Carole W Raymond former HMI Ofsted - PE and Sport Premium.

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Transcript of Carole W Raymond former HMI Ofsted - PE and Sport Premium.

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  • Carole W Raymond former HMI Ofsted - PE and Sport Premium
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  • Inspecting primary school PE and school sport: new funding Outstanding Provision
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  • Key Issues: Sustainability Impact (value for money/ realistic achievements)
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  • Reminders....... Only good is good enough. To be outstanding, teaching must be outstanding.
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  • Ofsted monitoring Inspection Handbook and Guidance. School website. Observe PE lessons and judge about the quality of teaching and its impact on learning and progress, and behaviour. Ask school leaders and governors for an evaluation of how new funding is improving PE and sport. Seek pupils views about PE lessons, lunchtime and after-school school sport and healthy, active lifestyles.
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  • Ofsted ready...... What questions are inspectors likely to ask and who will they speak to?
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  • Ofsted ready...... Auditing of current provision Action planning Monitoring Collecting appropriate evidence
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  • Outstanding = outstanding achievement = teaching that is consistently good and outstanding = highly effective leadership and management.
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  • What should High Quality PE and School Sport look like in my School? The Challenging Journey
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  • Simplifying key indicators....... Putting the P and Es into PE
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  • ........ because of the teachers highly effective approaches
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  • Measure what your children have achieved, and then by what they should have achieved with their ability
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  • Teaching Abbey is outstanding
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  • Curriculum
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  • Curriculum is imaginative and engaging....... enriched with visits... preparing them very well for the next stage of their education Many and varied opportunities to take council...sports leaders
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  • Outstanding Leadership and management
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  • Case study........ Vision swimming an essential skill for life, a basic entitlement of all pupils. Targeted pupils unable to swim by the end of the programme. Joining pupils in younger classes. A few Y6 pupils benefited from short, intensive swimming lessons during the summer term.
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  • Outstanding Leadership....S5 report extract...... Good use of money.... Focus on improving teaching and learning Investing in specialist coaching working alongside teachers to build up their skills in a number of activities.... Effectively spreading good practice throughout staff and building capacity....see physical educations contribution to schools holistic curriculum agenda
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  • Essentials................ have a wealth of up-to-date knowledge and experience know and understand inspection criteria
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  • Attention to detail
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  • Simplifying key indicators..Putting the P and Es into our lessons Pitch Purpose Pace Praise Progress Potential Protocols Physical Practice Performance Passion Precision Engaging Expectations Extending Enabling Excellence Empowerment