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Resultados da campanha de marketing digital realizada para Barbados no Caribe durante o período de setembro/11 a junho/12.

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Objectives: •Consolidate Barbados image in Brazil, promoting tourism to the destination.

Goal•Number of followers on social networks increased by 500%.•Creating viral phenomena actions

StrategyDevelopment of Integrated Content Brand Sharing for Social Networks and Digital Platforms, performing public engagement through specialized, promotional and entertainment contents.

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Set/11 before

712 “likes”


Jun/12 now

8.312 “likes”



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Cultural Contest

• #rihannabarbados• Meu Rum é de Barbados• Vou para Barbados

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Cultural Contest - # rihannabarbados The cultural competition held in September/2011 was focused on users´ posts about Barbados in up to 500 characters on the theme: Show that you know everything about Barbados. The posts with the biggest number of positive feedbacks won tickets to Rihanna´s show in São Paulo. The result was that we have become well known by the social networks target users. The contest was a success and we got many fans in Barbados. The Provnet also created the covers of Rihanna's Show and Meet & Great , which had a great effect on the social networks.

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Cultural Contest - My Rum is from Barbados Aiming to promote the Mount Gay Rum and reward some users, we have a cultural contest prompting the user to interact by sending a recipe for a drink made with rum. The recipe most voted won a bottle of the Mount Gay Rum.

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Cultural Contest - # VouparaBarbados This cultural contest stimulated our users to answer the following question: "Why do I go to Barbados?" And after answering they should forward to five friends, the most creative answers won a trip to Barbados for two persons and one week stay in Barbados. It was developed the entire visual identity of the campaign and applications for Facebook. But the campaign was not performed because of the choice of another campaign by other agent (Travel Listo).

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• Barbados 2x1 – 50% OFF• Facebook Ads• Banner• Google Ads

Gol 50% OFF

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Set/11- 803 followers

Jun/12 – 1.190 followers



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email marketing

•52 arts email marketing

Newsletters•15 (one for week)


• 88 posts

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• 200% increasein number of website visits

• 2ª position at Google(before the site did not appear in

google search, now the site is in 2nd position in google search for free. In Brazil this site are behind only wikepedia.

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“We earned more than users, achieved true fans and defenders of the brand.

Today Barbados as well as becoming a known destination, also became the destination of dreams.”