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  • Career Planning PowerPointDone By Mike Baruch




  • CoachingCoaching is a very wide spread job. Across the world many countries participate in sporting events, needing head coaching positions.Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, hockey, Tennis, Lacrosse, and track are some of the few sports that require coaching spots.

  • SalaryThe average coach, coaching from 1-4 years makes about 28,000 to 40,000

    Example: 5-9 years- 30,000$- 54,000$ 10-19 years- 32,000$- 56,000$ 20 or more years- 34,000$-60,000$

  • Why Coach?To coach a sport you must have a genuine love for the sport. Thats what makes coaching so much different then most jobs. At a high level of coaching you can make up to millions and become famous.

  • Being An AgentSports agent is something that a lot of people think they will never be able to do.Not to difficult need 4 years of college4 years of law school.

  • SalaryAn agents salary depends on the type of player it is covering.Top Athlete SalariesMLB$20,000,000($600,000) NBA$25,000,000(750,000)NFL$18,000,000($540,000)NHL$10,000,000($300,000)(agents pay)

  • Why Become An Agent?Sports agents are most known for representing professional athletes and negotiating high profile, mutli-million dollar player contracts and there are tremendous opportunities in this area for new sports agents.MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

  • ConsultantConsultants help others to achieve their business goals and are paid a fee for their services. They are called in as needed and depart when their task has been accomplished

  • SalaryEX.Employees at IBM are earning:$83,000- $115,00.Employees at CGI group.$ 65,000-$ 98,000.

  • Why become a consultant?Becoming a consultant will help you begin to do more on your own. Become more independent in your field of work. Most people aren't use to this type of job.

  • Coach, Agent, ConsultantAll three jobs I can see my self doing in the future. I hope one of them works out for me. These songs fit into my daily lifestyle.