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Transcript of CareerToolboxUSA 2012 Transition & Unemployment by the Numbers

  • 1. presented byCAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COMTransition &Unemployment2012 by the numbers
  • 2. Number of people uncertain about their job?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COM33% of people are moreuncertain about their futureswith their current employersthan they were a year ago.- Randstad
  • 3. How many people are happy at work?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COM19% said they were satisfiedwith their jobs. 16% said theywere somewhat satisfied.The rest, nearly 2/3 ofrespondents, said they werenot happy at work. 21% saidthey were somewhatunsatisfied & 44% said theywere unsatisfied.- Forbes
  • 4. Where are the available jobs?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COM80% of all job openingsare not advertized sincefriends of employeesand other insidersusually fill theseunadvertised jobopenings, they are oftenreferred to as thehidden job market.- CNN Money, Workforce Management
  • 5. Determining which job is right for me?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COMThe StandardOccupationalClassificationSystem includesover 840 separateoccupations in theUS.- US Department of Labor
  • 6. People who are comfortable networking?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COM51% of people saythat they are eithershy or quiet so theintroverts outnumberthe extroverts 50.8%to 49.3%. More menare introverts (54.1%)than women (47.5%).- Fortune
  • 7. Who has the jobs?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COM55% of the labor forceworks for small business(under 100 employees)26% of the labor forceworks for medium-sizedbusinesses (101-499employees)19% of the labor forceworks for large businesses(500+ employees)- US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • 8. What is the best way to apply for a job?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COM65% of employers saidthat the best way toapply for an openposition is throughthe careers page ontheir companyswebsite.- The Society for Human ResourceManagement
  • 9. How much competition is there for jobs?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COMOn average thereare 4.2 job huntersfor every jobopening.- US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • 10. How should you prepare for the interviewing?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COM55% of anotherpersons perceptionof you is based onhow you look.- Image Dynamics
  • 11. How long will it take to land a new job?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COMAverage unemployedperson had beenlooking for work for39.7 weeks as of May(the median length ofunemployment roseto 22 weeks).- US Department of Labor
  • 12. How long are the interviews?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COMAverage job interview lasts about55 minutes; however, interviewsfor management-level positionslast about 86 minutes.- Robert Half Recruitment
  • 13. How do you present yourself on a resume?CAREERTOOLBOXUSA.COM75% of hiringmanagers said thatthey prefer achronologicalresume that listsyour most recentjob first.- Career Journal
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