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A brief history of Instagram's adoption cycle of the open source distributed database Apache Cassandra, in addition to details about it's use case and implementation. This was presented at the San Francisco Cassandra Meetup at the Disqus HQ in August 2013.

Transcript of Cassandra at Instagram (August 2013)

  • CASSANDRA AT INSTAGRAM Rick Branson, Infrastructure Engineer @rbranson SF Cassandra Meetup August 29, 2013 Disqus HQ
  • September 2012 Redis fillin' up.
  • What sucks?
  • THE OBVIOUS Memory is expensive.
  • LESS OBVIOUS: In-memory "degrades" poorly
  • Flat namespace. What's in there? Heap fragmentation Single threaded
  • Boils down to centralized logging VERY high skew of writes to reads (1,000:1) Ever growing data set Durability highly valued Dumb to store it in RAM, basically... The Data
  • Cassandra 1.1 3 EC2 m1.xlarge (2-core, 15GB RAM) RAIDed ephemerals (1.6TB of SATA) RF=3 6GB Heap, 200MB NewSize HSHA The Setup
  • It worked. Mostly.
  • The horriblecool thing about Chef...
  • commit a1489a34d2aa69316b010146ab5254895f7b9141 Author: Rick Branson Date: Thu Oct 18 20:05:16 2012 -0700 Follow the rules for Cassandra listen_address so I don't burn a whole day fixing my retarded mistake
  • commit 41c96f3243a902dd6af4ea29ef6097351a16494a Author: Rick Branson Date: Tue Oct 30 17:12:00 2012 -0700 Use 256k JVM stack size for C* -- fixes a bug that got integrated with 1.1.6 packaging + Java 1.6.0_u34+
  • November 2013 Doubled to 6 nodes. 18,000 connections. Spread those more evenly.
  • commit 3f2e4f2e5da6fe99d7f3fc13c0da09b464b3a9e0 Author: Rick Branson Date: Wed Nov 21 09:50:21 2012 -0800 Drop key cache size on C*UA cluster: was causing heap issues, and apparently 1GB is _WAY_ outside of the normal range of operation for nodes of this size.
  • commit 5926aa5ce69d48e5f2bb7c0d0e86b411645bc786 Author: Rick Branson Date: Mon Dec 24 12:41:13 2012 -0800 Lower memtable sizes on C* UA cluster to make more room for compression metadata / bloom filters on heap
  • 1.2.1. It went well. well... until...
  • commit 84982635d5c807840d625c22a8bd4407c1879eba Author: Rick Branson Date: Thu Jan 31 09:43:56 2013 -0800 Switch Cassandra from tokens to vnodes commit e990acc5dc69468c8a96a848695fca56e79f8b83 Author: Rick Branson Date: Sun Feb 10 20:26:32 2013 -0800 We aren't ready for vnodes yet guys
  • TAKEAWAY Let stupidenterprising, experienced operators that will submit patches take the first few bullets on brand-new major versions.
  • commit acb02daea57dca889c2aa45963754a271fa51566 Author: Rick Branson Date: Sun Feb 10 20:36:34 2013 -0800 Doubled C* cluster
  • commit cc13a4c15ee0051bb7c4e3b13bd6ae56301ac670 Author: Rick Branson Date: Thu Mar 14 16:23:18 2013 -0700 Subtract token from C*ua7 to replace the node
  • pycassa exceptions (last 6 months)
  • 3.4TB vnode migration still pending
  • TAKEAWAY Adopt a technology by understanding what it's best at and letting it do that first, then expand...
  • Sharded master/slave Redis 32x68GB (m2.4xlarge) Space (memory) bound Resharding sucks Failover is manual, wakes us up at night
  • user_id: [ activity, activity, ... ]
  • user_id: [ activity, activity, ... ] Thrift Serialized Activity
  • Bound the Size user_id: [ activity1, activity2, ... activity100, activity101, ... ] LTRIM 0 99
  • Undo user_id: [ activity1, activity2, activity3, ... ] LREM 0
  • C* data model user_id TimeUUID1 TimeUUID2 ... TimeUUID101 user_id ...
  • Bound the Size user_id TimeUUID1 TimeUUID2 ... TimeUUID101 user_id ... get() delete(, columns=[, , , ...])
  • The great destroyer of systems shows up. Tombstones abound.
  • user_id TimeUUID1 TimeUUID2 ... TimeUUID2 user_id ... [tombstone]user_id timestamp1 timestamp2 ... timestamp2 Cassandra internally stores deletes as tombstones, which mark data for a given column as deleted at-or-before a timestamp. Column Delete tombstone timestamp is >= live column timestamp, so it will be hidden from queries and compacted away.
  • user_id TimeUUID1 TimeUUID2 ... TimeUUID101 user_id ... user_id timestamp1 timestamp2 ... timestamp101 TimeUUID = timestamp To avoid tombstones, exploit that the timestamp embedded in our TimeUUID (ordering) is the same as the column timestamp.
  • user_id TimeUUID1 TimeUUID2 ... TimeUUID101 user_id ... user_id timestamp1 timestamp2 ... timestamp101 delete(, timestamp=) Row Delete Cassandra can also store row tombstones, which delete all data from a row at-or-before the timestamp provided.
  • Optimizes Reads SSTable max_ts=100 SSTable max_ts=200 SSTable max_ts=300 SSTable max_ts=400 SSTable max_ts=500 SSTable max_ts=600 SSTable max_ts=700 SSTable max_ts=800 Contains row tombstone with timestamp 350 Safely ignored using in-memory metadata
  • ~10% of actions are undos.
  • Undo Support user_id TimeUUID1 TimeUUID2 ... TimeUUID101 user_id ... get() delete(, columns=[])
  • get() delete(, columns=[]) Simple Race Condition The state of the row may have changed between these two operations.
  • Replica [A, B] Replica [A] Writer insert B OK Replica [A, B] FAIL Like Diverging Replicas
  • Replica [A, B] Replica [A] Writer read [A] Replica [A, B] Undo Like Diverging Replicas Replica is missing B, so if a read is required to find B before deleting it, it's going to fail.
  • SuperColumn = Old/Busted AntiColumn = New/Hotness user_id (0, ) (1, ) (1, ) user_id anti-column activity activity "Anti-Column" Borrowing from the idea of Cassandra's by- name tombstones, Contains an MD5 hash of the activity data "value" it is marking as deleted.
  • user_id (0, ) (1, ) (1, ) user_id anti-column activity activity Composite Column First component is zero for anti-columns, splitting the row into two independent lists, and ensuring the anti-columns always appear at the head.
  • Replica [A, B] Replica [A] Writer insert B OK Replica [A, B] FAIL Like Diverging Replicas: Solved
  • Replica [A, B, C] Replica [A, C] Writer insert C Replica [A, B, C] Undo Like Diverging Replicas: Solved OK Instead of read-before-write, an anti-column is inserted to mark the activity as deleted.
  • TAKEAWAY Read-before-write is a smell. Try to model data as a log of user "intent" rather than manhandling the data into place.
  • Keep 30% "buffer" for trims. Undo without read. (thumbsup) Large lists suck for this. (thumbsdown) CASSANDRA-5527
  • Built in two days. Experience paid off.
  • Reusability is key to rapid rollout. Great documentation eases concerns.
  • C* 1.2.3 vnodes, LeveledCompactionStrategy 12 hi1.4xlarge (8-core, 60GB, 2T SSD) 3 AZs, RF=3, CL W=TWO R=ONE 8G heap, 800M NewSize Initial Setup
  • 1. Dial up Double Writes 2. Test with "Shadow" Reads 3. Dial up "Real" Reads Rollout
  • commit 1c3d99a9e337f9383b093009dba074b8ade20768 Author: Rick Branson Date: Mon May 6 14:58:54 2013 -0700 Bump C* inbox heap size 8G -> 10G, seeing heap pressure
  • Bootstrapping sucked because compacting 10,000 SSTables takes forever. sstable_size_in_m