Cars in the UK

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Cars in the UK. Introducing into the British driving and cars :. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Cars in the UK

Cars in the UK

Cars in the UK At first I want to introduce you into the British driving and cars. As you know in the UK the drivers have to drive at the left side of the route. British cars have the steering at the right side. Driving in the UK isnt hard but you must have got some practice and know the right rules.The speed isnt in metric units but it is in miles per hour and the consumption is measured in miles to the galon (1 galon = 3,7 l)Speed limits is differented against the Czech rep. In the UK is the highest allowed speed 30 miles / h in cities, on the main roads is 60 miles / h and on the motorways is 80 miles / h.

Introducing into the British driving and cars:One of the first car company in the UK was Austin, Land Rover, MG or Vauxhall.During the second World War the car industry moved to the military production and by 1950 75% of production was exported. From 1948 comes one legend which is produces till today Land Rover. Immortal car for every road. In 1960s came many more legends e.g. Morris Mini, Jaguar E-type or Range Rover which is as good as his company brother Land Rover. If we move far away from 60s we are in year 2000. From 2001 comes one of my favourite car Jaguar XJ6 Today is the cars at a different level they are very safe, fast and they produce much less CO2 / km. And they are more economical e.g. with VW TDI engines you can drive for less than 4.5 l / 100 km and that is very exciting.

Cars industry:

Some photos . . .

Certainly you know James Bond 007 and his Aston Martin it started in 1964 with Goldfinger where was Aston Martin DB5 and it ends today with the newest AM DBS. What about Mr. Bean and his green Mini?

Film cars:

When I was writing this review I discovered an interesting road sign. It is called the magic roundabout and it is located in Swindon which is about 130 km from London. Or the second road sign is too very difficult to drive through.

Interesting road signs: