Catalog of Publications and Videos - NRMCA .2006-10-26  Our Newest Publications and Videos LEED

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Transcript of Catalog of Publications and Videos - NRMCA .2006-10-26  Our Newest Publications and Videos LEED

  • Catalog ofPublicationsand Videos

    NNEEWW Pubs, videos and more.

  • Our Newest Publications and VideosLEED Reference Guide - Much new

    public construction, and more and more

    private sector construction is now

    required to be LEED Certified. This

    guide will help you educate specifiers

    about the energy saving and pro-envi-

    ronmental benefits of concrete and how

    it may fit into projects that are to be

    LEED Certified. It also includes infor-

    mation to help you improve your busi-

    ness financial and concretes environmental

    performance. 81-5: $20 each 86-25: $15 each 826-50: $10 each

    851 or more: $10 each #2PLEED1

    Commercial ICF Promotion Brochure

    Insulating Concrete Form (ICF)

    technology is winning more and more

    converts from competing wall systems.

    Using helpful illustrations and appealing

    photos of complete projects, this 4-page

    brochure informs commercial building

    owners, lenders, engineers, specifiers and

    others about the ICFs economic and

    green benefits.

    Pkg. of 50 ($57 members and non-members) #2PICF50

    Pkg. of 250 ($200 members and non-members) #2PICF250

    Pkg. of 500 ($350 members and non-members) #2PICF500

    Look for other recent promotion brochures on page 5.

    Text Reference for Pervious Concrete

    Contractor Certification - Demand for

    pervious concrete is growing rapidly.

    With expert, thorough and clear text,

    supported by helpful diagrams and pho-

    tographs, this text will tell you what you

    need to know about What a Concrete

    Craftsman Needs to Know About

    Pervious Concrete Pervious Concrete

    Mixtures and Production Tools and

    Equipment General Design Principles of

    Pervious Pavements Pervious Concrete Construction

    Maintenance and Troubleshooting. 8$50 each #2PPCRT

    New Driver Training DVDs:

    Environmental Issues for RM

    Drivers (4 parts) Properly shut-

    ting down diesel engines Safe

    operation of a typical water system

    Preventing costly slips, trips and

    falls Plus three new videos on

    Dump Trucks and other heavy equip-

    ment Whether or not you are part of the

    Mentor Driver program, these 10-15 minute, high-quality videos

    are an essential component of any up-to-date driver

    training program. Check out the entire catalog of

    videos at

    ConcreteTech - A brand new video training series coveringimportant concrete technical matters, presented by veteran

    industry technical expert and acclaimed instructor Gary Mullings

    Quality Assurance Testing Series

    - Volume #1: Preparation of

    4"x8" Compression Test

    Specimens - This information-

    packed, easy-to-follow 14-minute

    video, details the steps and proce-

    dures that an ACI Grade I Field

    Testing Technicians (or equivalent)

    should follow in preparing 4"x8"

    compressive strength specimens in accordance with ASTM C31,

    including: sampling, molding, curing, identifying and reporting. 8In

    DVD, VHS and Computer CD 8$35.00 #2P194

    Watch a clip at

    Pervious Concrete: Hydrological

    Design and Resources (CD-

    ROM): An important reference

    tool, which includes Pervious

    Concrete Pavements, covering pervi-

    ous applications and engineering

    properties, environmental benefits,

    structural properties, and durabili-

    ty; plus an analysis tool on hydrological

    design, which illustrates the behavior of pervious concrete sys-

    tems in relatively simple situations. ($25 members, $15 each for

    five or more.) #2PHYDRO

    Pervious Concrete at the LEED-

    Certified East Atlanta Library

    (Mini-CD-ROM): This mini-CD

    provides a compelling computer-

    animated case-study on the design

    and building of the LEED-

    certified East Atlanta Library. The

    building includes a pervious concrete

    parking lot, eliminating polluted storm

    water run-off, and contributing to cooler building systems. ($5

    each.) #2PDEMO

    Visit for the complete library of essential books, videos and tools.

    Engineering.......................................Pg. 1

    Management.....................................Pg. 3

    Environmental .................................Pg. 3

    Operations ........................................Pg. 4

    Safety..................................................Pg. 4

    Promotion.........................................Pg. 5

    National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, 2006

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    Concrete In Practice (English &

    Spanish) - Concrete in Practice

    Sheets are one-page discussions on

    various concrete topics., written in a

    "What? Why? And How" scheme

    and intended to provide information

    in a non-technical format. Offered in

    both English and Spanish (38 topics

    in total). Each CIP is sold in pack-

    ages of 50. ($17 members, $25 non-

    members) #2PCIP & #2PCIPES

    Concrete In Practice Full Set - All 38 English or 36 Spanish top-

    ics, collated and hole punched. 20 Full Sets ($200 members, $300

    non-members) #2PCIP100 & #2PCIP100es Single Set ($25

    members, $100 non-members) #2PCIPS & #2PCIPSes

    User's Guide to ASTM

    Specification C 94, D. Gene Daniel

    and Colin Lobo - Twenty comprehen-

    sive chapters explain every section of

    ASTM C 94, Specification for Ready-

    Mixed Concrete, including back-

    ground, scope, referenced documents,

    ordering information, materials,

    numerical examples and much more.

    An excellent reference for RM produc-

    ers and design professionals who write

    specifications for concrete construc-

    tion. ($55 members, $67 non-members) #2PMNL49

    ASTM Standards for Concrete

    Technician Certification - Includes

    12 ASTM practices and test methods

    related to testing fresh and hardened

    concrete, including those required for

    ACI Grade I field-testing and strength

    testing technician certification. It

    also includes the specification for

    ready mixed concrete, ASTM C 94.

    This compilation was reprinted

    by ASTM in January 2006.

    ($25 members, $100 non-members) #2P170

    Concrete Field Testing

    Technician Training CD ROM -

    2004 ASTM US; Version 2.2 A CD-

    ROM based training tool for the

    ACI Concrete Field Testing

    Technician, Grade I. The CD, which

    covers all seven ASTM standards

    addressed by ACI's certification, is

    designed to be self-paced, interactive

    and effective for all styles of learn-

    ing. The CD includes text, a slide

    presentation and a video demonstra-

    tion for each of the seven test procedures. Developed by eTEC,

    Engineering Training and Education Consultants. Visit eTEC's

    website at ($40 members, $40 non-mem-

    bers) #2PETEC-CD

    Compilation of ASTM Standards

    Relating to Concrete - Reprinted for

    2006, this compilation contains the 43

    most current ASTM specifications,

    practices and test methods relating to

    cement, fly ash, slag, silica fume,

    admixtures, aggregates and concrete --

    including three of the newest stan-

    dards, only available in print from

    NRMCA ($45 members, $100 non-

    members) #2P187

    Fly Ash Facts for Engineers 4th

    Ed. - Joint publication of the Federal

    Highway Administration and the

    American Coal Ash Association pro-

    vides basic technical information

    about various uses of Fly Ash in

    highway construction. Endorsed by

    U.S. EPA, June 2003. ($12 members,

    $12 non-members) #2PFHWA019

    CIP 1 Dusting Concrete Surfaces

    CIP 2 Scaling Concrete Surfaces

    CIP 3 Crazing Concrete Surfaces

    CIP 4 Cracking Concrete Surfaces

    CIP 5 Plastic Shrinkage Cracking

    CIP 6 Joints in Concrete Slabs on Grade

    CIP 7 Cracks in Concrete Basement Walls

    CIP 8 Discrepancies in Yield

    CIP 9 Low Concrete Cylinder Strength

    CIP 10 Strength of In-Place Concrete

    CIP 11 Curing In-Place Concrete

    CIP 12 Hot Weather Concreting

    CIP 13 Concrete Blisters

    CIP 14 Finishing Concrete Flatwork

    CIP 15 Chemical Admixtures for Concrete

    CIP 16 Flexural Strength of Concrete

    CIP 17 Flowable Fill Materials

    CIP 18 Radon Resistant Buildings

    CIP 19 Curling of Concrete Slabs

    CIP 20 Delamination of Troweled

    Concrete Surfaces

    CIP 21 Loss of Air Content in Pumped


    CIP 22 Grout

    CIP 23 Discoloration

    CIP 24 Synthetic Fibers for Concrete

    CIP 25 Corrosion of Steel in Concrete

    CIP 26 Jobsite Addition of Water

    CIP 27 Cold Weather Concreting

    CIP 28 Concrete Slab Moisture

    CIP 29 Vapor Retarders Under Slabs

    on Grade

    CIP 30 Supplementary Cementitious


    CIP 31 Ordering Ready Mixed Concrete

    CIP 32 Concrete Pre-Construction


    CIP 33 High Strength Concrete

    CIP 34 Making Concrete Cylinders in the Field

    CIP 35 Testing Compressive Strength of


    CIP 36 Structural Lightweight Concrete

    (English only)

    CIP 37 Self Consolidating Concrete

    CIP 38 Pervious Concrete

    CIP 39 Concrete Maturity NEW


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