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Socit Anonyme

Traded as

Euronext: CA






Courcouronne near EVRY (Essonne), France

Key people

Georges Plassat (Chairman and CEO)


Discount, grocery and convenience stores, cash and carry, hypermarkets


90.10 billion (2010)[1]

Operating income

1.836 billion (2010)[1]


433 million (2010)[1]

Total assets

53.65 billion (end 2010)[1] 10.56 billion (end 2010)[1]

Total equity


471,755 (end 2010)[1]


See below


Carrefour S.A. (French pronunciation: [kafu]) is an international hypermarket chain headquartered in Courcouronne, France.[2] It is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world (1395 hypermarkets at the end of 2009, the second largest retail group in the world in terms of revenue and third largest in profit after Wal-Mart and Tesco). Carrefour operates mainly in Europe, Argentina, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Colombia, Dominican Republic, U.A.E (Dubai), and in Saudi Arabia, but also has shops in North Africa and other parts of Asia, with most stores being of smaller size than hypermarket or even supermarket. Carrefour means "crossroads" in French.


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[edit] HistoryThe first Carrefour store opened on January 1, 1958, in suburban Annecy near a crossroads (carrefour in French). The group was created by Marcel Fournier, Denis Defforey and Jacques Defforey and grew into a chain from this first sales outlet. In 1995 it merged with Promods, known as Continent, one of its major competitors in the French market. Marcel Fournier, Denis Defforey and Jacques Defforey had attended several seminars in the United States led by "The Pope of modern distribution" Bernardo Trujillo, who influenced other famous French executives like douard Leclerc (E.Leclerc), Grard Mulliez (Auchan), Paul Dubrule (Accor), and Grard Plisson (Accor). Their slogan was "No parking, no business." The Carrefour group was the first in Europe to open a hypermarket, a large supermarket and a department store under the same roof. They opened their first hypermarket June 15, 1963 in Sainte-Genevive-des-Bois, near Paris in France.[3]

Carrefour's trading logo In April 1976, Carrefour launched a private label Produits libres (free products libre meaning free in the sense of liberty as opposed to gratis) line of fifty foodstuffs, including oil, biscuits (crackers and cookies), milk, and pasta, sold in unbranded white packages at substantially lower prices.

In September 2009, Carrefour updated its logo.[4] May 2011: Considering the stagnant growth and has faced increased competition in France from rivals including Casino Guichard-Perrachon SA, Carrefour will expense 1.5 billion-euro ($2.1 billion) to change the supermarket with new concept as Carrefour Planet in Western Europe.[5]

[edit] Slogans

Carrefour Batu Pahat, Malaysia, which is located in Taman Flora Utama

Hypermarkets: "Choice and quality for everyone" Hypermarkets: "Est bueno para vos" and "Los precios ms bajos, siempre" (Argentina), it means "It's good for you" and "Always the lowest prices" respectively. Hypermarkets: "Ningum faz melhor que o primeiro" (Brazil), meaning "Nobody does better than the first", referring to the fact that Carrefour is the world's first hypermarket and also Brazil's first hypermarket and to other Carrefour firsts, such as the "Lowest price or the difference back" policy. Hypermarkets: "Carrefour, chvere!" (Colombia), it means "Carrefour, nice!". Hypermarkets: "Life, the way I want it"(Singapore) Hypermarkets: "Untuk hidup yang lebih baik" (Indonesia), it means "For a better life" Hypermarkets: "Pentru o via mai bun" (Romania), it means "For a better life" Supermarkets: "The prices people want, close to home" Hard Discount: "Grocery products at low, low prices" Convenience Stores: "Just what you need, right next door" Cash & Carry: "Proximity and accessibility for catering professionals" Hypermarkets, Cash & Carry: " "(Cyprus) means "Every day, for you" Hypermarkets: "Pozytywnie kadego dnia" (Poland), it means "Positively every day"

[edit] French Slogan

1988-2003 : "I have a positive outlook with Carrefour" 2003-2007 : "Energy Wise" 2007-2009 : "Quality for all" 2009-2010 : "The positive outlook is back" Since 2010 : "Positive outlook every day"

February 2, 1998 to July 23, 2004, Carrefour was a partner in the program Le Bigdil presented by Lagaf', a French actor who has the same age as the store. The group used the slogans "Carrefour patrner of the Bigdil" and, at the end, "Was the Bigdil on TF1 with Carrefour", where "Bigdil" is pronounced like "big deal".

[edit] French operationsThe chain's Carrefour Hypermarket division has its head office in Courcouronnes, Essonne, France, near vry.[6]

[edit] International operations[edit] AlbaniaIn November 26, 2011, Carrefour opened its first store in Albania as part of TEG Shopping Center (Tirana East Gate) with the same rights as in the European Union and throughout the rest of Europe. Carrefour is integrated in the new shopping center in the same format as in other countries extending into a space of about 7000 square meters. Carrefour will have a policy of supplying imported products while promoting Albanian products, particularly agroindustrial ones.

[edit] Algeria [edit] AustriaIn 1976 Carrefour opened a store in the Shopping City Sd at the southern edge of Vienna. Due to limited success the store closed soon after. Courrefour has not made any other attempt at entering the Austrian market thereafter.

[edit] Belgium [edit] BulgariaFrom 2009 to 2011 in Bulgaria are opened five hypermarkets resided in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Ruse. In 2010, Carrefour and Marinopoulos Group, the largest group of retail in Greece, established a franchise company MSC Bulgaria to develop hypermarkets and supermarkets under the Carrefour banner on the Balkans.

[edit] BrazilCarrefour in Brazil was founded in 1975 and today it is one of the major super markets of Brazil in competition with Extra, Wal-Mart, Po de Aucar and others and now sell more than 25 million products per year.

[edit] Bahrain

Carrefour has also opened a franchise owned branch in the Bahrain City Centre in 2008.

[edit] ChinaIn 2007, expansion accelerated outside France, particularly in Asia, with the building of 36 new hypermarkets, including 22 in China where the Group broke its record for store openings in a one-year period.It was the leading foreign retailer, in terms of sales figures, until 2008 and has since lost its #1 position to RT-mart.

78th store of Carrefour China ZhongShanPark, Shanghai, open June 6, 2006.

[edit] EgyptCarrefour has seven outlets under franchise in Egypt, which are often situated in shopping malls and frequented by the Egyptian upper class. The location in Alexandria was severely looted during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011.

[edit] Germany [edit] MoroccoCarrefour has 10 hypermarkets in Morocco, with the most being located in and around the Casablanca metropolitan area. Carrefour Maroc is a partner of Label'vie, a Moroccan supermarket chain. All the Label'Vie stores are transformed into Carrefour Markets. There are 30 of them widely spread around the kingdom. Carrefour is still expanding its presence in Morocco by opening more supermarkets and hypermarkets to face the settled competition like the Moroccan-French hypermarket chain Marjane.

[edit] India

The new store, Carrefour Wholesale Cash&Carry in Seelampur area of National Capital New Delhi is spread across 5,200 square meter and will house over 10,000 stock-keeping units to cater to professional businesses, institutions, restaurants and local retailers. Carrefour opened up its 2nd Wholesale Cash&Carry in the Indian Metropolitan of Jaipur, which is also the capital of Rajasthan and a major tourist destination. The store in Jaipur is almost the same size as Delhi. Since the FDI policy in India does not allow foreign companies to open multi-brand retail stores in the country, global retailers have opted for the cash-and-carry route to establish their presence here.

[edit] IndonesiaBesides Carrefour stores, per end of November 2011 Carrefour also has 5,670 Alfamart (IDX=AMRT) which mostly minimart, while per end of December 2010 has 4,812 Alfamart.[7]

[edit] IranIn February 2009, Carrefour opened its first store in Iran in Western region of Tehran. Five other stores are to be opened sincerely in Shiraz (2011), Isfahan (2012), Eastern region of Tehran, Mashhad and Tabriz.

[edit] IraqCarrefour is to open 5 stores in Iraq in the city of Erbil in 2011.

[edit] JordanCarrefour also operates in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan in a joint venture with Majid al Futtaim.[8]

[edit] KuwaitIn M