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Transcript of Case Study Arcadis Architecture, Engineering ... - Fuji Xerox · PDF file Case Study Arcadis...

  • Case Study Arcadis

    Arcadis – More productive and sustainable with Fuji Xerox Managed Print Services

    Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

    About Arcadis Arcadis is a global brand with 300 offices and 28,000 employees spanning 70 countries.

    Arcadis provides exceptional and sustainable outcomes in design and consultancy, and professional technical skills in the areas of natural assets; air, water and land and built assets; infrastructure, buildings and processing and energy assets.

    Building on the strength and heritage of established brands – Arcadis Logos, EC Harris, Hyder Consulting and Langdon & Seah – the new consolidated Arcadis is now poised to deliver high-impact and scalable solutions to clients worldwide.


    Arcadis was utilizing a combination of less advanced multifunction devices, printers and fax machines from different brands.

    When breakdowns occurred, more than one vendor had to be called in, making it time consuming to coordinate repairs. The older machines were also bulkier and had an increasing number of paper jams and dirty print jobs.

    A drive to enhance cost efficiency also highlighted a need to implement a proper charge-back system to monitor usage and spend in an attempt to reduce the total cost of ownership. In addition, to meet their initiative to go-green, Arcadis required not only environmentally-friendly machines, but also ways to optimize the number of devices and usage in the office – to gain visibility and control of their printing.

    However, the improved productivity goal and go-green initiatives were hampered by the frequent machine downtimes. Fuji Xerox was tasked to resolve these issues and provide a solution that is secure, flexible, environmentally-friendly yet allows for seamless management

    The Fuji Xerox Solution

    The Fuji Xerox Global Services Principal used the proprietary software, Maturity Assessment Tool, to determine the maturity level of Arcadis’ current business and print environment, thus identifying areas for improvement and providing a roadmap to achieving Arcadis’ future state vision. Fuji Xerox then continued with a much more in- depth assessment to map the current state of Arcadis’ print infrastructure and were able to provide a future state space

    optimization proposal which helped to reduce the current fleet of 32 devices to 24.

    The integration of Fuji Xerox ApeosPort- IV 5570 to an all-in one-solution played a key role in delivering enhanced security platforms, greater mobility and clear visibility of usage for Arcadis. This integration freed up valuable office space and with the reduced number of devices, Arcadis saw immediate savings in device management and maintenance costs.

    Additional services were also put in place to proactively monitor device faults and supply of consumables. From a single point of management, potential issues of equipment performance and consumables can be pre-emptively assessed and solved. This leads to lesser downtime, and increased staff productivity by reducing unnecessary administration and device management.

    Arcadis can now concentrate on their core business while optimizing the use of their devices efficiently.

    Managed Print Services (MPS)

    With Fuji Xerox MPS, the security of Arcadis’ mobile and cloud environment were reinforced, while document-related

  • First, as part of a long term solution roadmap determined by the Maturity Assessment Tool, the following steps were taken:

    Optimizing Print Assets – Fuji Xerox conducted in-depth assessments to uncover hidden costs in equipment and created a baseline of customers’ current spend. Our tools provided accurate analytics in optimizing their print assets required in Arcadis’ office – through strategic placements of the devices and reduced number of devices placed. We customized a strategy to suit Arcadis’ business needs that helped to reduce tangible costs like number of devices and consumables, and intangible costs like freeing up employees’ time, while reducing the environmental impact via reduction of their overall power and carbon consumption.

    Optimizing Print Usage – Once the print assets were optimized, Fuji Xerox implemented a seamless integration of “Follow-You Print” with Arcadis’ existing IT environment. Through “Follow-You Print”, Arcadis’ IT team is able to have full control on the access rights to all devices including authorized printing usage of each employee. With a single control, Arcadis can enjoy a secured print environment through user validation and authentication and it further helped them to improve operational costs, employee’s printing habits and reduce unnecessary printing.

    “With the “Follow-You Print” from Fuji Xerox, staff can now print from any of the 24 printers in our office, no matter which department they are from, and which floor they are on. All they need is the issued token, tap the token at the printer, and that’s it,” said Abdul Rahim B Pilus, Business Support Manager of Arcadis.

    “Follow-You Print” allowed Arcadis’ employees to enjoy convenience in printing, anytime, anywhere from any machine within the company. And with the added benefit of allocated charge- back to departments, there is accurate tracking of usage and accountability.

    Finally, as part of Fuji Xerox’s Managed Print Services, a customized and comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) is included to ensure preventive maintenance, daily fleet management and ongoing software support to Arcadis.

    Workflow was also improved with our Document Production and Publishing Services (DPPS) where submission of print jobs to the Print Room was automated. Through DPPS, cumbersome and time consuming manual submission of prints were replaced with a fully automated digital submission which resulted in faster and more responsive turnaround and a reduction in wastage printing.

    With Fuji Xerox’s expertise and commitment in working intimately with Arcadis, we further helped to revamp

    their Print Room with proper space planning. Thus, space congestion was eliminated via utilizing of available vertical space – creating a cleaner, safer and more ergonomic work and printing environment.

    Results for Arcadis

    Through re-structuring and re-designing a brand new print environment, the Fuji Xerox Team helped Arcadis improve productivity, reduce wastage and lower costs. The new fleet of environmentally- friendly machines also helped Arcadis achieve their sustainability goal of a greener office with lower energy consumption.

    Overall, with the implementation of Fuji Xerox Managed Print Services, Arcadis is enjoying approximately 20% cost savings.

    “We’ve done a 360 survey. The feedback is not only positive, my staff have also mentioned that the Fuji Xerox solution gives convenience to them. They don’t need to queue up at just one machine; they can just go to the next available machine, and I can see that productivity in the office has greatly increased,”

    Xerox, Xerox and Design, as well as Fuji Xerox and Design are registered trademarks or trademarks of Xerox Corporation in Japan and/or other countries.

    – Eugene Seah, Country Head & City Executive of Arcadis.