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cashflow industry introduction. How to find cashflow instruments to broker or invest in. factoring, mortgage loans, purchase order invoicing

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  • 7/17/2019 Cashflow Industry





    Structured Settlements

    Consulting For Profit

    ash flow Industry

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  • 7/17/2019 Cashflow Industry



    Chapter One

    Career ProfileLife as a Commercial Finance Consultant. 3

    Services in Demand.. 4Challenges / Income... 5Investment Opportunities... 6Personal Qualifications.. 7Ingredients for Success.. 8

    Chapter Two

    Description of Products and ServicesGetting the Job Done..11Commercial Factoring... 12Purchase Order Finance. 13Asset-Based Lending. 14

    Equipment Leasing.15Discount Mortgage Notes...16Business Notes... 17Structured Settlements... 18Other Paper, products and Services... 19Other Services and Products

    Chapter Three

    Setting Up Your OfficeHome Office.. 23Commercial space. 24Other Areas of Importance. 25Image and Customer Perspective

    Chapter Four

    Marketing / ProspectingDirect Marketing & Networking 29Relationships, List building & Database Management. 30Prospecting, using the Internet & Your company Website31Promotional Workshops & Seminars.32

    Chapter Five

    Getting StartedTraining with DataMax.. 35Website Construction & Hosting Services36Questions & Answers Area... 37



  • 7/17/2019 Cashflow Industry


    INTRODUCTIONThis guide is designed to provide you with a no-nonsense introduction to

    the business of consulting in alternative commercial finance or what is commonlyreferred to as the cash flow industry. It was written by industry professionals withmany years of experience in the areas of product knowledge and training as well

    as marketing and prospecting methods utilized by seasoned industry businessdevelopment personnel. Most importantly, Consulting for Profit in the CashFlow Industrywas written to address the myths and misconceptions about industrycareers which are most commonly proliferated by late night business opportunityspecialists and make-a-million-overnight training gurus.

    Whether you call it the alternative commercial finance, business paper,or cash flow, the business of becoming a highly compensated industry consultantis multi-faceted, demanding, and, at times, complex. It is a business of polish andsophistication certainly for which not all come prepared. It definitely is not, as thelate night business opportunity maestros might tell you, a business that anyone cansucceed at. Successful industry brokers and consultants are much sought after andvery, very highly compensated. If success in the industry was easy to accomplishand something that anyone could attain, rest assured that everyone would bedoing it.

    Most certainly, to enter the industry you will need to acquire a significantamount of knowledge about alternative commercial finance and its componentssuch as accounts receivable factoring,purchase order finance, commercialcontract finance, export-import trade finance, asset-based lending, andforfaiting.You may also wish to explore alternative consumer financing transactions such asseller carry-back mortgage notes, owner financed business notes, structuredsettlement liquidations, mobile home paper, tax certificates, and lottery / gamingannuities. To become successful, your ability to obtain considerable knowledgeabout these and many other areas of alternative commercial / consumer financingis essential.

    Paramount to your success, however, will be your ability to both marketand prospect efficiently and competitively and to generate the sufficient leads,prospects, and ultimately clients which will generate your salary, consulting feesand commissions paid to you from financing sources. As a consultant, you willneed to come prepared to networkby joining referral organizations such as localChambers of Commerce, trade organizations, andfraternaland charitable clubs.You will need to establish and implement productive lead-generating directmarketing campaigns and efficiently organize and manage each name / leadthrough the sales process. Most importantly, you must acquire expertprospectingskills to qualify leads that present quality client potential and to discard the timewasters and information seekers.

    There are many other facets of the industry that you need to become

    familiar with. This guide was created only to introduce you to the necessaryconcepts, marketing skills, and product knowledge that you must acquire toseriously enter the industry. It is designed to truthfully inform you about industryopportunities and to assist you in making the important career decisions necessaryto successfully become a highly compensated consultant in commercial finance.

    Robert McMahon

    Founder and PresidentAegis Factors, Incorporated



  • 7/17/2019 Cashflow Industry



  • 7/17/2019 Cashflow Industry


    Experience knowledge business

    Sourcing new career challenge

    business growth entrepreneur

    New skills consulting income

    Highly compensated lucrative

    commi Downsi zing fee

    sourcing retrainExperience

    knowledge business Sourcing

    new new career challenge

    business growth entrepreneur

    New il professional income

    Highly compensated lucrative

    eginning your new career as a

    consultant in commercial finance

    will require a significant amount of

    study time and reasonable amount of start-

    up capital. One of the most essential steps

    when beginning this or any new career is

    that you spend some time reflecting on

    your goals and the challenges ahead.Make sure you enter with the industry with

    the determination necessary to succeed

    and to see it through to the end.


  • 7/17/2019 Cashflow Industry




    ONGRATULATIONS! You areexploring the possibilities of anew career as a consultant in

    alternative commercial finance. Manybegin seeking new careers as a result ofcorporate downsizing, lack of advance-ment potential, or simply job loss due tooutsourcing. To be certain, much of thesecurity that was once a benefit of beinga productive team player for largedomestic corporations is a thing of thepast.

    More and more jobs are lost each and every dayto outsourcing. In New America, even statesponsored service sector jobs are now dutifullyhandled by residents of India, Pakistan, and otherareas of the Pacific Rim. Each year, more and moremanufacturers find they must relocate productionfacilities to mainland China or face fierce andinsurmountable competition from others that do.Even those companies that manage to remain competitivewithout relocation, do so only through downsizing,salary reductions, and employee benefits elimination.

    Whether you are acting reactively as a result of alreadyexperiencing some or all of the above or proactivelybecause you can clearly see that the handwriting is on thewall, you are at the very least, exploring the possibilitiesof a career move that will allow you to build a lucrativeconsulting business, enjoy an upscale financiallycomfortable lifestyle, and take pride in a profession ofprestige and distinction.

    A career as a consultant / broker in alternativecommercial finance can provide a virtually unparalleledstandard of living for those equipped for the task and

    driven by a need for success. Productive professionalswill enjoy extraordinary income potential, inherent jobsecurity, and the exceptional freedom and flexibility thatcomes with being your own boss. As an industryconsultant, the services you offer are constantly indemand by individuals, small business owners, and largecorporations alike.

  • 7/17/2019 Cashflow Industry


    YOUR SERVICES ARE IN DEMANDThe career opportunity you are exploring, consulting,

    is one of the most rapidly expanding in business today. Yournew area of expertise, however, is one in which few consultants

    practice. Consultants generally bring their training,, experience,and knowledge to bear to provide solutions to problems wherein-house know-how is at a minimum or lacking entirely. Forindividuals and business owners alike, few areas provide greatermysteries and frustrations that those involving finance. As analternative commercial finance consultant, companies andindividuals may need your help to:

    plan a mortgage liquidation strategy that wasnecessary to effect the sale of a hard-to-sell home.

    provide financing strategies for an exceptionally largeand unforeseen manufacturing order from a new


    arrange for letters-of-credit and purchase orderfinance for a companys first Pacific Rimmanufacturing efforts.

    assist in liquidating a seller carry-back mortgage to

    help pay for pending medical bills.

    liquidate a structured settlement to generate cash forcareer re-training.

    provide accounts receivable financing to assist in a

    corporate restructuring.

    arrange for a lump sum payment on a gambling jack-pot to purchase a new home.

    arrange an inventory revolving line of credit for acompanys seasonal increases in production .

    liquidate a business note from the sale of a previousbusiness to purchase a new one.

    create a commercial financing growth plan for anewly formed small disadvantaged business


    source venture capital for the developer of a lifesaving medical process.

    This list represents only a small fraction of the fee-generating opportunities available to financial consultants.


    Accounts receivable

    financing and

    accounts factoring are

    considered the crown

    jewels of commercial

    finance tools due to

    their flexibility a