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  • By Sophie Bennett ILL MANORS
  • RESEARCH: Ill Manors is a British film & was released on the 6th of June 2012 Story line: The lives of four drug dealers, one user and two prostitutes It was directed & written by Ben Drew Stars: Riz Ahmed, Ed Skrein, Natalie Press ect Target audience: 15-25 years of age 18 classification Locations: Manor Park, London, United Kingdom & London, England, UK Genre: Crime, Drama
  • PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Microwave Film London BBC Films Aimimage Productions Gunslinger (co-production) Ill Manors
  • DISTRIBUTORS: Revolver Entertainment (2012) (UK) (theatrical) Revolver Entertainment (2012) (Ireland) (theatrical) Benelux Film Distributors (2012) (Netherlands) (theatrical) DistriB Films (2013) (France) (theatrical) Belux Film Distributors (BFD) Home Entertainment (2012) (Netherlands) (DVD) Benelux Film Distributors (BFD) Home Entertainment (2012) (Netherlands) (Blu-ray) (DVD) Berkshire Axis Media (2012) (Canada) (all media) Film1 (2013) (Netherlands) (TV) (limited) Koch Media (2014) (Germany) (DVD) Koch Media (2014) (Germany) (Blu-ray) (DVD) Mozinet (2013) (Hungary) (all media) Pincle Films (2013) (Australia) (DVD) Revolver Entertainment (2012) (UK) (DVD) Revolver Entertainment (2012) (UK) (Blu-ray) (DVD) Revolver Entertainment (2012) (UK) (video) (Video on Demand) Synergy Cinema (2012) (France) (all media)
  • REVENUE: Budget: 100, 000 Box Office: 453, 570 (UK)
  • DISTRIBUTION: DVD, Blu-Ray, Download and On- Demand. The CD: Plan Bs album release of Ill Manors used multiple interesting digital marketing techniques. The campaign combines both traditional and digital media and was kicked off by release of a tweet-to-unlock campaign that promoted via digital media and physical posters than included the hash tag Illmanorsalbum. Marketing using TV spots and a website. Digital was at the heart of the campaign. The campaign was a mixture of social media, digital and outdoor. Plan B released this music video as a protest video to create awareness. Plan B himself grew up in a council estate before he became noticed in the music industry therefore he knows how these young people in council estates feel as they are not heard to the public but discriminated as negative people.
  • DISTRIBUTION: CD soundtrack: released as a sound track to the film of the same name, Plan Bs album went straight to no. 1 in the official UK Album Charts (released in July 2012) This was unusual for a CD soundtrack of a rapper to help publicise the film. This was crucial for the film to do well because it played a key role in advertising. Skyfall didnt need the CD by Adele to do well as much as Ill Manors did.
  • SYNERGY: The release of 2 or more products at once that promote each other. By having two products released they benefit each other, therefore they have a beneficial relationship, known as Symbiotic. Symbiotic: A film promotes the soundtrack, which promotes the DVD, which promotes the game, which promotes the TV, which promotes the website, which promotes the advent calendar, which promotes the film ect. For example: the release of a film and a soundtrack. In the film Skyfall all products are owned by Sony, this is known as vertical integration. Synergy works when different elements of companies promote each other, for example: a film studio, record label, video game ect. Sony can use synergy much more because its a conglomerate which owns various smaller companies (subsiduaries)
  • SYNERGY: Sony Pictures Entertainments Skyfall is released at the same time as Sony-owned soundtrack CD. Ill Manors film is released the same time as Plan Bs CD and soundtrack. Sony electronics released a new TV and new adverts featured Skyfall when promoting it. The DVDs would be advertising on the Skyfall or Ill Manors website.
  • MEDIA CONVERGENCE: The combining of two or more mediums (media products) Different mediuma are TV, film, computer graphics, radio and websites. Media convergence in a film industry can happen in production, distribution or exhibition. It happens when the music industry comes together with the film industry. For example: when Adele released the new single for Skyfall. Tv industry works with the animation industry. Film industry works with the music industry. Video game industry works with online media.
  • DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SYNERGY AND CROSS MEDIA CONVERGENCE: Synergy and media convergence are quite similar. However the key difference is that cross media convergence involves media products and synergy can involve non media products. For example: merchandise.
  • ILL MANORS SYNERGY & CROSS MEDIA CONVERGENCE: Synergy and cross media convergence: Ill Manors film released with Plan Bs CD, the DVD and Blu Rays, the website. Synergy only: any clothes, calendars, that are released at the same time as the film.