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Tata Tea Jagore Campaign

Transcript of Casestudies tata tea_jagore

  • 1.

2. Brief

  • Educate the user to use his spare time with a sense of responsibility
  • To motivate young people to join force in building the nation
  • To expose the user to the tagline of Har subah utho mut, Jaago Re .

3. Idea

  • Free SMS is a key feature which enables a user to be in touch with his friends who are on the move.
  • On the SMS confirmation page, a pop up comes which says Finished gossiping with your friends? Ab thoda time India ke liye bhi nikal do .
  • User is motivated to know how he could use his spare time for India.
  • After that User is given a platform of JAAGO Re where he can contribute in nation building.
  • And finally the commentary ends with All your country needs is your spare time.

4. On Going - Result

  • Campaign is delivering a CTR of 10%

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