want of shortage of attendance as per a & b above, will be allowed admission in next academic session, without appearing at the Pre- Entry Test, on payment of Admission and other fees.


___________________________ is his/her real son/ daughter. His/Her service in the Centre is

ATTENDANCE AND OTHER ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS a) Students are required to maintain 75% attendance in each and every course of the program, failing which they shall not be allowed to appear at the final semester tests. i) Attendance breakdown) ii) iii) Assignment/ Presentation Mid Term Test (after 8 wks. of teaching) Marks iv) Final Semester Test 50 Marks 30 10 Marks 10 Marks (as per

(iii) Students failing to successfully complete the coursework requirements of Bachelor/ Honours degree program shall not be allowed to seek provisional admission to Masters Programs in disciplines under Faculty of Arts & Islamic Studies. Promotion of students to the next higher academic session in any program, i.e., Honours or Masters, shall be governed by rules framed for this purpose (see under Semester System Rules in this catalogue).

Appearance in Final Semester Test is mandatory.


CURRICULA ORGANISATIONThe University of Sindh provides degree programming through the teaching Institutes/ Departments/ Centres functioning under the Faculties of Arts, Commerce & Business Administration, Education, Islamic Studies, Law, Natural Sciences, Pharmacy and Social Sciences. The Programs ,their pre-requisites and requirements for the degree are specified as under: Pre-Entry Test is mandatory for Admission to Bachelor, Masters and MS/M.Phil. Programs in all disciplines. (1) The requirement for the 6- semester Bachelor (Hons.) degree under the Faculties of Arts (except Art & Design, English & Sindhi), Islamic Studies and Education are 96 credit hours with curricula organised as under:

Group A Home Economics Economics Political Science International Relations Mass Communication General History English Sindhi Urdu Arabic Persian Statistics Rural Development Studies The general Pre-requisite qualification for admission to the Bachelor Hons. programs under these Faculties is H.S.C. with Arts/ Science/ Commerce OR Home Economics groups: 4-Yr. (8 Semester) Bachelor degree program in English and Sindhi is being introduced from 2009 session. Art & Design are already conducting 4-yr. degree program. The CH requirement of these disciplines are in process of approval:

Health & Phys Sociology Library & Info Philosophy Religion Fine Arts Women Deve

The 6- Semester Bachelor (Honours) Curricula comprise A. General Education Requirements, 4 Semester, (14) i) English (8) ii) Pakistan Studies (1) iii) Islamic Studies or Ethics for Non-Muslim (1) iv) Urdu/ Sindhi/ Additional English in lieu of mother tongue(4) B: semester) C: Semester Elective courses- discipline- in which Majoring (Six (58) Supporting Minors: 2 courses (in each semester) , four (24)

Total 96 credit hours The two supporting Minor courses are to be offered from amongst the under- mentioned Group A & B, one from each group and excluding the discipline offered as Major. The students must give in writing their choice of minor subjects, within one week of commencement of classes, to the Head of the concerned department to which admitted:


For the 4-yr. (8- Semester) Bachelor degree programs offered by the teaching departments under the Faculty of Social Sciences the Course requirements are as under:A. General Education Courses during 1-4 semester 32 C.H. B. i) Elective Major discipline courses 91 C.H. ii) Supporting Minor courses (from Group A & B as listed above) 24 C.H. TOTAL 147 CH

C: Free choice Elective subjects e.g., Fine Arts, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy (Not yet implemented) Total C.H. for 8-semester program (18 C.H. per semester) 146 C.H. Table: Major subjects and disciplines offered as supporting Minor Courses.Major

Minor-I Minor-II (any one) Botany Zoology Chemistry/ Bio-Chemistry/ Freshwater Biology/ Physiology Chemistry Physics Zoology/ Botany/ Fresh Water Biology/ Physiology Freshwater Biology & Fisheries Zoology Chemistry/ Bio-Chemistry/ Physiology Genetics Chemistry Botany/ Physiology/ Microbiology/ Zoology Geography (For Pre-Engineering) Chemistry/ Statistics (For Pre-Medical) Geology Botany/ Chemistry/ Zoology


For the 4-yr (8- Semester) Bachelors degree programs under the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the requirement is not more than 146 credit hours, with curricula organised as under: The 8- Semester Bachelor Curricula comprise:Weightage A. General Education requirements 4 Semester 32 C.H. i) English (12) ii) Pakistan Studies (2) iii) Islamic Studies or Ethics (2) iv) General Maths (2+2+2=6) v) Environmetal Science (2) vi) Statistics & Computer Skills (2) vii) Civilization (2) viii) Economics/ Accounting (2) B: (i) Elective: Major discipline; Eight semester courses 90 C.H.

(ii) Supporting Minors, I & II courses during 1st 4 Semesters to be offered in consultation with the 24 C.H. Director/ Chairperson of the Institute/ Department in which majoring, as per combinations listed below

Geology (For Pre-Engineering) Applied Mathematics Chemistry/ Physics/ Geography (For Pre-Medical) Statistics Chemistry/ Botany/ Physics/ Zoology/ Microbiology Mathematics Applied Mathematics Chemistry/ Geology/ Physics/ Geography Microbiology Physiology Biochemistry/ Biotechnology/ Zoology Physics Mathematics/Statistics Chemistry/ Geology/ Microbiology Applied

(5) The Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration offers 4- Yr. (8- semester) B.Com. (Hons.) & B.B.A. (Hons.) programs followed by 2-yr. M.Com. & M.B.A. (Hons.) programs, equivalent to MS/ M.Phil. in these disciplines. i) B.Com. (Hons.) 8- Semester program: curricula comprise: a. General Requirements

b. c.

General Education course Professional courses Requirements

Physiology Bio-Chemistry/ Biotechnology/ Fresh Water Biology/ Zoology Psychology (For Pre-Medical) Bio-Chemistry/ Botany/ Zoology Physiology ii)

including supporting Minor courses: 136 credit hours The B.B.A. 8- semester program 146 credit hours

(For Pre-Engineering) Statisitics Bio-chemistry/ Chemistry/ Physics Statistics Computer Application Economics/ Business / Public Administration Zoology Chemistry/ Physiology Note: The students must give in writing their choice of minor subjects, within one week of commencement of classes, to the head of the concerned institute/ department to which admitted. (4) For the 5-yr (10- Semester) Pharm-D degree under the Faculty of Pharmacy, the minimum requirements are 202 credit hours, with curricula organised as under: a. General Requirements 010 credit hours b. Professional Requiremtns 192 credit hours (5) The 5-yr (10-Semester) Law degree (D.Juris) under the Faculty of Law, requirement is 168 CH Fresh Water Botany Biology/ Biochemistry/

COURSE DESCRIPTIONThe curricula organization for all the Bachelor & Master degree programs under various Faculties are listed in this section, under respective Faculties. Details of the coursese are available with the concerned department/ course teachers. Details of Lab. courses (Practicals/ Fieldwork in Natural & Social Sciences) are also available with the course teacher concerned. The relevance of course numbers to level of programs has been specified under Semester Regulations (see at the end of this Catalogue). It is however summerised here for convenience and identification of the level of program. a. Bachelor Programs 300-309 General education/ compulsory courses offered during first & second semester. 310-319 Major discipline courses to be offered during first & second semester. 320 Supporting Minior-I of 4-yr. BS 350-319 Supporting Minor courses to be offered during first & second semester. 400-409 Courses offered under General education/ compulsory during third & fourth semester. 410-419 Major discipline courses to be offered during third & fourth semester. 420 Supporting Minor-II of 4-yr. BS 450-499 Supporting Minor courses to be offered during third & fourth semester. 500-599 courses to be offered during fifth & sixth semester of the 4-yr/3-yr. Bachelor Hons. programs including 3rd Professional Pharm-D. and 5-yr. LL.B. 600- 699 7th and 8th semester of the 4-yr. Bachelor degree programs. 700- 799 9th & 10th semester Pharm. D. courses of the Final Professional under the Faculty of Pharmacy and for 5year Law degree program.. b. Bachelor of Education and other Second Bachelor Degree Programs Ba