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Talk given at the Division of Work & Organisational Psychology (DWOP) of The Psychological Society of Ireland on the 23rd of May 2012.

Transcript of Career development from the bottom up slide share

  • 1. Career Development from the Bottom up Overview of where career development fits with talent management and performance management A new way to support employees to take ownership and responsibility for their career development

2. E m p lo y e e sr e s p o n s ib le f o rC a r e e r d e v e lo p m e n tM e n t o r in gS o c ia l le a r n in gL a te ra l mo ve sE m p lo y e e e n g a g e m e n tNewp s y c h o lo g ic a l c o n t r ac t 3. Control via carrot and stick Vs alignment between the purposeand goals of the organisation and the needs of the employeeKnowledge workers who are intrinsically motivated by their work, feel a sense of shared purpose with the mission of the organisation, havesome autonomy over their activity and are continually developing andachieving mastery in their role will be high performers and anorganisation with these people will succeed. 4. What has changed is that now securitycomes from being employable rather than being employed. 5. a&dc career engagement model Career engagement collaborative and aligned with boththe individuals and organisationsgoals. It is about what an individual cando for the organisation, whilst alsodeveloping themselves and theircareer opportunities. The impact of career engagementis that these employees will behappier and more fulfilled, whichwill lead them to be moreproductive and proactive. 6. Bersin Talent Management:Which of these is top down? 7. Attracting, retaining and engaging your employees 8. Online career development that worksResurrected for annual reviewsA year round live processLast minute form fillingInformed development plansPoor quality career conversations Good quality career conversationsFocus on training courses On-the-job development and trainingTop down push to employeesBottom up responsibility enabled 9. Employees can take control and manage their own development in collaboration with their managers.Career assessment Activity feedDevelopment plan 10. Click here to play the animationor sign up for free at Online career development that works