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Carpool Health is building an integrated media organization that connects physicians and patients with each other, trusted content and recommended resources. We enable independent Communities of Practice to grow while taking advantage of extensive growing technology and other platforms and learning within their community and from others in the Carpool. Within 3 months, we have reached over 35 Million, and will be launching our social website within weeks.

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  • 1. Within 5 years Carpool Health will be the #1 resource by and for physicians and patientsfor trusted medical information, communications and resources.Gail Zahtz

2. The Pain of the Daily Commute forPhysicians, Patients, and Health SystemsSo much information hard to access andtrust.Too few physicians - limited patient caretime.Financial healthcare crisis.Best physician expertise not reachingpatients.Patients want help to become partners incare. Online but not ConnectedIncreased pressure for outcomes over 3. The Carpool Eases Your Daily CommutecarpoolPronunciation: /kpul/Definition of carpoolnounan arrangement between people to make aregular journey in a single vehicle, typically witheach person taking turns to drive the othersOxford English DictionaryImagine: healthcare if we all share the journey andtake turns at the wheel to reach our own destination. 4. Working Together Everyone BenefitsPATIENTS take a greater role in their own healthcare.PHYSICIANS gain patient-care time, enable new and futurepatients to benefit from their expertise and show improvedoutcomes regardless of system size or location.HEALTH SYSTEMS attract and retain providers and patients.SPONSORS reach targeted users , show social responsibilityand provide direct value to Carpool members.HEALTH SERVICES, products and technologies further theirreach while showing the strength of their solutions in action.CAREGIVERS, parents, and family stay informed and educatedto help their loved ones and maintain their own lives. making it good businessUNIVERSTIES & ASSOCIATIONS gain free services and to do goodinternational reach for their students, faculty and members. 5. Shared Values Created Rapid Tractiontrust transparency privacy security collaboration IN 3 MONTHS Reached Over 35 Million 6 Figure Sponsor Top 10 Health Chat Social Website Custom Product Lines Revenue Shares Engaged Communities 6. The tools: Under Development Accredited Learning System Live Chat On Carpoolhealth.ComReady to go Rated Resources Recommended Local Providers Communities Of Practice Physician Prescribed Content, Unlimited Web Pages Community, Home-care Idea Forums Mobile Synced Calendars In-depth Profiles CarpoolTV Self-assessments Independent Research 7. Building a Personalized System for All A unique experience for every member Integrating traditional & new media Personal User Interface Books24/7 Television In-Person EventsCreate, save and share the health information you andothers need on one site with your current technologies. T h e N e t f l i x , H u ff i n gto n Po st & Fa c e b o o k o f H e a l t h c a re 8. Under the Hood: ResearchOpt-in ongoing learning created byMedical Editorial Boardsfor physician, patient, and studentknowledge and research.HIPAA-compliant.Data for Independent Review Boards,universities and programs worldwide.evidence-based research on the engagement tooutcomes of mobile health and healthcare social media 9. Communities of Practice (CoPs)Creating the largest learningcommunity for healthcare online. Each CoP receives a free member-ledcommunity with its own identity.Members share interests, expertise andgoals including by diagnosis, profession oras an existing offline community. The heart of the carpool- many unique communities in one place. 10. Transparent Financial Modelssponsorshiprevenue shareexclusive productsbooks, video, contentevents and exhibitors Carpool Health: A Social Enterprise.promotions and offers Providing social and user good firstresearch & partnerships Self-funding and profitable with values No pharmaceutical fundingtechnology customization Fiscal transparencyconsulting & appearancesproject management 11. Leadership for SustainabilityGail Zahtz Christopher Paulo MachadoColin Hope-Barbara L.Hundreds of BurgessMurray Kornblau physicians, patient Founderadvocates and Chief Chief StrategyChief In-HousehealthChief Executive Operations and and RevenueTechnology Counsel, Policy,professionalsOfficer Security OfficerOfficer OfficerAdvocacyin leadershiproles for Serial Social Health InnovationCarpool Partners,American Red Robert J Wood HealthEntrepreneurCisco, CIA AstraZeneca Cross, UnileverFellow 12. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, its the only thing that ever has.- Margaret Mead Make a Difference Sponsor Lead a CoP Invest Contribute PartnerG a i l Z a ht z @ G a i l Z a ht z carpoolhealth@gmail